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Hello? Is... is this thing on? The red light means it's on, right? Or do I... I have to push a button, don't I? Well, which one? There's like ten! The black one? They're all black!


Ah, the tropics. Sand, sun, and all the fruity cocktails your liver can handle. Just spend the day lying on the beach, soaking up the sun and listening to the waves gently lap against the shore...

Too bad you don't get any of that in the frozen north. A hideous mix-up has sent the mane six to the far northern land of Caneighda. But this land of ice and snow is quick to reveal a deeper, hidden warmth. You just have to look at it the right way.

Disclaimer: I am Canadian, so I'm exempt from any flak you might decide to throw at me because of the stereotypes I use.

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This was originally supposed to be my submission for the February Write-Off but...I kinda forgot to hit Submit. F:facehoof:ck.

In any case, here it is.

They gonna visit Snails relatives?

I'm Canadian, so tracking. Will read tomorrow.

Meh, needs more eh, eh?:rainbowlaugh:


I can't stand being on planes and rollercoasters too like Applejack.

I am proud to be CANADIAN!!

steriotype jokes are always better when they are done about the persons own race or group of people i'm an amarican and i know i'm lazy and make bad jokes and were a little loopy:derpyderp1::derpytongue2::derpyderp2:



A GOD....

Hmm, where in Canada are you exactly from? :D

tracking, I'll read it tonight:twilightsmile:

Whenever I read the words "I am Canadian", I read it in the way the beer commercials say it;:twilightsheepish:
Tracking to read later:derpytongue2:


inb4 "Why are there extra 'u' 's everywhere?"
or not.

This is pretty good. Thanks for sharing with us.:twilightsmile:


awsome story!!! brohoof eh?

"Laugh at ethnic jokes. You are ethnic, whether you like it or not." – Frank de Lima, Hawaiian comedian

Slightly different context here in the fic than from the quote, but this story reminded me of it. Anyway, love how you played with Canadian national stereotypes. Very funny. Strangely enough, when I think of Canada, I think of vast plains and cowboys before snow-covered forests and lumberjacks. I suppose the Calgary Stampede made an impression on me.

If the RCMP are still called "Mounties"... what exactly are they mounted on?:applejackconfused:

I spotted some formatting errors here and there, with some sentences split by paragraph breaks, and some paragraphs without a space in between. Nothing that can't be easily fixed.

Anyway, this is great. Humorous, and quite touching and heartwarming as well. Rainbow Dash is probably my least favorite of the Mane 6, but you really made her shine here. Great character development, and very nice moral at the end.

243227 Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out. And as for what the Mounties are mounted on here...I have no idea. Let's just overlook that, shall we?

I'm from Florida and if the cold didn't freak me out I would move to Canada real fast. I stay home all day and watch ponies and Canada is just as fine a place to do that in lol. :pinkiehappy: I wish you would add more stereotypical Canadian phrases because I think they're great! :yay:

243346 All right. Let's see, I got toques, hockey, snow, maple syrup, more snow, inuksuks, igloos, tobogganing, the aurora, and the all important "eh?".

What the hell did I miss?

243305 uh... horses... lol soo fitting that what they use before the invention of cars or what ever.. unless they changed the history when i went to school here in canada

Stereotypes? WHAT stereotypes? closest it got was the Mountie (HOW did you get away with that? i heard the RCMP are kinda touchy about being used in things).
by the way, what was AJ alluding to when she shushed Dash over reminding her of somepony?

We're talking about ponies here. Think about it. What exactly would magic talking pony MOUNTIES be MOUNTED on...? Hence the :applejackconfused:

You know! Things like "sugaring off", "canuck", and "give'er". IDK not from Canada. I assumed saying that was normal lol. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, is hoser not a Canadian term? I expected someone at some point to finish a sentence with "...you hoser, eh?"

242764 Ouch. I guess there's always next time:trixieshiftleft:


*Sees chapter name* READING!

This can only begin to describe the awesomeness of Canada


Hey i was born and raised in Florida, and now i live in fucking ALASKA. Its not that bad once you get used to it.

243847 Still not Canada. Doesn't count.

243634 Another stereotypical term I've never heard in my life. But...crap. I forgot beavers. How the hell did I forget beavers? They're like a national icon. Those damn hardworking rodents...you make me look bad.


Rush, the "Canadians never rage" thing, and dear God..... you forgot about "aboot" instead of about, and that everyone thinks all of you guys are lumberjacks.

Sigh i know.......you dont know how much it sucks knowing that we live RIGHT NEXT TO CANADA yet were not IN Canada and therefore Non-Canadians. :(

You sir are brilliant! I love being Canadian eh!


