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Sucker for a Cute Face - Eyeswirl the Weirded

Adagio finds Fluttershy alone one morning, and many to follow.

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Chapter 48: Chocolate Cold-Sauce Kisses

When Fluttershy had finally recovered from her fantasy of the vigilante thoroughly apprehending the pink-haired felon on charges of indecent exposure daydream, her mother had nearly sent her back into it by telling her she was heading out for a while to meet with some friends. Therefore leaving her alone. With Adagio. In the safety and comfort of her own home. No one else around.

Fluttershy managed to reign herself in this time by remembering that this night was supposed to be a nice, calm, relaxing, welcoming one for Adagio, not a frantic chase through the city streets after a half-naked-


In her room, she changed into her pajamas; a slightly baggy, leopard-patterned, long-sleeved shirt and pants, complete with a little tail and a hood with little ears. Her usual nightgown, while nice, was strictly out of the question when guests were over. Even Adagio. Was she changed yet? Fluttershy went to the living room (Adagio, as usual, had much fewer reservations about privacy when disrobing) to get her answer, freezing when she caught sight of two bare legs as Adagio pulled up the pants of the purple, silk pajamas she'd been wearing when she was sick.

The question of whether it was a really good or really bad thing that Adagio had her hair down at the time and, having approached from behind, Fluttershy couldn't see clearly through those long, wild curls when Adagio's pants were still down was one that would later be answered over several pages of her diary.

When she noticed Fluttershy standing there, gawking, Adagio's reaction was a smirk until she took in the sight of her leopard-patterned PJ's, at which point she held a hand to her widely-grinning mouth. "Leopard-print?! Ooh, la-la~!" When Her Sweetie took up a delightfully flustered stance, complete with pulling the hood a little lower to hide that precious little face, Adagio stepped closer, chuckling as she lifted Fluttershy's chin to force eye-contact. "Don't fret, Sweetie, it's very cute on you."

"Haha, th-thanks." And then she noticed something sticking out of Adagio's hair. "Um... you brought Mr. Cups?"

Adagio's mouth made a little 'o' shape. "W-well," she said with a little blush as she reached back to pull him out, "even if he doesn't seem to help me sleep, I felt weird about leaving him alone for the night."

I really wish I could show moments like these to everyone at school, Fluttershy thought to herself as she grinned ear-to-ear, because if they could all see her cute side, I'm sure no one would hate the three of them ever again!


There were still no hammocks, but the two sat together on the especially soft and cozy couch to enjoy some snacks and watch videos through a phone. It was no surprise to Adagio that the whole of Fluttershy's Recommended column on the site consisted of fuzzy critters doing cute, silly things. In the process of watching things on the tiny screen, Fluttershy hadn't even realized how physically close they had gotten, huddling together without any teasing or inappropriate touching at all! Then her eyes drifted downward.

Adagio was not wearing a bra. With the way the silk rested on her skin, there was no mistaking it.

...Is she wearing panti-

Feeling the prickly blush working its way across her cheeks again, Fluttershy focused on Adagio's adorable giggles as a kitten wearing a little party hat batted at the hanging string of a balloon onscreen. When it ended, she turned to Fluttershy with a smile.

"So, this is the rumored sleepover? All we have to do is watch cat videos on a couch in bedclothes?"

"W-well, not exactly, but most sleepover activities are a lot more fun when there are more than two people, l-like, um," she considered it a monument to her own boldness that she could even imply the existence of this game to Adagio, "t-truth or dare...?" To her surprise, there wasn't a wolfish grin, a sadistic twinkle in her eyes, or even an inquisitive stare for this. Instead, Adagio just made a drained, almost sad kind of expression and sighed.

"I'm... I'm not allowed to play that game anymore, Sweetie." The look of wide-eyed surprise helped her smile a little. "The three of us played it amongst ourselves once, and the outcome was that I'm not allowed to anymore. No exceptions. It was a pact sealed with what we could manage for a Coltlantian binding ritual previously used to close the most hazardous oceanic trenches and lock away horrors best left forgotten." She giggled as Fluttershy's surprise slowly shifted to utterly bewildered shock. "The trade-off (partly because they wanted to be fair to me and partly because the ritual traditionally calls for a sacrifice) is that Sonata isn't allowed to keep sweets all to herself (there was a concern about her growing waistline at the time, resolved since our personal gym was finished) and Aria isn't allowed to touch fireworks unsupervised." She nearly cackled at Fluttershy's 'Wat.' face, but didn't want to risk her thinking this was all a joke. "It was for the best for all three of us, I think."

