• Published 17th Mar 2012
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My Little Pony's Little Ponies - Baby Boo

A deadline threatens Twilight Sparkle's sanity. Again. Only one pink pony can save Twilight's brain!

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Epilogue: The Following Tuesday

Up the slope of a brightly sunlit green hill crept a small purple figure, trying despite the contrast of color to remain inconspicuous. Popping his head periodically above the tall grass to scan the surrounding countryside, Spike made his stealthy way to the verge of a small copse of trees. After one more careful look around, he drew a checkered picnic blanket from his knapsack and spread it with a crisp snap across the grass in a shady spot.

Leaning nonchalantly against one of the trees, he whispered from the corner of his mouth to a pony who lurked in the shadowy underbrush. "All clear. Nopony following." he said. "Did you bring the goods?"

The hidden pony nodded, and held forth a large wicker picnic basket. Spike set it on the cloth and lifted the lid, taking a deep, appreciative whiff of the fragrant steam rising from within. "Oh boy! Now that's what I'm talking about!"

Cheerily he set about unloading the basket and spreading the magnificent afternoon feast across the blanket, while his secretive companion emerged from the shadows and looked around warily, just in case.

Epilogue: The Following Tuesday

"... and then, she went so fast it made a real sonic rainboom!" Princess Cadance emphasized the point with a dramatic leap and a booming noise. "Blew that nasty changeling right out of Ponyville!"

She sat back with a satisfied sigh, smiling at her companion across the landscape of emptied, crumb-strewn plates and decimated pies.

"Sounds mighty exciting." replied her guest.

"Oh my yes... and really, I haven't even gotten to the most exciting parts yet!" said Cadance. "But before I go on, would you care for a spot more of tea?"

Miss Smarty Pants nodded and raised her dainty teacup.



Author's Note:

No points scored for having seen this coming a mile away. Sorry.

Smarty Pants image snitched from the ever-awesome John Joseco, whose deviantArt gallery would be linked here except that would be functionally equivalent to posting all of his booby pictures right here on this page so you'll have to look him up yourself.

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