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Sucker for a Cute Face - Eyeswirl the Weirded

Adagio finds Fluttershy alone one morning, and many to follow.

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Chapter 23: Soft and Sweet

Thursday was odd for Fluttershy. Very odd. In its own way, it was actually a little infuriating. Around the usual time, she opened her diary, skipping her usual opening address as writing fervor overtook her.

I'm upset. Not because of someone picking on me or an argument with a friend or even animals being mistreated again (at least not that I heard about today), but something else that happened. I should start with the bench. Things were fine with me and Adagio this morning, she smiled that happy smile a few times while we enjoyed a little bag of cotton candy together.

Remembering the look of surprise on Adagio's face when the first bite melted in her mouth helped calm Fluttershy down.

I'm sorry, Diary, I don't mean to worry you, things are... well, I guess I'm a little stressed, but I'll get to why soon.

I think I was right about her liking soft, sweet things, because she really enjoyed the cotton candy! For the first minute or two after a particularly big mouthful, she couldn't stop giggling and got this cute little blush, saying this was the strangest thing we'd ever eaten together! Maybe it was, but I think she enjoyed it at least as much as the orange slices.

Huh. Both kinda vaguely remind me of her hair. Does she ever think about eating h

Fluttershy had to stop writing to repeatedly slap herself across the face, partly to stop where her mind was going, partly in a pat-out-the-fire kind of way.

So, yes, this morning with Adagio went fine, we even talked a little about what her life was like under the sea! That led to talking about the nets hanging around the sirens' house, which she sneakily turned into talking about me wearing fishnets somehow. She really has a way with words...

After that, the day was pretty normal. Classes, practiced the walk, classes, lunch, classes, then Art (Adagio bent over in front of me!! It was only for a second but ohmygoodness!!) and then the upsetting thing happened. I'll try to detail it as best I can...


Walking out of the Art room, Fluttershy felt a pang of worry when she saw Adagio, who had stepped out just before her, standing about ten feet in front of Trixie, who wore her starry hat and cape. Looking at Adagio with a vicious smirk, Trixie spoke loudly.

"Watch and be amazed, students of Canterlot High School, as the Great and Powerful Trrrrixie performs feats of awe and wonder!" She made a few needless gestures before getting on with her trick, the one she'd use to avenge every indignity the head siren had ever inflicted on her.

Tricking me in the Battle of the Bands, humiliating me in public time and time again, that week of detention that I DID NOT deserve because your stupid hair blocked everything from my angle anyway, and always calling me 'Silver'! If you thought that picture was embarrassing, you've got another thing coming, Adagio Dazzle...

Quite a few kids had gathered around in a vague circle surrounding her and her target, so it was time to get started. Lifting off her hat and twirling it by the rim on her fingertip, she chucked it straight up and caught it by the sides, reaching in to pull out a string of handkerchiefs that ended in a frilly, white-trimmed, soft-pink pair of underwear with a cartoon teddy bear on the seat of the pants. Some members of her audience immediately gasped while Adagio just raised an eyebrow.

"Look everyone," Trixie said before anyone could voice their own theories, "Trixie has magically removed the underpants of the leader of the Dazzlings!" She grinned cheekily, holding up the kiddie panties where everyone could see. "And what a childish style she wears..."

Fluttershy, her hands over her mouth as her face went warm, looked at Adagio to find her blushing a little herself, wide-eyed. It felt more likely to her that Trixie had no magic to speak of and had prepared the underwear as part of her trick beforehand. However, the only way for Adagio to prove that she was still wearing her underwear was to show everyone, which would be just as humiliating (in the sense that everyone would, in theory, point and laugh at her) as letting everyone think she wears cute teddy panties! Not wanting to see Adagio getting embarrassed in public again, Fluttershy tried to think of a way to distract the crowd, but the knowledge that they would all be focusing on her after froze her solid.

Little did Fluttershy know that Adagio was all but in her element. Hm. Said it myself, didn't I? "They might even try to take revenge, if they were really pressed..." Thinking about the situation, she smirked. Not bad, Silver, let's see how far you'll go.

Holding her hands to her cheeks, Adagio smiled dreamily, speaking loudly enough that she was sure almost everyone would hear. "Ohh, Silver, I'm glad we can agree what happened the other night was, magical..." She paused just long enough for the crowd to make the right (wrong) connections, "but I never thought it'd lead to you stealing my undergarments when we were done." She stared at Trixie with look of dawning shock, getting one right back. "W-what... What have you been doing with them, exactly..?"