Dark woods. All the way to the deepest depths of the dark woods at the back of her mind. That was where those thoughts would stay. "O-okay then... Another activity is board games, but most of those aren't much fun with just two people. Oh! We can just talk, that's a normal thing too! Has anything interesting happened for you lately?"

"Actually, yes," Adagio answered with a smile. "You know how I've been holding doors for people?"


"Yesterday, someone actually held a door for me! And I'm sure that was it, because no one else was going through it at the time!"

Fluttershy gasped, then beamed with delight. "That's wonderful!"

"Isn't it?! They didn't stick around when I smiled and thanked them, but still!"

The two hugged, giggling with glee about the message of patience getting around.


When the giddiness wore off, other topics were explored.

"You were never jealous of her talking dog?"

"Oh, not at all. In fact, I think the lack of speech, the understanding I usually have with animals, is part of what makes those connections special. Besides, he told us he was actually a dragon, and those have always been kinda scary to me."



"So you do own high heels!"


"What would it take for you to wear them to school, I wonder? Completely on your own whim?"

"Um... w-well, I'd usually think about wearing them to a dance or something, even if I was only going with friends, b-but I, it wasn't..." Fluttersigh. "I always chickened out."

"I see. And, now?"


"If there were a dance, ball, or something at the school that called for a more elegant wardrobe, would you wear them now? Sultry walk and all?"



"...W-would you go with me?"

Adagio frowned. "Could I?"

Fluttershy's mouth opened, closed, opened, and closed again. "...I-I could handle it, y'know. I think."

It wasn't exactly said with confidence, but Adagio wasn't about to point that out. Instead, she smiled in sympathy, patting Fluttershy's shoulder. "I'm sure you could, but we still don't want that kind of attention. At least not yet." She sealed the sentiment with a kiss to her forehead, drawing a precious, rosy-cheeked little grin.


"Is there a kind of animal that you don't like, Sweetie?"



"I like their little bioluminescent bulbs, even if they would probably bite me if I tried to touch them."


"Oh, bats are little angels! And some of them are so fuzzy!"


"I wouldn't try to hug one, but they're still beautiful in their own way."


"I know it seems like they're aggressive for no reason sometimes, but they're predators. If they were hesitant or sluggish in going after smaller bugs, like mosquitoes, the world might be overrun with 'pest' insects, which would be a much bigger problem."


At this, Fluttershy flinched. "W-well... I don't hate them, but I guess if I were being completely honest, I don't like them either." She was grateful that Adagio didn't say anything like 'Ha, I knew you weren't perfect!' or something like that, as though not loving all living things equally made her some kind of fake, or meant she must have wished all the animals she didn't love were dead or something. Instead, Adagio gave her an understanding nod. Still... "Um... I-I'm a little surprised you didn't mention spiders."

Adagio's brows furrowed. "Spiders are adorable."

Not that Fluttershy wanted to try, but the finality of her tone left no room for argument.


"You used to eat meat? Really?"

"I wasn't always like I am today. Was anyone?"

"I suppose not. Was it at all difficult making that change?"

"Um... Well, while I could never willingly eat a piggy now, I do miss bacon sometimes." Adagio rolled her eyes, earning an inquisitive head-tilt.

"Sorry, for all I hear people go on about the stuff, I don't really see the appeal. Even if getting greasy fingers (couldn't pick the stuff up with a fork without breaking it into more pieces) didn't put me off, the flavor just isn't anything special. It's overrated, if you ask me."

"I-I guess that's one way to think of it... So, d-does that mean-"

"That you won't have to worry about my diet in the long run?"

Her answer came fast. "Iwouldneverwanttocontrolyoulike-" She was silenced with a finger pressed to her lips.

"Shh. There are dishes with meat that I like, but I don't mind keeping such meals to a minimum. Truth be told-" she shot Fluttershy a hungry smirk, "-there's really only one kind of meat that strikes my fancy."

"Huh? What kind would tha-" She got it, her jaw dropping as she practically pre-cooked herself from within. Her face only grew warmer as Adagio cackled with wicked glee.


"Was it really that surprising?"

"Oh, definitely! I've known Angel since he was a teeny, tiny little thing, and he never let my mother hold him without at least squirming a little, no matter how much I pleaded, coerced, begged, or bargained."

