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I am an aspiring writer, romance enthusiast, and a horrible over emotional mess. If you're here I hope you like homosexual stallions. If you enjoy my work and want to support me I have a Ko-Fi!



Stand up straight, keep your appearance, be perfect. These are just a few things that Prince Blueblood believes is required of a common prince. It's easy for Blueblood to keep his mane neat and not make a fool of himself, but to ignore the pounding in his chest when he thinks of his best friend who married a princess... that's another story. Fancy Pants is a new seed in the garden of his life. It's hard to explain what exactly drew Blueblood to Fancy Pants in the first place, but he finds the more time they spend together the more he finds his heart pounding at the thought of the stallion.

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this is the last couple I would ever expect

Comment posted by DragonLady deleted Aug 17th, 2015

I love you Storm Butt, much ship and much awesomeness of said unbelieveably undone ship. This is just amazing, and F*** the fags who get homophobic at stories like these ones. It's really good, keep it up my good Gluteus Maximus kind friend.

The Notebook

Holy crap. Your making me like BlueBlood!?:applejackconfused:

4554341 just took out a bunch

wait wait wait sense when did blueblood wear a suit last time I checked he only wore a bow tie


It's obviously unfashionable to wear the same outfit every day.

I'll try to give the story another go later :) When writing in the future, ask yourself if a long is necessary when writing the dialogue.

I like where this is going! :raritystarry:

Interesting concept. I shall be following this story. There were a few mistakes, but to me this was the most noticeable:

The older stallion grinned mecheviously as he ran his hoof through his blonde mane

I think you meant 'mischievously'.

FINALLY SOMEBODY MADE A SHIP/FIC OF THIS COUPLE. Anyways, I will certainly read this. Looks interesting ^^

:raritycry: u beautiful son of a bitch. please never stop writing these stories that can only be described as godly. thank u. u get me the the rough times in life.

someone call fedex because it is time for some shipping.

did you forget about us?:fluttercry:

When moar? I wanna see moar.:fluttercry:

MOAR moar MOAR moar MOAR more. I absolutely love this story and ship! Keep writing, I beg you.

I think this format works great. You added a lot to the characters in a very small space. Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

^ What he said. Gives a lot of depth into Fancy Pants himself

Hmm... Now we're getting somewheres.

Interesting. I wonder if Blue had a thing for Shinning, but never told him. I guess only future chapters will tell.

It's not that bad. This feels natural and not too rushed. My advice, play around with this and see where it goes.

5317141 What do you mean?

5317162 Well, all I'm simply saying is that the author should have some fun with this. Even for me, it's an interesting idea and a interesting shipping that's rarely seen. It's my way of saying of not just continue it, but to have fun with it. That's all.

5317162 Just now I realize that you're the author. I guess I wasn't reading that right.:applejackconfused:

5317170 Oh, haha I get what you mean. I was just a little confused and thought you meant drag it out or something. Yeah I didn't expect to actually like these two, I just really wanted to write Blueblood and Fancy Pants turned into a good foil for him.

5317357 I think we both have somewhat the same talent. In that we can take something that's unlikely and make it good. My hat (if I have one) if off to ya.

I like that you're not rushing into the romance here, although you could cut the tension with a machete.

Both of them are still "in the closet" as far as rumors and the public are concerned, correct?

Nice job with this chapter. I think you did a great job. Good luck with the next chapter. Thanks for revealing a bit of Blue's and Shinning's history.

5317821 Fancy is openly bisexual, and is known to preference men. However most of the public assumes him and Fleur are dating because they're always around each other.

Blueblood is closeted though, yes.

You once had my curiosity sir... But now, you have my attention.

Wow Blueblood. I wonder what is going on? I hope Fancy can help Blueblood mend his relationship with Cadence and Shinning.

5398278 Yay for attention.

Nice chapter. I wonder what is going to happen next with Blue and Fancy. Thanks for a good update. Good luck with the next chapter.

Shining's character development is coming along great; I was worried he might be overbearing or something along those lines, but you got his personality quite well, if I don't say myself!

Nice chapter. I love Blueblood and Shinning enjoying time together. I can't wait for the next chapter. Thanks for the update.

In short, wonderful. But the one thing I'm looking forward in this story is Fancy finding out his highness is in the closet.

So continue when ready.:ajsmug:

I figured that that was the problem with Blueblood. I didn't expect the story though. How intense. Great chapter. I love it.

Ooh I am enjoying this more and more with each revelation.

I imagine Fancy Pants speaking with Cary Elwes' voice in this story, even though I know Trevor Duvall did it on the show.

That was funny. I guess now Blue is a bit more clued in on Fancy's liking towards him. Great chapter. Good luck with the next part. I wonder are we going to see it when Fancy wakes up, or Blue gets to meet Hoity and Fleur.

awww! blueblood is worried for him! :rainbowkiss: yet another good chapter! i must admit you are starting to become my favorite:twilightsmile: author.

“Here, let me take him.” Blueblood spoke to Fleur, who had begun to already take several steps forward. “I’m stronger. He weighs a lot more than he looks.”

Fancy: Did you just call me fat!?

5562785 nothing wrong with a pudge to grab

Nice chapter. I guess Blue is making some friends. I can't wait to see how Fancy reacts when he wakes up.

ITS SO STUPID! HE REALLY LIKES YOU, YOU IDIOT :flutterrage: sigh.... but isn't it the truth though about being unsure and wanting to be the best for the one you like.:fluttercry:

Wow. I wonder why Shinning didn't put two and two together. I hope Fancy gets to Blue soon. He needs help and fast. Great chapter. Best of luck.

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