As those gathered turned to Trixie, wide-eyed and whispering to each other, she immediately knew to abort the plan. "N-no, nothing! These aren't really her underwear, or mine, it was just a-"

Internally disappointed to have her fun cut short so soon, Adagio begrudgingly conceded that Trixie was at least smart enough know when to fold, as it were. However, that didn't stop her from putting on a hurt face or working a light tremor into her voice. "Oh, I-I see... You never loved me to begin with, it was just my underwear that drove you wild with lust!"

Trixie raised a hand in protest. "I-I don't-"

Adagio sniffled, turning away. "W-well, I guess if teddy bear panties are your only real love," sniff, "th-then I wish you two the best!" She managed to choke out a sob, covering her eyes with an arm. "Farewell!" And then she ran off making quiet sobbing noises, leaving Trixie alone with the crowd of judging, perplexed, and possibly aroused stares.

The young magician, her trick thoroughly thrown back in her face, could only stand there, mouth agape and her entire body burning with embarrassment before throwing a smoke-bomb and fleeing the area like her heels had caught fire. Which, she would reflect later, might have made for an interesting trick.

The crowd dispersed a minute later, but Fluttershy was now standing perfectly still for very different reasons.


Finishing up her account of Adagio claiming to have spent a night with another girl, Fluttershy was nearly scratching through the paper with the tip of her pencil.

Now half the school must be thinking about her! In her bear-free underwear! I'm so frustrated, I could just throw something through the window!!

Reaching for a random object on her bed, she threw an octopus plushie. It spun through the air like a ninja star before harmlessly thumping against the glass and landing on the floor. Feeling a tinge of guilt, she rushed over to it, picked it up, patted its big, soft head, and quietly apologized for using it as part of her tantrum. Hugging Mr. Cups helped her feel a little better, along with several deep breaths. Pacing back to her bed, she nuzzled the felt octopus once and gently set him down, returning to her diary.

I'm losing my mind, Diary. Everyone must think Trixie is something special to Adagio now, that they had something together, something big enough to make Adagio run away crying when it was broken off! Would she cry like that for me too if No, I know she was acting, that little smirk just before her hurt lover routine was like a billboard to me, but the way everyone was looking at Trixie, I think they really bought it!

Adagio is such a good actress ~<3

I can't believe she did that! Right in front of me! Did she even think about how I would-


Why would she? Why should she? I mean, technically, there's no reason she should, I guess, because we aren't... like what she pretended to be with Trixie. But, she has to know I- doesn't she? I've never said it out loud (but I did say it...), but... was she trying to make me jealous?


Or am I just too full of myself? What if that was just another day to her? How many relationships has she pretended to have just to make someone uncomfortable? I can see her doing that kind of thing, I just wish she'd do it with me! I'm the one that's been talking to her every morning, I'm the one that kisses her (on the cheek) and hugs her (in a non-gropey way, most of the time) and comes to take care of her when she's sick! it should have been me that Adagio was focused on today, and it should have been me that got publicly humiliated!

She dropped her pencil in shock.

"...Oh, dear."

Fluttershy picked up Mr. Cups, hugging him to her chest while trying to think. She was jealous, that much was obvious to her, the idea that anyone but herself should be called Adagio's girlfriend, or anything similar, just didn't feel fair, but neither did getting all possessive and acting like Adagio belonged exclusively to her. In fact, thinking it made her feel a little sour inside, another thing she felt like she should apologize for the next time she saw her favorite siren.

What did I refer to her as some entries ago? 'My' fantasy-world girl?

Nobody had a claim to anybody, and no matter how much it had hurt, Fluttershy wouldn't let herself get hung up on what happened today. But, if she did have a claim to Adagio, if they were... closer... then...? She had always tried to follow Fluttershy's requests, from the original deal of sharing candy in exchange for not being startled, to being herself no matter what, to the new deal of just showing up to talk to her every morning, and she even gave patience a try of her own volition, just to see how it felt... Maybe there was something else Fluttershy could ask for? Because there was one thing she could think of that might make sure she never had to feel this way again, something that would make Adagio hers alone.

She squeezed the plushie extra close.

...Am I in love? Is it supposed to feel this... clingy? I don't think I like this, it hurts, and it scares me, and it might even push her away if I tell her... But I can't not tell her, can I?

Tomorrow. Tomorrow morning, no more waiting, no more games, she would sit down with Adagio and tell her everything. If Adagio pushed her away after that, well...