Adagio chuckled. "Well, that might be it right there. My method has always been less about 'pretty please' and more-" She grabbed Fluttershy by her shirt, her eyes shining with an unplaceable luster and her tone dangerously forceful as she spoke in one breathy growl. "Obey me." Fluttershy stared back at her, slack-jawed and wide-eyed, barely even breathing. Adagio's own expression quickly shifted to a worried, apologetic one. "S-Sweetie? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that, I thought it might be too much, but, it s-seemed like-"

"N-no, no," Fluttershy said with a shaky smile and a growing blush, "I'm okay, really, just... um, th-thank you for the demonstration, c-could you excuse me for just a second?"

Nodding, Adagio let her go, watching in silence as she left the room.

She's not running from me. She just got a little overwhelmed and needs a second to clear her head. Just like any time she's said 'squirrel.' She's not running from me. It's not remotely the same thing.


Popping into her room, Fluttershy made a quick journal entry.

♥♥♥OH! FREAKING! MY!! ♥♥♥


When Fluttershy came back, Adagio's happy little smile was just a little bit cuter than usual.


"Y-yes, thank you." She sat down beside Adagio again. "So, um... Are you comfortable?"

"I think so. Is it time for the sleeping part? Where should I-"

"My lap."

There came a loud, heavy pause.

"...Come again, Sweetie?"

"M-my lap," Fluttershy stammered as her face heated up, "I was tink-th-thinking you could sleep with your head on my lap, b-because I s-slept on, w-well, it was more like just lying on and cuddling against your ch-chest, s-so, um-" The vicious smirk stopped her cold.

"Are you sure you don't want to rest your head on my lap? It's every bit as-" she shuffled her thighs in tantalizingly slow fashion, "-warm and soft as I'm sure you remember."

She did want that. She wanted that badly. However, the yellow make-up faintly visible under Adagio's eyes reminded her of what she wanted even more; to be the one doing the comforting, because she knew Adagio was the one that needed someone to coddle her! "N-no," she said with more conviction than she'd have expected out of herself, "I'd really like for you to rest on my lap, s-so, if it's okay with you, I'll lean back on the couch, you get comfortable, and I won't let any bad dreams get to you!"

Snorting, Adagio giggled for several seconds. It was just such an adorably Fluttershy thing to say that she ruffled her hair (or, the hood and cute little ears attached, at least), but even as the cuddly cutie smiled back at her, she gestured to her lap. Fluttershy was serious about this.


The reason, she suspected, was that doing such a thing was a show of vulnerability and trust, something she'd really have to feel safe and welcomed to pull off. It wasn't like she'd be tied up and blindfolded, but it was something she doubted she'd ever do even with Aria or Sonata. Once more, her pride protested at the idea of lowering her defenses by doing this, but...

Well, how many times had Fluttershy passed up golden opportunities for revenge? Adagio would be safe with her. Nothing would happen. She knew that, but her heartbeat picked up regardless as she hugged Mr. Cups to her chest and very slowly shifted herself into place, as though her body were resisting itself. When her head came to rest against Fluttershy's leg, she felt the muscle beneath her tense as Fluttershy let out a quiet gasp. The sound made her smile, but she still couldn't help feeling a little exposed in this position.

Come on. It's just like when you cozied up together in the library.

I kind of dozed off by accident back then.

So doze off again! She won't hurt you, you know she won't hurt you, won't even take advantage of the situation to feel you up, so there's nothing to worry about here!

She knew that, but her body was a little slower on the uptake. Even so, she dared cuddle a little closer to Fluttershy, resting a hand on one leg to get comfortable. This was how she determined that Fluttershy wasn't 100% unaffected by this either, so they at least had that silent solidarity going.

Struggling to keep her breathing normal, Fluttershy assessed the situation as calmly as possible.

Hand on my thigh... handonmythigh!! And also her head!

Save it for the diary! She needs you right now, so think warm and welcoming, not hot and heavy!

Thinking warm was easy when she focused on Adagio's hair bunched up by her stomach. She was sure that if she'd been wearing something thinner than her leopard PJ's, she could have felt at least a few stray tufts tickling her chest. Still, it wasn't hard to feel through her pants (in a completely chaste way!!) how tense Adagio still was, so she opted to try reaching through her hair to administer slow, delicate back-rubs. Adagio made a little noise and tightened up further for just a second, but softened a little over the next few minutes.

Fluttershy whispered. "Is this uncomfortable for you?"

