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It’s Hearth’s Warming Eve! The stockings are stuffed, the cookies are out, and the presents are wrapped. Everypony all across Equestria is preparing for a whole day of gifts, giving, and family togetherness. There’s just one slight problem.

Princess Luna hates Hearth’s Warming.

Only adding to her misery is the fact that she, not her sister, will be playing the part of Lunushka, flying around Equestria and delivering gifts to all the good little fillies and colts. With bumbling Shadowbolts, crazed children, and a mysterious scrooge who wishes to put an end to the annual holiday hindering her every move, will she be able to deliver all of her gifts before she brings Hearth’s Warming to a screeching halt?

Her first stop is Ponyville. Let the yuletide shenanigans begin.

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My Christmas gift to all of you. Thank you, Fimfiction, for a whole year of horses. I daresay it was magical.

1842675 I loved every word of this... made me laugh and chuckle with true Christmas Spirit that has been achieved in this piece of art... you shall get the review later.

Heh... Trineighdad and Tobago...:heart:

Read the story.



Notification? Look

New story posted... the one i just read.

Im not gunna lie; made me lol. Whole heartedly if i might add. 2 for 1 make me happy deal. SOLD

vuunter slaush

I Hate it too.
This better fills me with X-mas spirit, or I jump out through the window this year.

How did Diamond Tiara levitate those cookies. She's an Earth Pony.

Off to visit family for Christmas Eve. After reading the description, I can't wait to read this when I get back.

First person to comment on christmas! Yay!

1852055 Hope it's a good one, friend. :twilightsmile:

1842675 Thanks for the gift, I really enjoyed it ^^

“How dare you throw cookies at me, you naive? A curse upon your house, I cast upon you—your ancestors will receive only coal for a thousand Hearth’s Warmings!”

Love the story, but don't you mean descendants?

Bwhahaha, niiiiice.

1909970 You are absolutely correct there--thank you for pointing that out.

Okay, stupid questions:

Why didn't Luna just teleport the gifts into each home? She's an ALICORN, you know.
Why didn't she use a sleep spell on those fillies? She's an ALICORN, you know.
And for crying out loud, she's an ALICORN!! You'd think she'd be able to defend herself better against Diamond Tiara!
Why didn't she just TELEPORT out of the house?? Or better yet, turn every single of her "presents" into coal!

1910663 Well that wouldn't be much fun, now would it?

now this need to be made into an episode...just pure magic:twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

1912223 Now if only the writers were allowed to read fanfics...

I think I laughed for almost 5 minutes at Luna's first stop and the whole chimney part. If it was possible I would give this story 5 our of 5 stars.

1912393 i think us bronies should banned to gather and try to buy the rights to the MLP FIM then any thing is possible :twilightsmile:

Luna is best pony, 'nuff said.

>>>He paused, rolling his eyes under the cover of their hood. "Mom, I'm going out to get supplies to I can finally conquer my age-old nemesis. That's where I'm going." He hissed the last word out in a sorry imitation of his oblivious matriarch.

"Okay then, just don't stay out too long or you'll catch a cold.">>>

Oh, okay Mom," and with that Professor Chaos went to gather General Disarray and conquer Christmas. :trollestia:

1922086 Funny thing about that--I actually had a picture of General Disarray in mind while writing that little bit. Butters is best supervillain.

>>>Attempting to ignore the demonic cackle of the holiday-themed robolestia>>>

Next year, some redneck is going to have 50 of those in his front lawn. :trollestia:

Hmmm, high crime in Trottingham, eh?

*Alondro is unseen for the rest of the night... and then a story comes out of Trottingham the next morning that a pile of bloody, decapitated pony bodies, all known criminals ID'd via Cutie Mark, was found in the center square of the city.*

No need to thank me! It was a pleasure... *Alondro grins a smile that would make the devil shiver.* And I do mean a pleasure... Merry Hearths Warming, and remember to be good little ponies!... *sings softly in an eerie voice* I see you when you're sleeping... I know when you're awake... and if you're bad I take your head, so be good for your life's sake! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

(The Nightmare Before Hearth's Warming... coming soon to a theater near you!) :trollestia:

1922095 i could tell. Why else do you think I went with that ref?

It's not as if I bled my presence through the Internet and scanned your mind with my demonic powers!

Ha ha ha! What a silly idea! That's just crazy! You're crazy for thinking that! :pinkiecrazy:

The thought of the princess(es) going from house to house each year to deliver presents is just awesome.

It was really a nice story. Thank you.

A fine one-shot story. It definitely entertained me, seeing Luna's plight. Also, Lunushka is an awesome name.

You know, for 17k words, that reading went by fast. Less than an hour, easily.

"Trineighdad and Tobago" Ahahaha, this made me giggle. It's not often I hear of Trinidad and Tobago, but I have a few friends from there. Very creative. :raritywink:
Also, I love the story, it was fun to read! :yay:

1965617 I stuck that little bit in there for a friend of mine who calls that little rock home. Good to see someone caught it besides him.

Okay, this was amazing.... and it's not like I am reading this story a "couple" days late or anything........ :twilightsheepish:

1965821 LOL@ little rock. Trinidad sure is small, hahaha. But one day I wanna go visit Trinidad just cause. :3

I was kinda hoping for the scene where Luna and Celestia exchanged gifts or whatever, nice story all the same. I think it actually had a moral to it.

Silly and fun, it worked well as a nice Christmas Heart's Warming Eve tale. Given that, the tone was good, and it was sufficiently heart felt without dipping too much into overly saccharine – the comedy helped a lot in this regard.

Also, Pipsqueak was absolutely adorable.

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