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An off-again-on-again writer and father of a pony-fan. Incessant poking will make me write more/faster, by the way. (That's not sarcasm—I need reminders to write.)

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A "light" story with a whole lot of twists... and tangles.
Profundity—it all depends on how you look at it.

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Cover art by: Nonsanity

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Trust is everything to an immortal ruler. She must have the trust of her subjects. She must have servants in whom she can trust. Even the best of intentions can bring all of that to an end. There is a reason why Equestria has no queen—and no tyrant.

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In a world full of magic, mere words can pose a deadly threat. When simply reading a sign can instantly infect the unwary, and cases start to turn up all around Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle casts the only spell she can find that can give her the time she needs to find the cause of the plague. But then she has to figure out how to stop the epidemic... without being able to read.

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Audiobook on YouTube and for download on SoundCloud
Spanish version translated by MIkimoco
Russian version

[A sequel to this story is now in the works.]

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As an unstoppable hurricane bears down on Manehatten, Rainbow Dash has to face the unpleasant truth that not all of life's obstacles can be overcome. Sometimes you just have to do your best to get by. And when Dash gets the opportunity to become a Wonderbolt for a day, doing her best takes on a whole new, unexpected, meaning.



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