Aaaaaawesomeee :D

Heheh, a very nice little bit of self-aware Canadian humour. As a fellow Canuck, I always love this stuff.

Nice little story, and I could totally see this as an episode (Since the show is actually made in Canada, the lighthearted stereotyping would be alright)

Now, you got the maple syrup, hocky, 'eh?', Mounties, igloos, Canadian calmness, inuksuks, log cabins and easygoing border control. But you still missed out on mooses, 'aboot', beavers, donuts, pancakes, lumberjacks and curling. You could at least go back in and change all the 'about's to 'aboot's.

Other than that, a few blips in SPaG, but otherwise, a great read. Keep up the good work, eh?

Well, that was nice!
But hay! Where's the poutine!? I can't believe you let this one slip off your hooves! The mane 6 will never get to enjoy such a delightful meal D:
At first I thought not a single stereotype came from Quebec but... since its producing about 75% of all the maple syrup I can accept this as one ... :D

It was fun. Congrats!

Um, what happened to Spike? I may have missed it, but I didn't see any mention of him after the scene where the Mane 6 first arrive at the farm. I think an epilogue scene revealing that Spike got left behind when he fell asleep in the fire beneath the sap boiler would be awesome.

You know what the true injustice of this is? Trollfics get on the featured box. This doesn't. :trixieshiftleft: Le Fuq?

I read it. It's awesome!!! I seldom like RD shipping whether mare or colt, and I have to say this is one of the few that I really like. It's really a pity you forgot to submit... Great work! And as a Canadian as well, I just feel... yeah :twilightsheepish:

i dont know if i read properly but i know red is red lol XD but what colour is his mane and tail ?

I'm more interested in the sequel where they get to the tropics.

Far too forgiving. Me, if I got set to go to the tropics for a vacation, and got dumped on a farm in Canada in midwinter? And made to work the trees while I was there? And made to sleep in an IGLOO? I'd be harder to get along with than Satan himself.

Coincidentally--- they don't tap the trees in winter. They CAN'T. The sap isn't flowing.

Really good. I loved how Rainbow Dash changed like that! :pinkiehappy:

At first, I was killing myself over all the stereotypes (hearing non-Canadians joke about them for the millionth time tends to get old FAST), and Rainbow Dash's bitchiness was simply grating on me. Then the story took a rather nice turn, and ended on a pretty heartwarming feeling. I liked it.

great story eh. Love to see that not everyone is offended by the use of a few stereotypes.

10,000 word's in one chapter? :pinkiecrazy: Not sure if Gusta!!!

As a fellow Canadian, I heartily approve of this, as stereotypical as it is.


Hey, we're Canadian out west as well, you know. How about throwing in some of OUR stereotypes?

Alberta is best province.

243868 They are The national Icon. For God's sake it's on the bleeding coat of arms.


Beauty, eh?

the stereotypes were too much for me....

I'm Offensive and i find this Canadian.

It contains maple syrup, and thus as a Canadian, I am contractually obligated to like this story. You win this time, national stereotype, you win this time ... :derpytongue2:

Really did enjoy the story, and think you need to get it made into a spin off for the CBC!

Finally read this. Mixed feelings. The story was nice, and I enjoyed most of the allusions and messages the story aimed to convey, but I can't say the same about the core conflict. If you're gonna have an OC make that big an impact on a mane character, I wouldn't mind seeing them a bit better developed. I mean, Red was almost a Stu. Does he have a psychology degree or something? Is he an empath? A psychic?
Now if he had worked to make Dash fess up and realize her own problems for HERSELF... Maybe after the sledding he shows her the aurora, then while she's euphoric, start prying to get her to open up and be honest. That's a characterization I could deal with. But using active listening and psychological tactics to figure out her hangup and reveal it to her? After only a couple relevant conversations? That's giving him too much credit and her not enough.
Also, I see her warming up to him after sharing a few moments, but maybe give a hint of how she feels about him earlier on. When she dropped the buckets she DID seem embarrassed of what he might think of her, but that was kind of ambiguous.
I think I'll leave this without a rating since I would have put a 2.5/5 if we still had stars.

Anyway, found a couple typos too:

She then turned to the books owner,


“The other couldn’t make it,” Sap was saying


This fic is amazing

I admit when I saw this I was expecting the usual Canadian jokes and teasing. and those are often quite hilarious, it's why even we use them. I wasn;t expecting such a sweet and funny look into my country. For that, all I can say is thank you. I know it isn't enough. It's truly not enough to express the joy I felt in reading this, how I giggled at the references and nods to Canadian customs, giggling at the eh's and the toques, The care you put into describing maple syrup collection.

It brought up so many memories for me both happy and more bittersweet.

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