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Baby Boo

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The newborn daughter of Cadance and Shining Armor is a national treasure of the Crystal Empire, a symbol of hope and joy across all of Equestria, and possibly the most widely beloved foal in all the world.

But for those closest to her, she's also just a regular baby: a copious fountain of panic, sleep loss, and organic fluids. Any newborn pony can cause havoc with spontaneous magic, but a baby Princess may be more than a whole castle of royal foalsitters can handle!

Originally created for the Most Dangerous Game contest perpetrated by Obsolescence, but I missed the deadline, and ended up renovating the never-quite-finished contest draft into a stronger, bigger story. Since the whole point of the contest was to take up well-overdone cliches of the fandom and do something, well, good with them, I do hope that Constant Reader will trust me far enough to get past the warning flags among the tags.

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Comment posted by Baby Boo deleted Jul 25th, 2014

Hm, good so far. Writing is pretty solid, and it actually captured me. Shit's hard to do.

5034205 Fantastic. :pinkiehappy: Glad that it's got your attention, then; now if I can just manage to keep my attention on it...

Oh god
I kek'd
realistic baby scenario
those things are evil
if I had my way baby hunting season would be legal in every state, not just new jersey

*Big ol Grin* I figured that having her vomit on Twilight Sparkle would be a good way to win readers over to my alicorn OC.

...Brilliant. :rainbowlaugh: I look forward to seeing where this goes!

5058557 And it worked. You exploited the cute foal and my schadenfreude to the max. Well done. Here's your application for the Evil League of Evil.

Hey, people who read the comments?
I got to check some of this out ahead of time. I think you're going to enjoy it.

:pinkiehappy: <- An accurate representation of my face after the first two parts of this.

I especially loved Twilight's reaction at seeing her niece, and the juxtaposition of that and the ending of the chapter.

-reads character tags- gilda what are you getting into now?

Not to blow my own horn or nothing, but I'm fairly chuffed with myself for pulling off a scene where a main character falls hopelessly in love at first sight with an alicorn OC. :pinkiecrazy:

You just like Fog Ball. :trollestia:

She's up to no good, I'll tell you that.

5106509 to qoute the greatest janitor of the year 3014,


I have this strange feeling that that game booth might be in ruins before Dash is done.

Good thing Twilight was on hand (on hoof?) to take over the worrying detail from Cadance.

Ahh, magic surges. :pinkiecrazy:

Luna, random guards, pretty soon more of the castle will be awake and searching than sleeping.

Twilight's always handy when you need somepony to do all the needless worrying. :twilightoops:

...Where're the humans? I don't see any.

that's because they're ninjas

No but really, they'll be turning up soonish, starting with chapter 7.

Chapter 5, published with like 7 minutes to spare to still count as "tomorrow" from the perspective of yesterday's dramatic oath. This chapter suuuuucks.

This chapter was brilliant. :pinkiecrazy: And it all felt very in-character, too.

Aw, thanks, really? By the time I hit 'publish', all I could see were the flaws in it. :derpyderp2: Nice to know someone likes it!

5152991 I quite enjoyed it; one would think it'd be difficult to screw up a Yakety-Sax chase scene, but I've seen other authors somehow fumble such a thing - Meanwhile, I think you aced it. :twilightsmile:

:pinkiehappy: Awesome, thank you! It's a bit tricky getting such a visual sort of comedy into text form. A couple of weeks ago I had the rough draft of this chase scene planned to take place in a single long hallway, but moving it to the rotunda made it work a hell of a lot better.

I for one thought Pinkie's addition to the story was fantastic. The moment the elephants entered the scene I just threw up my hands and started laughing uncontrollably.

I also really liked AJ's take on the situation. Too tired to help, but awake enough to apply the standard earth pony tactic of keeping on running.

5153054 No problemo! And that's rather interesting; though I agree that your decision to move the locale likely improved the options available to you.

(BTW, I actually winced during the bit with the vase and painting being destroyed by the maid's cart)

This, as they say, is why we can't have nice things. :rainbowlaugh:

:pinkiehappy: Pinkie Pie tells the best stories; they don't happen to be congruent with the most accurate ones...

I'm really pleased that the Applejack bit came across as an earth pony thing without directly saying so. :ajsmug:

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