She'd cry. A lot. Probably for quite a while. Nobody would mind if a corner of the library emitted the sound of ominous weeping for a week or three, right? But still, even that would be better than this tension, this crushing feeling that came with keeping it all to herself. Wanting more and neither going after it nor giving up was unbearable, and after tomorrow, she'd have it or she wouldn't.

She looked down to see her hands shaking, even as they held the plush octopus to her chest. Just the same, she smiled. Wow. I'm so assertive!


Friday morning brought pressure. Fluttershy knew that if she choked today, she wouldn't get another chance until Monday. She also knew that she couldn't wait that long. Sleep hadn't come easily, for similar reasons, but she'd settle for taking a nap when she got home, if necessary. Glancing down at her bookbag, she wasn't confident about today's candy choice, but she needed to restock before next week if she wanted more to choose from.

Adagio likes soft and sweet things, and these are... Well, they're something, at least... Maybe they'll work out anyway?

After what felt like a longer wait than usual, "Trixie's ex-girlfriend" arrived, looking no worse for wear after her "break-up." She sat down, giving Fluttershy a little smile. "Morning, Sweetie."

That smile made it hard to stay jealous. Was that a good thing? "G-good morning... Uhm-" Come on, no more waiting, remember? Say it. "I, I-I, uh, about y-yesterday...?"

Adagio gave her a wry grin. "You're about to tell me that vanishing fluff was made from your pink friend's hair?"

Fluttershy sputtered, bursting into gigglefits. "N-no-ho!" The injection of levity did more for Fluttershy's nerves than she would have guessed.

"Not it? Hmm... Life's too short for twenty questions, so I'll just use one; what did you want to ask?"


Blink. "What?"

And like that, Fluttershy was in full-on nervous babble mode. "Ijustwannaknowbecausethewayyouactedyesterday-"

"S-Sweetie, slow down-"


Adagio's fuzzy heart-vice squeezed with a vengeance when she saw the tinge of hurt on Fluttershy's face. "Sweetie?"




"Please, calm d-"


With a hint of deja vu for the day after the squirrel incident, and a few times since, Adagio grabbed Fluttershy in a hug, which only reduced her high-speed meandering to a low, pitiful sobbing.

I must have done something really wrong to make her get like this... What was that about Trixie?

She didn't ask, just gently holding Fluttershy and patting her back. She couldn't remember if that was a feasible cure for the cries or the hiccups, but anything was worth trying.

Sniffling, Fluttershy eventually reigned in her feelings and steadied her breathing for the clearest enunciation she could manage. "I'm sorry."

Not having let go yet, Adagio sounded perplexed. "You're certain you're the one that needs to apologize for something? Because I remember something like this before."

Smiling just a little, Fluttershy nodded. "Well, I might be a little upset, but I don't think it's your fault."

There was an audible grin. "Then I'm going to assume the same of your alleged offense until shown otherwise."

Fluttershy giggled. She really has a thing for the Golden Rule, doesn't she? Or at least some version of it, in terms of her teasing victims. As much as she would have liked to stay where she was, in Adagio's arms and breathing the sweet scent of mangoes, the thought brought her back down. She gently pulled away, frowning. "I'm jealous."

Now was a bad time to adore Adagio's perplexed face. "Of what?" She seemed to remember something, working a bit of haughtiness into her tone. "I mean, I know there's a lot about me to admire, but what-"


Once again, Fluttershy was giving her a hard-to-place look, somewhere between sad, faintly irritated, and worried.

Such expressive eyes...

Connecting the dots as best she could, Adagio made a guess while scratching her head. "Y-you, you want a pair of my underwear instead?"

And once again, Fluttershy lit up like molten iron. "WHAT?!"

"Because those weren't really mine, you know, teddies aren't my style." She glanced downward at herself. "But, I guess if you really-"

"No!" Fluttershy couldn't wave her arms in an 'X' pattern fast enough. "Nononononono, th-that's not even, I-I don't-" And then she was thinking it, which made her slap both hands over her face. "Oh my goodness...!"

Adagio had a feeling hugging her again wouldn't go over so well right now. Gentle Tone to the rescue! "Sorry, bad guess, as usual. Can you tell me what's the matter?" It was really for the best that she'd picked up this patience thing, because the old her might have snapped at Fluttershy for faster responses a dozen times by now.

About a minute and a half of borderline hyperventilation later, Fluttershy let her hands fall away from her face to look Adagio directly in the eye. "I'm... I'm j-jealous of Trixie, that she got your attention, that sh-she was, I mean, that everyone thinks she's your, a-and I'm just, no one even knows I-" Now was a really bad time for a lump in her throat, but she pressed on, tears welling in her eyes again. "I, I just, I can't..."

