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The Metro tunnels of Stalliongrad shelter the last remnants of ponykind from the ravages of the Apocalypse. Beneath the earth, ponies struggle to survive against mutants, radiation, and each other. But when an unstoppable threat emerges from the darkness of the Metro, one pony must brave the shadows to save not just his home, but the very existence of his people.

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This looks very promising so far can't wait for more!!! :twilightsmile:

Looking good

ARTYOM! WE MUST GET TO POLIS BEFORE THE DARK ONES STRIKE! [after many hours of shooting bandits, nazis, communists, monsters, mutants, and slimes.] Artyom! Call in the missile strike!
[shoots the missile strike box and saves the dark ones.] Oops.

I'll get around to reading this Metro 2033 crossover in a few hours maybe.

another awesome chapter keep them coming!!! :pinkiehappy:

It was a very nice read - and lenghtier than expected, which is good ! :twilightsmile: keep on writing ! I'll be following your story. I want to know more about the metro, and about the characters too !

" :raritydespair: " Is all I have to say about that.

Not really. I love Sunny Side and Lockbox's interaction, and I hope we haven't seen the last of Sunny now that the caravan is speeding off into the tunnel. I hope Lock can find a safe place to hide himself right now...

Great job, I can't wait for another chapter!

Loved this, definitely worth the read for enthusiastic and dedicated novel lovers. I personally have only played the game Metro 2033 and not the book (I hate myself for not buying it when I saw it D: )
One of the better Ponyfics out there, right up alongside Fallout: Equestria, which is really saying something.

Fantastic job you've done here, be really proud of yourself because you scored a 5/5 from me :)

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! :raritystarry:

I loved these last two chapters. I'm feeling really bad for Lockbox and his little mental trauma. I'm a bit worried about Sunny, too. It's hard to get a real read on him besides what Lock can see... Glad his wing isn't permanentally damaged though. This Sidewinder character seems interesting. I just love the way he talks! Please keep up the good work! I enjoy every second reading this!

What I like about your writing is that it has consistent quality and mostly everything makes sense. I do not know how you manage to deliver it this nicely and readable but I would like to thank you for that.
You deviated quite nicely from how the Videogame operated, the creatures (drop bears and thumpers) are described and pretty cool post apocalyptic Equestrian additions. The Wonderbolt harpoon too, never imagined that could be the name one would use with such a tool.
I greatly appreciate you taking Lockbox and his injuries rather seriously, hope to the lord that Starry Gaze DID NOT FOLLOW THEM.

The latest chapter did bring some sad points up when the mare died. :fluttershbad:
Then again Sweet Dreams went from wanting to kill them to wanting Guild money and got micro-waved because she can't stay her mind on one target.

Everything so far has made Metro 2033 for a loveable read.
I'd say the size of each chapter is lacking but that is personal preference. 10k is more than enough for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.

I fully endorse reading this story with a Russian accent. :rainbowdetermined2:

Thank you everypony for the kind comments! Those are what I love to see, people enjoying my story. XD

really enjoying this story, I need to know what happens next!!!

This is nothing short of fantastic. You've really captured the elements of both universes perfectly. Definitely gonna keep reading :yay:


I think this just might be the most well-written ponyfic I've ever read. :pinkiehappy:

Enjoying this story more and more comrade! Still it needs moar...SINGING PIPES!

Definitely one of the best FiM fics out there.

pny crazy story lol p:trollestia::twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh::applejackconfused::derpyderp2::raritywink::yay::pinkiehappy:

pny crazy story lol p:trollestia::twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh::applejackconfused::derpyderp2::raritywink::yay::pinkiehappy:

Thank you for all the love, Fallen Star. I'd probably drown under so much if it got out of the screen. :pinkiehappy:

This is incredible. Absolutely fantastic. :yay:

I like and I approve. I think you were right, the shot kinda.. Well you know. Love it.

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I want more, it's better than original Russian book.

No silly, he's nopony! Nopony at all! :rainbowderp:

THIS STORY REQUIRES MORE MINERA- I mean chapters... Yeah, more chapters!:pinkiehappy:

Longest chapter yet! I must again congratulate you, the quality of your story has remained consistently high. The plot has always been appropriately paced and your writing is fantastic!

I've never been a fan of grimdark, until I read this. Now I want to go buy the Metro 2033 book so that I can try to figure out what's supposed to happen next. Your writing is amazing and so full of vivid detail I can actually visualize everything that is going on. This is a beautiful, beautiful piece of fanfiction. I love you for creating this.

Very nice story mate. The chapters are pretty long, but that's partly what makes it awesome. Less interruptions and less distractions as the story is being told. Occasionally a paragraph or two runs on a little too long and could be separated into two , kind of overwhelming me as a reader. But that's really the only qualm I have.

I've been following since the second chapter, and this recent installment was awesome.

Keep up the amazing work!

I had to keep reminding myself this was in the mlp universe and not the metro one! I couldn't get an english copy of the book so I bought the game and was a huge fan of it. You did an excellent job capturing the mood in this chapter and I will be reading more!:pinkiehappy:

Thank you, all commentators! I'm just glad I can make something some people actually enjoy!

I know that sometimes things tend to drag in this story; I'm still getting the hang of character development over a long period of time. I'll try to tighten that up... please do tell me what you don't like as well, or if you see any plot threads that need tying up! I have a lot to keep track of and I want this story to be its best. :twilightsmile:

Let's drop a comment here. Reading this made me read Metro 2033, and both this and that have caused me to decide to run a roleplaying game based on the premise using the wonderful game system Apocalypse World next year. Which...well, we'll see how that goes.

So yeah, I have about five stories I keep up with on a regular basis (to the point of reading them the same day or so as they come out) and yours is one of them!

Constructive criticism? Maybe at some point.

I really love your story, RedSquirrel456. It has something, that I couldn't find in other Post Apocalypse pony stories. Lockbox is a very, very interesting character and the fact, that he's an Earth Pony makes him even more engaging. Factions and stations and how they relate with each other is really captivating, especially the greedy unicorn mages.
And the scene when they sit around the campfire, I could just imagine it around myself, with the cold of the black, dead tunnel around with only this weak fire keeping the air around.

Latest chapter so late. Many apologies! Hope reading is still fun. Worked hard on this chapter!

Happy reading!

No worries, it's an amazing story, and a fun read! Was looking forward to a new chapter. Thank you.

OMG ITS UPDATED! Love your story mate. :D

I only read a few chapters, but I've been reading them in Artyom's voice from the actual game (well, to the best of my ability of course.) I found it extremely fitting for the whole story. Though I am amazed at how much detail you put into all of your chapters, it's amazing as it fits the general story tone and atmosphere. Hmm, I appear to be jumping from one thing to another.. Oh well, *Pinkie shrug* I really enjoy your story Redsquirrel, and I will in due time finish reading all of this.

So this is the dead city...welcome home, Lockbox.


this fic just keeps getting better, and better. xD

Home is where the radiation is.

And longer and longer and longer... I didn't even realize how much I was writing until I was done!


Another dedicated reader. I think my work here is done! I think Artyom's voice is appropriate, but I imagine Lockbox's voice is somewhat squeakier and more pony-ish. :rainbowlaugh:

great story man just wondering once you finish this fic will you be making a sequel? referring to Metro: Last Light:trollestia:

I almost feel bad having a chapter that's so much shorter than the last one, but it seemed complete enough.


A new chapter to one of my favourite fics. My day is complete.

Finally! Another chapter in this awesome fic!:yay:

Made an account just to tell you how amazing this fic is.
Seriously, I've been loving every second of it, and anticipate a new chapter probably more than the actual show.

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