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All hail, Twilight Sparkle.


Sonata Dusk has never really experienced Christmas, and this might be her first time. What makes it even better is... She is spending this Christmas with Sunset Shimmer.

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They say it's cold outside. I'm in pennsylvaina, it usually is cold, but it's 70 degrees. Help.

Very good, a tiny bit rushed at the end. It seems to jump to them sitting without saying why Sunset likes her or them saying out loud they're together. Other then that a very cute story that gets the spirit within me.

Way too short for my standards but, sweet nonetheless.


Thank you very much everyone.

That was beautiful :raritystarry:

6733354 Thank you so much. :twilightsmile:

Very cute story, Kate :heart:

Very cute. Maybe a bit short and rushed at the end but still cute and heartwarming for this time of the year :derpytongue2:

Very nice! I did like this story, it was brilliant.
Sadly, the Muffin Rating for this is a mere seven muffins out of ten, for one reason and one reason alone.
Grammar and spelling.
:facehoof: I am so, so sorry. But.. *takes out badge* Yes, I am one of the Grammar and Spelling Police. It's hard for me to enjoy a story if I see a small error every few paragraphs.
I'd be more than happy to help you iron them out, though!
Aside from those small errors, I loved this fic! ^-^ Brilliant work, I love Sonata, and I love Sunset ^-^

7000637 hello fellow grammar nazi!

7000637 That would be very nice. :twilightblush:

Months had passed from Canterlot Highs battle of the bands, but surprisingly the siren sisters hadn'’t left the city nor moved on to another home after the events of what happened. Suprisinlgy though, one Blue haired Siren actually became friends with the Rainbooms. And her new closest friend was, Sunset Shimmer.

Ngl, out of the 3 sirens most of the time I think sonata is the least evil one.

Today was another exhausting day, me and Sunset went to the store to get some decorations for our.. I mean.. Her house and the tree. After decorating the tree, It looked stunning! I could wafch it all day if I had to.


But anyway, about Sunset, I feel so weird writing about her in my diary. My biggest fear is Sunset Shimmer finding this diary, and finding out all my feelings for her. That...would...be...terrible. I'll have to tell her someday, but what if she finds it weird?

Huh, sonata has feelings for sunset. Didn't see that one coming but I can understand why she would after what she went through after the BOTB.

Sonata's eyes sparkled, seeing Sunset come closer and kissed the blue siren on the lips. Sonata was shocked and surprised. She wanted to say something but Sunset's warm lips being locked with her lips, wouldn't let her say a word. Sonata grabbed Sunset from behind and pushed her closer, closing her eyes and enjoying the moment they had their lips together.

Wow. 😨

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