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All hail, Twilight Sparkle.


All Sunset needed to do and had planned, was to visit her friend, Rarity. Until, a mysterious person sobbing and crying in the rain, get's her attention. Sunset decided to help the person out, until she realized it was the blue siren, Sonata Dusk.

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Pretty good. A couple of spelling errors, but good.

Awesome and cute, some errors, but still... Sunata :heart:

Great story boss I really enjoyed it even though it was short

Short yet beautiful, good job.

eh i guess it was alright. the kiss kinda seemed a bit thrown no offense. but it was ok nontheless. And i thought u shipped sunlight? not that i have a problem with change but still.:rainbowhuh:

While I do agree that the kiss came out of right field, deep right field. Like so right I feel like it's about to call my gay cousin unnatural.

Thinking about it though, I can image Sonata being a lip kisser to people who are nice to her so, don't mind it.

Short and sweet with a nice ending that leaves things open should you return to this :pinkiehappy:

6458981 Sunlight is my favorite ship, but I do like Sunset with Adagio and Sonata as well. :twilightsmile:


I can understand where the mistakes are, and I'll try to get some editor to help me out, but thank you everyone so much! :raritystarry:

This proves once again that there is not nearly enough of this couple.

The idea is cute, but I think it was a rushed.
Sunset says some things that don't really make sense for her to say - how would she know if Sonata isn't rude or selfish? - or is Sunset just saying these things to comfort Sonata?
Also, you call Adagio 'Dazzle' at the end of that flashback section, but I don't see why calling her 'Adagio' again wouldn't have worked (esp since you didn't establish her full name to be Adagio Dazzle).
I really like that you included a scene change instead of having Sonata somewhat clumsily explain the gist of things.

It was....really really rushed.

Basically copy paste what this fella said.


Yeah, this definitely needs more. Don't get me wrong, it's very nice as it is, but this can only get better with more.

please continue

please continue!
Also Sunata the cutest shipp! (at least for me):heart:

Is there going to be a sequel to this?

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