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All hail, Twilight Sparkle.


A sequel to my other story. I Need You

Sunset and Twilight had never experienced this before. Twilight had just returned to the human world to meet Sunset again, and Twilight wanted to share something special with Sunset, a kiss.

Big thanks to Script for being the editor for this story.

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6308796 I did post a blog and comment on "Looking for editors" group, but nobody responded. I would love it, if you would be my editor! :twilightsmile:

6308852 Thank you very much! :pinkiesmile:

Why is this in the Silver Spoon group if Silver Spoon isn't a tagged character for the story?

6308950 Oh, Sorry. I didn't notice that. :facehoof:

6308962Hey everyone makes mistakes:pinkiehappy:
And yet another great sunlight story:twilightsheepish:

6309046 Thank you very much! :twilightsmile:

I love this so much! This is so cute! :twilightsmile:

Dawww.... That was short and sweet, yet another SunLight, felt a little rushed, had some spelling and grammar errors, but regardless I loved it. :twilightsmile:

6309319 Thank you, very much. :ajsmug:

6310343 My only criticism is that you used a ton of commas. Otherwise, I liked it.

6310508 Yeah, but thank you anyway. :twilightblush:

awww it so adorable when they kiss they're so shy about it :heart::raritystarry::twilightblush::twilightsmile:

6310342 always love my daily dose of sunlight :rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::twilightblush:

This shipping is just to cute. Sunlight ftw

Comment posted by SadisticFluttershy deleted Oct 27th, 2015

The World is Ruled by Ships :derpytongue2:
Love this sires its cute great story :heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

Another cute story.


I am okay with this, it gives me a fuzzy feeling and reminds me of Bud light, except its a pretty pony princess.

Get Twili Light on offer here, first come first served.

SUNSET: Slams her bits on the table "MINE!" :heart::pinkiehappy:

Found this through the Silver Spoon group? Still confused there.

6964415 Yeah. that was a mistake I made a long time ago.

For some reason, I fall off my chair whenever I read SunLight fanfics. I fell off my chair but, luckily, my purple and pink highlighted hair girlfriend caught me just in time.

lol love the kiss but the build up to it is so akward I nearly fell off laughing
Sorry if it sounds mean

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