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I like to read and draw a lot, not much of a writer yet. And Sunset is best.


Feeling a little down and deciding to go on a walk around Canterlot, Adagio Dazzle reflects on the past months since the Dazzlings' defeat at the Battle of the Bands. It's not really so bad, except for the fact that everyone in town still holds a grudge for what she and her fellow sirens did at CHS those months ago.

Everyone except for the Rainbooms, of course, but Adagio isn't exactly keen on having them teach the magic of friendship quite yet.

It's only when she runs into Sunset Shimmer later in the evening that Adagio realizes that the start of a true friendship is exactly what she needs to brighten her mood.

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I wrote this because I thought this picture I drew needed something to go along with it.

I know part of that feel.

After I finished most of the story, I needed to draw a new cover to reflect the fic better. So my cover is based on a fic based on another thing I drew.

I don't really draw, so that feel I don't know at all. :twilightsheepish:

Not bad! I'm always a bit of a sucker for the 'talk in a coffee shop' type fics, :derpytongue2:

I'm glad you understand what I feel (at least partly). Sometimes you just see something and think, Oh man, this needs a story to go with it, and I need it now. :raritystarry:

Haha, thanks! I'll admit that I'm with you there about being a sucker for coffee shop stories. I think that's actually why I decided to go with that setting, since it's something I know I already enjoy. :twilightsmile:

Enjoyable even through I've seen this before, I think the detail into what Adagio experiences is done really well. Through for the life of me I can't pinpoint why.

I liked! :pinkiehappy:
I love your drawing style is very good :rainbowkiss:
You should draw more often, and do a sequel, well, maybe :twilightsheepish:
very good work friend :raritywink:

6422039 Eye lad! This story shall not go to Adagio's locker.

You know, im all for the Dazzlings, and Shimmer, in the entirety of MLP I think I have to say that they're honestly my favourite characters.

Friendship between the Sirens, or at least Adagio, and Sunset? Fantastic. If only there was more stories as well written as yours about things like this.

6422825 Im sure that by 'drawing' style you mean writing style, don't you?

EDIT: I take it back, I didn't see the link in the authors comments. Sorry for that unnecessary notification I brought upon you, that must have just ruined your day, what with the red light and the number, of the horror of it all!

There are 46 stories in Sundagio group. Some of them are are rather simular (but not like complete ccopy) to this.

Even the haters can't hate on something this cute.:rainbowkiss:

Although it's certainly understandable that she's upset, her "I'm such a victim" rant is a bit grating, considering that they're responsible for much of it.

“Just,” Adagio took a brief pause, sighing and crossing her arms, “I wish everyone here would stop treating us like we’re still out to get them. We’re powerless now, and they still treat me like I’m a threat to them!” She scowled at Sunset, raising her voice slightly and placing a hand on her chest, “I’m not the same person I was months ago, but no one can see that! You’d think that since everyone insults me behind my back and avoids me wherever I go, they’d think I’m some sort of monster!”
“But no!” Adagio threw her arms in the air, “People are fine with assuming that we’re still going to try and manipulate them into fighting each other! What’s it going to take to prove to everyone that we’ve changed?! Even if I knew, nobody would even give us a chance! It’s not fair at all!”

The Dazzlings retreated away from the rest of the world. It isn't possible for anyone to see that you've changed when you avoid everyone's sight. And they do think that you're a monster, because you came out of nowhere, enslaved a school, then retreated into your lair without any sort of apology--your lack of continued aggression is easily explained as you not having the power to keep trying. You haven't done anything to prove otherwise. Canterlot has had no opportunity to see that you regret what you did, or especially why you regret it.

“When you’ve lived as long as I have and experienced the same things, then you can come to me and say you understand what I’m going through. And before you even think about it, there’s no way I’m taking any pity from you or your friends, especially when it was you lot who caused in the first place!” she shouted, slamming her hands on the table and looking down.

How long you've lived really isn't relevant here...
Blaming the Rainbooms is rather hypocritical considering that that the Dazzlings tried to enslave the world.

“Now we’re stuck in this miserable world stripped of our magic for possibly the rest of our lives, we’re constantly miserable because of the sad excuse for an apartment we can barely afford, and everyone here would probably rather see us gone one way or another, even though we’re trying to make it clear we’re not out to get anyone anymore!”

But you aren't making that clear at all! The only message you're sending is that without your magic, you aren't willing to leave your home and go walk among the normal people you once preyed upon. What you're doesn't say anything about your changes.
And apart from the apartment, what you describe is exactly what Sunset went through--except Sunset had five people ready to extend a hand in friendship. You have six.

Adagio sniffed and released some of the tension in her shoulders. “It’s just not fair. Everyone hated you like they do with us now, sure, but all it took to win them back was one seemingly heroic feat. There’s no way we’re going to get an opportunity like that.” she said with a slightly cracked voice.

Adagio looked up at Sunset with wet, red eyes. “I’m all for doing whatever it takes to stop all this, but forgive me if I don’t want to openly embrace the same thing that caused this problem for us in the first place”. Adagio sat down slowly, burying her face in her arms on the table.

"Seemingly"? Yeah, you were the targets of it, but saving the world from mind control from attention-seeking magicians who feed off of causing conflict is a heroic act by any definition of the phrase.
And discarding the months of distrust and hate Sunset experienced before that opportunity showed up is ridiculous. You say a single heroic feat resolved that, but this was after months of actively trying to improve her relations with other students, of hanging with the school heroes. And while you mind controlled the school for a couple days, Sunset split it up in an over-cliqued school, terrified the student body, and turned friends against friends for years. You know this--you even brought it up when you first started to mock her in EQG:RR.
"The same thing that caused this problem for us in the first place"? I assume you're not talking about embracing megalomania, even though that's what put you in this position. Friendship? Yet, by sticking with your fellow sirens that's what you're using--albeit a limited and excluding form of it. Or are you just talking about the Rainbooms?

I really enjoyed the exposition and dialogue once this got rolling, but I have to admit the beginning is a little sloppy. It's chilly late autumn, but school is out for summer... and it's a three-day weekend so everyone's on vacation during the vacation they're already having. And if Adagio walks by the school routinely, while wanting to stand out, wouldn't that draw the attention she today randomly decides she doesn't want?

As far as the 'victim' speech goes, I don't find it to be full of pitfalls in the sense that it's a hysterical rant of Adagio's thoughts and feelings. Anything can be relevant because it's her interpretation: it doesn't matter if it's objectively an issue.
The resolution is a bit fast for how much resistance Adagio put up.
I liked the comparison of the welcoming visage with the citizens of Canterlot. :twilightsmile:

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