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He who overcomes shall inherit all things.


An abandoned gunslinger. An unwilling exile. An unrepentant deserter. A Vault prodigy. A good pony.

All of them are brought together by chance, haunted by their pasts, and fighting for a future in a world that has none. Long after the end, they will learn the price of a new beginning.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 14 )

It's not too often you find a well-written Fallout Equestria fic. Thankfully, this is one of those times. I like how the story is descriptive without placing too much emphasis on description, with the end result being the chapter is not a chore to slug through. Far from it actually, i'm looking forward to reading what comes next.

Gah racism angers me so >.<

Well written though, but does this mean you've given up on Metro?

Hmm...this looks to be interesting...

Three small things from me to you.

In Fo:E are it stables, not vaults. Vaults are the evil ones, stables are the ones filled with love gone wrong.

Secondly, welcome to the Fo:E herd-

And thirdly and last, who made your cover picture? Because that is not half bad if I may say so.

This looks really interesting. I shall be watching it very closely. I look forward to seeing more of this. Keep it up!

I've seen this cover art before on deviantart is the picture based on the story or the other way around? Oh and its a good story so far looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work!


(Commissioner here) The picture was more or less made as cover art to Finding Harmony. :)

Huh. The premise of this sounds like a prose rewrite of a PnP session log... and the title pic description kinda confirms that.
(you can add that url in the "source" field of the fic's Cover Art properties, by the way)

Will there be any more chapters? If not there is no way I can express my un - smiley face, can't find the side bar with all the faceses.

I really hope that this story will continue in the future, the first chapter is simply excellent :rainbowkiss:

Is that a continuation of presumed:lost?

Good to see a continuation, even if there's little chance of... further continuation.

Wow...five years later and I still hadn't expected to see an update to this.

Well, actually I'd completely forgotten, what with 2013 still being full of various FoE fics. But I still find this interesting.

Also, hello again, "Nopony".

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