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In a not very distant future, after the end of Friendship is Magic and its replacement by other series, six bronies meet together to remember the good past times.


Inspired by the first chapter of The Last Brony Gets His Wish, by theRedBrony. Done with permission. It's not a crossover though, not even a HiE story. In fact, it has no ponies. Just a one-shot imagining the future of all us, the Bronies, and the future of My Little Pony itself. Hope you like it.

Thanks a lot to Inumaniac for being my proofreader.

Audio version here, courtesy of Codexwriter476

Curious about "The Garden of Dreams"? Read the review here, courtesy of ColdGoldLazarus.

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Needless to say, in real life I'm much more optimistic about the future of Friendship is Magic. I like to think that the show will be with us for quite a long time, and that the Brony Community will endure, even if the show doesn't.

As I say in the description, this story was inspired by the fanfic "The Last Brony Gets His Wish", by theRedBrony. While reading the first chapter, a question popped into my mind: "Will I be a brony forever?"

After thinking about it for quite a while, I realized that I, personally, don't have a clear answer to that. Of course I would like to be a brony for the rest of my life, and I will try, but I can't promise anything. I can change, the same way I changed a year ago and became a brony. I may move onto other things. Maybe by the next summer you don't see me around here anymore. It's sad, but it could happen.

But then I looked back at my life and I saw all the things I was fan of once. True, I don't think about them as much as before, but I still remember them, some of them with a lot of love, because they were the things that made me the way I am today. If the worst scenario should ever happen, if I was to abandon the fandom for some reason, My Little Pony will become one of those things I remember with love.

And I think that's the real important thing, to remember. I think one will never really stop being a brony, as long as he or she remembers. And if our fandom was ever going to crumble, we could rebuilt it, as long as we have the memories.

Or at least I think this is what I wanted to say with this fanfic :twilightblush: Sometimes I can't get my own thoughts clear.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you like it, sorry if you didn't. I also apologize if somehow this offended someone. Also a million thanks to Inumaniac for being my proofreader once more.

Brohoof, everypony. :yay::twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::raritywink::pinkiehappy::ajsmug:

I like to think that when everything is said and done, the brony community will live on past the show's prime. The talented bronies and pegasisters of our fandom will continue the legacy; who knows, maybe they might even make fan made series. After everything has wrapped up, we will never forget, and I know that for me at least, I will be a brony for life.

We've all made so many friends in this fandom, met so many new people, and connected on a personal level. That's something that can never be forgotten, and the lessons that we learn from all of this are things that we will remember forever. Who knows? Maybe one day, someone will look back and remember our stories, and how they entertained them and made them think about things. How they made them laugh, cry, and smile.

I liked this story sir, good job. :twilightsmile:

/] Brohoof. Let the fandom never end :yay:

Even after the show ends, being such a powerful series, it will last for many years after. Remember Yugioh? Most people agree that the original, aired back in the late 90s was the best. But there are STILL World Tournaments. There's still merchandise in the form of cards. I still duel my friends at school. Just like that, memes from G4 will endure. Merchandise may become collectibles by bronies. If movies from the '50s can endure and even be quoted once in a while, why can't our fandom?

Actually, we have the internet. So the brony community will still endure through the internet. Memes like 20% Cooler would probably stick around in the internet just like the Peanut Butter Jelly Time thing or a few of those Ed Edd n' Eddy memes. Who knows, maybe in 30 years, some nation or organization will preserve a few of the greatest episodes of MLP as part of media culture or a study on why it became popular.

This story was pretty great, I like the concept of the reminiscing of the past. (I havnt read any fics like this so yea) but I enjoyed this fic and the way it was written, so thank you, for this enjoyable story.


Glad to have helped. :twilightsmile:

Like always, I look forward to working with you again, Alpha.

Jesus. This is really good.


Actually, we have the internet. So the brony community will still endure through the internet.

That's right. Actually, shortly after writing this, I realized that the future scenario this fanfic shows is quite improbable, mainly because this exact same reason. MLP has practically fused with the Internet, and that pretty much grants immortality.

But you know, stories need a bit of drama sometimes... :twilightblush:

After reading this, I must admit, I admire your forsight on the titles of the coming generation. The movies and the series. Who knows. Maybe someone might just take your ideas here and actually make something later.

Anyway, let us never forget who we are. Bronies true and true. And for as long as we can, we will keep the fires for MLP:FiM burning on.

Good story it really made me reflect. But the thought of bronies being lost along with G4 makes me:raritycry:

I don't think we'll ever see the end of our ponies. There's so many songs, stories, fan arts, and videos that are now stored forever on the internet. As far as I'm concerned, ponies are here to stay. :ajsmug:

Facts. Large following of people plus becoming one with internet equals immortality for old tv shows. Still I must say this is a good forsight. Though hopefully if hasbro does make a generatin 5 it wont be horrible. Sure it wont be this show we have all at one point come to love for some reason or another but if they do as good of job as they did for this one at the very least the brony community and culture will keep going strong for future generations to get sweeped into.


After reading this, I must admit, I admire your forsight on the titles of the coming generation. The movies and the series. Who knows. Maybe someone might just take your ideas here and actually make something later.

That would be awesome :rainbowkiss:

Although I'm not sure if I like the name I gave to G5. But I couldn't think of anything else.

1364318 As I said, that was just some drama for the story. I don't think bronies will ever disappear so easily in real life. :pinkiesmile:


Just as a fun fact, the internet has been designed to survive a nuclear attack, meaning even after an apocalyptic war, theoretically, MLP will still exist in the form of electrons in some surviving nation's servers.