"N-no, but... well, a little, b-because..." Fluttershy hadn't burned her in sharing personal matters yet, either. Just the same, she felt herself blush. "I've, c-c-cuddled with people before, Sweetie, and even if it was only rarely, I was always the big spoon, so to speak, always felt like I was in control. So, th-this-"

"Must be just a little scary for you," she said sympathetically, "like singing for the first time in months, even very quietly?" It was because Adagio's face was pressed against her thigh at the time that Adagio's affirmative nod made her shiver.

"...I spent most of my life in complete control of my situation. If I couldn't get what I wanted with words, I could use guile, or even well-applied force, and when we left Coltlantis, there were even fewer moments where I couldn't enforce my will right away. I've been used to always being able to get what I was after, to always having something I could do when something was in my way." Her voice dropped to a whisper. "And, I think, ever since the Battle, it's been like I have no control at all. There's nothing I can do about our situation, because everything I knew before; magic, manipulation, or even very well-worded arguments (which I guess could be construed as manipulation again), won't win us any friends here. It's like, we're just as helpless with this as with the loss of the gems." There was a note of bitterness in her tone as she went on. "Whether or not we can actually get along with these people normally, get to openly enjoy with them what we have with some of you, isn't up to us, but the whims of those around us. When I think about that, I'm... scared."

Fluttershy was still gently rubbing her back. "Do you think about it often?"

Adagio hugged Mr. Cups a little tighter to her chest, the realization hitting her just as she said it. "Every night. Same with everything else that's been bothering me. Consciously, I know that dwelling like this doesn't do me any good, but lying in bed, I can't help thinking about these things, staring at my ceiling fan as I ponder a hundred ways I could fix any one of our problems, all of which we've either tried already, or are guaranteed to make things worse in the long run. Until the Battle, that was how I lived; always chasing the next target, overcoming the next obstacle, claiming the next prize. Now? Brick walls in every direction, with nothing I can do but hurl myself at them again and again until I drop. That's... that's probably why I can't sleep, isn't it?"

"You've been under a lot of stress," she answered without ceasing her back-rubs, "everyone has things they worry about. But, you can't keep those worries on your mind all the time."

"...I used to outline my plans while lying in bed," she muttered, "go over assets at my disposal, consider what I could use to my advantage, hazards to avoid, tasks to which Ria and Nata would be best suited, everything I would do the next day, barring whatever I came up with on the fly. I suppose, even now, I still default to that, but, lacking any meaningful direction for those thoughts, I'm only hurting myself."

"Mm... Maybe not." Adagio turned her head enough to show the perplexed look in her eyes in addition to a little frown. "I mean, maybe you could do what you've been doing, but with a different spin on it? Like, what nice things you might do or say the next day, whether anyone even notices or not, things you and any friends you already have might do together, or even reflect on happy memories from that same day. Anything that makes you happy."

"Progress used to make me happy."

For fear of making Adagio even faintly suspect that she was laughing at her, Fluttershy kept herself from giggling. "I'm afraid that part may have to come on it's own."

"Just need to be patient... Happier thoughts, hm? Well," she drew a circle on Fluttershy's thigh with a fingertip, smirking a little at the shiver she felt it draw, "I certainly have a wide selection of those, thanks to you. And Sunset, I suppose. And, Hell," she said with a genuine smile, "even Ria and Nata before we came to this world. We weren't like your friends, but we couldn't have stuck together if we'd never gotten along."

Could it be that simple? Think happy thoughts? She couldn't remember where her mind had gone when she was sick in bed with a singing nurse or cuddled up in the library just before school, but she didn't recall anything like her usual train of thought. If nothing else, it was worth trying. Not sure where to start, she thought back to the day she 'met' Fluttershy for the first time on the bench, the first time she saw that adorably flustered little face when she stuck the sucker back in her mouth, fast-forwarding through a Greatest Hits track of reactions she'd gotten, from Fluttershy and others.

Fluttershy, for her part, reminisced a little herself, thinking back to the very first time she saw the sirens, heard their lovely (if evilly-applied) voices, saw those swinging hips, and had some slightly strange thoughts about Adagio for the first time, moving up to how she'd felt the first time her attention was on Fluttershy alone. How she'd secretly enjoyed their first interaction. How she'd simultaneously feared and hoped Adagio might come by again. How she'd shared the candy cane the next time they met just to get Adagio's attention on her again, to get another not-quite kiss from a beautiful girl, to keep seeing the expressions she'd never seen Adagio show before. The memories would have made her all warm and fuzzy even without her leopard PJ's, let alone the sound of Adagio's purr-snore coming from her lap.

