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Shining Armor doesn't have a clue what to do with his little sister Twilight. She's moody, egotistical, screechy, and she constantly begs him to play with her because she has nopony else to play with. Fed up with her tormenting ways, Shining takes it upon himself to do the impossible: find Twilight Sparkle some friends!

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She slapped his hoof away from her and showed him the face of the angriest tomato in the world. “You hit me! You play with me, or I’ll scream!”

Spoken like a true little sister.

In genreal, awww, very nice characterisation of Filly Twilight and Shining Armour and just a touch bitter sweet at the end.

I really liked this. One reason was that despite the real love between siblings it shows (and which I think fits the characters) it also shows how troublesome a sibling can be, and it makes Twilight's loneliness and demand for attention a more complex problem than A, brattiness or B, she has a problem caused by outside forces and is simply to be pitied. There is no clear solution, just like there rarely are in real life, but there are people trying to solve things, which means the story is still very heartwarming.

Also, I envy your command of the English language.:trollestia:


I'm glad I was able to get across their mutual love for each other. I was afraid at one point that I would make Shining dislike Twilight too much.

I remember the BBBFF song had a part where Twilight sang, "we never had a single fight." I love that song, but at that part I just wanted to cry "BULLSHIT!" at my computer screen. It seems to me that Twilight, after being apart from him for so long, had forgotten about all the times they hated each other's guts. So I wrote this story:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the compliments, both of you. I'm trying to get this on EQD, so hopefully that goes well. I can already tell, though, that I'll get rejected at first. I'll admit, I kind of rushed through proofreading so I could finally get this fic out of my worries.

Very cute story and I love little Twily in this story and congrats on getting featured on EQD as that is where I found about this story.

Nice...great job doing Twily And Shining.

I really feel like you captured the esscence of them both.
Again great job,you should try your hand at some dark fics.:pinkiesmile:

Good story. It felt very realistic to me. I like that even though Twilight is smart, she isn't all quiet and studious in this. She's just an annoying little kid, and in a way, that's way better.


Oh, yeah, I got something along those lines in mind already :twilightsmile:

While a decent little story, I feel like the comedy tag is out of place. I mean there are some mildly amusing moments, depending on what you find funny, but there isn't really any gag or particular silliness going on that I could notice.

and I'm pretty sure i found this through Equestria Daily, so looks like you got hit your goal.

I destroyed the favorite button. Twice. This story was absolutely wonderful.

Yes Shining, you finally understood that you are forever Twilight's... :pinkiecrazy:

Jokes aside, this was a really touching story, loved it :twilightsmile:

Aw, that cutie mark meaning:fluttershysad:How touching:fluttercry:
Yeah, the comedy doesn't really seem like a primary focus; Seems like a nice, straight-up slice of life:pinkiesmile:
Still a nice story though. A few verb tense issues, but still:twilightsmile:

2454458 If Twilight was saying it (like "throwed sand") that might be on purpose.

sometimes small children exaggerate things, especially bad things happening to them, so he couldn't be sure.
Great job getting featured on EQD Yacob, this was a great fic, though i have to agree with 2454458 and 2447744, it wasn't necessarily a comedy per se.

That was really well done, I'm glad I saw the EQD post.

Oh man. The feels from that last part.
I love this story, it was cute and the characterization was great!
It also reminded me of the relationship I never had with my own younger sister :fluttershysad:

Love this story, it has that real world realness, and the pony world put together.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

2474658 Is it bad that I laughed at the comic your icon is from?

It's a cute short story that's fairly relatable-toable. : ) Worth reading.

Very sweet. Twily loves her big brother, but really doesn't know how to relate to others. I like the dynamic between these two.

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