...Somebody... hug me?... Please?:applecry:

I'm afraid of this future. To see that everything changed with time, and that people forget.

Friendship may be magic, but what good is magic when people don't even remember it?:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

1380840 Here, have a hug (hugs) :twilightsmile:

I don't think this future will come, at least not anytime soon. And if it comes, I'm sure people will never forget, and the magic will live on.

As I said, I'm much more optimistic of our future in real life :pinkiesmile:

you know its funny i have so many ideas for december like tcb happening b/c of someponies fanfic b/c of this im kinda an atheist not sure how to put it really i really just sit down and think " is there a god up there i mean we dont really have proof other than just believe"

I remember reading this story before I made an account, when I first became a brony.
I'll always remember, the way it changed my life, and cheered me up every day.
So I came back for the feels, and I tell you this, by the end of the story I was crying man tears!:fluttercry:


At first I was tearing up a little, then I was happy, and I was shouting YEAH and crying at the same time.

I love this fandom!:yay:

1710765 Thank you very much! :twilightsmile: I'm glad you liked it!

I put quite a lot of spirit in this fanfic, so I'm glad to see it's still getting views from time to time. :pinkiesmile:


I... I don't even know what to say. This story has left me emotionally numb, to a certain degree. But I think I like it. :pinkiesmile:

Now I kinda want to see The Garden Of Dreams and Sparkling Adventures.

1364063>>1364746 Well, I did a thing, though I want to wait for Scorpii's permission before posting a link to it. :twilightsmile:

I'll be honest, I'm a little watery-eyed.

You never did link me to this story :ajbemused: I just so happened to recall someone saying something or other about writing some fic. So I looked it up. Glad I did, too. 'Twas touching.

I think what you were trying to say here is that, this will always and forever be a part of us.

While reading the first chapter, a question popped into my mind: "Will I be a brony forever?"

That, my friend, is the exact question I asked myself that led to me writing the very chapter that inspired you.

ps - How in the fuck did this pass moderation? :rainbowhuh:

Why. . . why would somepony be so cruel enough to write something eye-watering as this :raritycry:
But all in all, I can kinda match all of them to one of the Mane(Man?) Six, like Paul is Applejack, Richard Rarity, Steve is Pinkie Pie, David is RD, Jonathan Flutttershy, and Bill Twilight. idk if I matched them up good, but WHO THE HELL CARES THIS STORY IS AMAZING AS FUCK

Eh... ‘brony’... A smile comes to my lips every time I think of that word, because it sounds so distant now...

i can't help but smile myself at this line here... it feels surreal now but i can see this happen in a far off future of mine.

non-bronies and haters started to joke about how ‘the universe had been restored to its natural state.’

Heh, fuck these guys and their 'notion' of the universes natural state :ajsmug:

But, even if it manages to restore everything we lost, it won’t be our cartoon. They won’t be our ponies.

that feeling after reading this line :fluttercry:

We cheer because, even after all these years, friendship is still magic.

Hell yeah it is... hell yeah it is. :moustache:

Touching... some parts were over dramatized a bit but the message behind the whole story is crystal.

Inspiration taken from your current point of view and experience of the fandom? Because it hits home more than i can say with these words of mine.

As a fellow fan, thank you for this.

Author for this story is retired. Retired brony? Retired writer? Not sure.

Regardless, happy trails mr. Author... wherever you are.

Meh. Boooooooooooooring.

To be honest this someday will probably actually happen and not in anytime soon but someday it will happen i just realized that life is a bitch and the world is shit my gpa just died and i open my eyes no matter how much i wish for the show to be real or i could be the baddas that protects there world i never will becouse its not real and never will be im sad i miss him a lot mayby hell be somewere better mayby just mayby the world isnt bad theres and actually chance this buetiflull world is real but who really knows i just wish it was.

I wish I was crying, but I guess can be enough:twilightsmile:

It's interesting because I read this fanfic the day they announced that MLP is officially coming to an end.

To be honest, while I call myself a brony still, I haven't seen any episodes since season 4. I saw a few episodes from season 5, but never finished it. The only thing I do that's brony related is make an audio of my fanfic with a different voice actor for each.

MLP is going to be a nice memory, but I've moved on quite a while ago. I don't think I will be a brony although I would still call myself one if asked, just for fun. Of course, it's not like people are going to ask.

It was a good ride, but like with everything else, it's finished, which is a good thing. No series can last for a long time without becoming stale. I'd rather MLP end up like Seinfeld and leave a great impression, than have it go on endlessly like the Simpsons, with people debating at which point the series went down.


G4 ends......for now.

That was one of the most passionate and beautiful thing I have ever read on this site. Thank you so much ☺️

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 How did it pass moderation? I have no idea

Hello! Have a review. Considering how old this story is, and how -- let's be honest -- terrible some fics with similar premises have been over the years, I was pleasantly surprised here. It's a bit borderline as a Fimfiction story as already noted by others, but it's quietly touching in the end. The bit about the lottery win was too much, though. The rest was fairly believable; that bit wasn't.

Tal vez hubo un arreglo, wink-wink, con el personal del sorteo.

If Google Translate got that right (I don't speak Spanish) then... heh. Amusing idea!

There was a case, I don't remember in which Latam country, in which the children announcing the lottery numbers had an agreement with the future winner.

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