And here you are. Choking again. How has she even tolerated you this lo-

She was startled by Adagio putting a hand on her shoulder, her expression soft and worried. "Tell me what you want me to do, Sweetie. Say there's nothing between Trixie and me? There really isn't, beyond my usual antics. Does that bother you?"

Holding her arms close to her chest, Fluttershy sniffled as the guilt of her thoughts bled onto her tongue. "Yes!!"

Adagio glanced away thoughtfully. "Trixie is a friend of yours? I wouldn't have guessed."

"N-no, but, i-it's not a matter of who you tease, it's, m-more like..." She gulped, but Adagio just waited for her to voice her thoughts. The memories of all the little things Adagio had done since they met to show she cared spurred Fluttershy on. She took a deep breath, said a silent prayer, and spoke. "I, I have a req-no, I should explain first, um... Y-you know how you, uh, go around and mess with people for fun?" There was a nod, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Well, I-I know you only do it to those you think have earned it, for one reason or another, but, a-and I know this is ridiculous to even ask, b-but, I want-I would like, if it's okay with you, um, t-to," her throat was locking up, her mouth getting painfully dry, and of course she was burning alive as she started having fifth thoughts about this request, but Adagio kept that tender you-can-tell-me-anything look, "c-c-could you, i-if it's not too much to ask," she gulped, "not tease anyone but me?"

Adagio, ever the predator, couldn't help herself as she formed just a little smirk and held a hand to her ear. "I'm sorry, what was that? It sounded like you said-"

"I did!"

Startled a little by the sudden reply, Adagio giggled in surprise. "Well, now! I have plenty of love to go around, Sweetie," part of her felt guilty for teasing Fluttershy at a time like this, but she didn't know how else to respond, her eyes half-lidded, "but if you want it all for yourse-"

"I do!"

She blinked twice. Fluttershy was looking at her with fear and apprehension clear in her face (along with excess blood), but beneath it, resolve. Adagio gave her an almost apologetic smile. "No, no, I'm saying I would agree to pestering you and you alone. Daily. All of my vicious energy-" she reached out to lightly tickle Fluttershy for emphasis, eliciting only a slight, twitchy-mouthed shiver, "-would be used on just you from now on. Are you sure you could take that, day-in, day-out?"

There was no hint of doubt in Fluttershy's face, which Adagio found a little unsettling. "Yes. Please let me be the only one you tease from now on."

Her mouth opening and closing once, Adagio really started to look worried. "Sweetie, do you remember what I did to Trixie? That wasn't premeditated, wasn't planned, and I have nothing against her, I did it because I could, just for kicks." Hamming up her broken-heart routine for the short remainder of the day had been pretty funny too. "Now, I'd try my best to keep things private, like we've been doing, but if you're my only target, I can't guarentee-"

Fluttershy grabbed both of Adagio's hands in her own, looking her straight in the eye. "Adagio, I don't care if you do tease me in public, I don't care if the whole school finds out and mocks me worse than you ever have, because if it means I can have you all to myself, you can do anything you want to me!"

Adagio's mouth hung open for a second. She stared at Fluttershy, still holding her hands, in wide-eyed disbelief. "A-anything?"

She got a nod. A nod, which usually meant, 'Yes, yes I agree to those terms and conditions.'

The siren's grin was as maniacal as it was nervous. "D-do you understand what you're asking? There'd be no mercy, you know, I'd take full advantage of your offer, it might even be more than you can endure. You of all people must know by now that I'm too much for some folks, do you really want that all directed at you?"

Despite a bright blush, Fluttershy smiled and gave her hands a little squeeze. "I do."

There must have been some kind of secret button Fluttershy just triggered, because Adagio's heart started pounding like it was about to burst from her chest. "I... I-I..." Is it hot out here? I can feel myself sweating... Fluttershy's gaze held her, begging for an answer. Well... If she's really sure about this... Hesitantly, Adagio smiled. "Alright. I'll do it."

Squealing with joy, Fluttershy pulled Adagio into a tight hug. "Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!"

As much as she wanted to say something sly in that moment, Adagio was giggling too hard for anything of the sort. Instead, she hugged back, quietly enjoying the fruits of her hugging mastery.

"I know it's selfish of me to ask," Fluttershy eventually whispered, "but, like you said, if you want to be happy, you have to be at least a little selfish, right?"

Pulling back enough to look her in the eye, Adagio beamed. "You were actually paying attention, weren't you?! That's so rare in people I share my philosophies with!" Such people were pretty rare to start. Regardless, the big, happy smile became a malevolent smirk. "I'll corrupt you yet, Sweetie!"

Fluttershy giggled at what she interpreted to be a villainous sense of humor. "It's true, though. And, you've always listened to me whenever I offered my own points of view, so it's only fair that I give you the sa-"

Adagio leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

For a split-second, Fluttershy's vision went white, the sensation of Adagio's yellow, make-up-free lips against hers twisting her brain into knots of joy and fireworks. That the contact was only for a few short, wonderful seconds meant she came down right after to find her face was on fire again. And so was Adagio's.

The suddenly-smoochy siren smiled somewhat sheepishly. "Well, you said I could do anything I wanted, and it feels like I've been wanting to do that for, months, at least! I hope it wasn't too much for y-"

Fluttershy launched herself forward, wrapping her arms around Adagio and eliciting a startled shriek as she pulled her into their second direct, unambiguous, no-candy kiss. Adagio didn't resist, closing her eyes and melting into the embrace just as much by gently brushing her hands across Fluttershy's back. Little did she know that this would only push Fluttershy further into her frenzy as long-repressed feelings boiled over and spilled out in the form an increasingly aggressive lip-lock. Her vision blurring badly, be it from tears of joy or some kind of animal instinct, Fluttershy closed her eyes too and pushed harder into the kiss, leaning into Adagio until she accidentally pushed her onto her back, practically lying on top of her as the two partly nestled in Adagio's poofy hair.

After about another minute of that, both were reminded by protesting lungs that they needed air to live and stopped for several, gasping breaths as Fluttershy held herself up as though doing a push-up on the bench with Adagio directly beneath her.

Adagio, face flushed and practically panting, managed a pleased smirk. "Like it... like it rough, hm? Y-you know... all you had... h-had to do was ask."

Fluttershy, glowing almost bright enough to shine a red light on the girl under her, couldn't do words right now. Instead, she offered a sheepish smile before lowering herself enough to steal her third kiss from a very happily-accepting pair of lips. Awareness that they were out in the open reluctantly creeping back in, Fluttershy returned to her sitting position, a sense of guilt and shame starting to kick in. "Uhm, s-sor-"

"Haha, Sweetie?" Adagio sat up with a predatory gleam in her eyes. "Remember what I said about apologizing for the wrong things?"

The mix of sudden, chilling terror with her burning euphoria just kind of brought Fluttershy back to normal temperature. "I, er, uh... I'm, not sorry? At all?" Adagio raised an eyebrow at her. "AndImightevendoitagain!!"

Chuckling, Adagio nodded approvingly. "Good girl." Then she stood up, not entirely sure she trusted herself with her new-found power. "I won't go exposing our time together right away," she said with a smirk that sent shivers up Fluttershy's spine, "but, well..." She winked, adding a light shake of her hips to punctuate the next statement. "Let's just say you'll be seeing a bit more of me during the day. Take care, Sweetie!"

Feeling her skin tingle as Adagio walked away, laughing evilly, Fluttershy tried not to think too hard about the possible interpretations of 'seeing more' of her. Part of it was fear that she'd be thinking bad thoughts when class started, part of it was that she was more concerned with something that was definitely going to distract her through today anyway;

We can kiss now... On the lips!!

It felt like some kind of great, golden treasure chest had been opened, or a seal had been broken, or a curse dispelled, or whatever the locking procedure for the floodgates of happiness was. Touching a hand to her mouth, she savored her recent memories and looked forward to making new ones. She stared in the direction Adagio had gone with a longing look and smiled almost regretfully.

I really must be selfish, because even though I just got everything I wanted, now I want even more...

Sitting in the dimly-lit library, Adagio chuckled to herself.

I was right; being pounced on is exciting!

Author's Note:

Alternate title; Pink, Fluffy, Houdini Clouds

Finally it happens! Hope it was worth the wait. Now for a few simpler, fluffier chapters, I think. :derpytongue2:

If this whole chapter feels rushed, it's because I didn't want to risk yet another 10,000 words or so before finally getting to that darn kiss! Enough is enough. Seriously, this was getting ridiculous. >.<

Also; Don't feel too bad for poor Trixie here, her part in the story isn't quite done. :raritywink:

Yes, I am thinking about having Adagio do a Mr. Snow-Miser parody at some point, but she'd be a little hard-pressed to do it any time soon.

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