She blinked, leaning over to check.

"Rrrrr... zz-zz-zz... Rrrrr... zz-zz-zz..."

Grinning ear-to-ear, it was all Fluttershy could do not to sweep up the dozing cutie and ruin everything on the spot by waking her with frantic, joyous hugs. Instead, she settled for light, chaste petting, leaning back into the couch cushions and listening to the sound as it lulled her to sleep


When the sun rose, more cuddling followed before two got up for breakfast. The sounds of distant snoring meant it would be a peaceful meal between the two of them in which pleasant conversation was had, thankful sentiments were offered by a well-rested siren, and teasing was kept to a minimum.

...Until Fluttershy was tricked into practically begging for it. The brightest blush came from sentiments of wanting such a thing even with risk of her mother hearing.

As much as they were enjoying their quiet morning together, a few frantic texts from Sonata (and one from Aria, worded as though she were just tired of being 'stuck' with Sonata by herself) reminded Adagio that someone was waiting for her back home. Finding it incredibly sweet, Fluttershy didn't keep her, looking forward to their time on the bench tomorrow. A little after Adagio had left (but not before flustering Fluttershy with the sentiment that "I'll think of you in bed!"), Fluttershy got a few inquiring texts herself, her own friends wanting to know how things had gone.

Through considerable effort, she managed to reply to each one without saying anything that might be taken out of context.


Monday morning, the ride to school had been... less intense than Fluttershy had anticipated. Her mother didn't pry, didn't offer advice or make mortifying comments, but her bright, happy smile on the way had made things just the tiniest bit awkward. The 'Go get her, Tiger!' when she dropped her off was the only thing that made Fluttershy seize up and turn red for a moment.

She waited a little longer than usual at the bench, but when Adagio showed up (wearing the outfit with the ruffly skirt they'd picked up at the mall), she actually flipped over Fluttershy's head with a handspring using the back of the bench, whirling around to face her, bend forward, then grab and pull her into a kiss that quickly turned into many quick, energetic kisses all over Fluttershy's face. The recipient giggled and blushed furiously, but managed to stammer out "It's n-nice to see you t-too, Adagio!"


Fluttershy was still smiling. "W-what?"

Adagio beamed.


"O-okay, um," Fluttershy gently seized Adagio's wrist to pull her down to the bench, which transitioned to pulling her in for a hug, "why don't we just... calm down a little?"

Nodding, Adagio couldn't help keeping her legs below the knee swinging in the air like an excitable grade-schooler, blushing a little at her hampered self-control. She gave her giggling girlfriend a sheepish smile. "I-I'm sure this'll wear off eventually."

"So, you tried thinking positive in your own bed? And it worked?" She was still wearing the dark eyeliner, but it wasn't like Fluttershy had expected the bags under her eyes to disappear after just a night or two.

Nodding again, quick and lively enough to draw more giggles from Fluttershy, Adagio smiled. "Slept like a Sonata! I say that because she can practically just roll over and sleep anywhere. I asked, but she didn't know how, and trying to figure it out just made her flop down on the spot. I was annoyed about that at the time, but instead of taking it out on her, I left her alone with Aria. I don't know what happened after that, but yes, I was asleep within half an hour last night!" She beamed again. "New record!"

With more giggles borne of Adagio's infectious cheer, Fluttershy leaned against her as they sat on the bench together. "...So, they're not all that different from mints, but have I ever given you peppermint patties?"


Cool, chocolaty, minty-flavored kisses had Fluttershy in a light haze all the way through first period, but it was while walking through the halls in a dream-like trance that Rarity snapped her out of it by grabbing her by the shoulders.

"-arling, listen to me!!"

Fluttershy blinked, immediately feeling a pang of worry at the urgent, almost panicked look on her face. "R-Rarity? Why are we whispering?"

"Haven't you seen it yet?! There was a-" The warning bell rang, and knowing that she couldn't possibly get the word out to all of her friends and convince them to skip a class with her in time, Rarity let out an agonized groan. "You have to check your MyStable page, soon!"

Blinking slowly as Rarity hurried off to class, Fluttershy drew a blank for what she could have meant.

MyStable? What's that got to do with anything...?

She didn't know, but on her way to second period, she did notice a few people looking at her and whispering to each other.


Having learned her lesson from answering Adagio's text in class, Fluttershy waited until after second period to find somewhere private to check her phone, feeling her knees wobble under the many stares that were directed at her on the way. The library was open, but not populated enough that she couldn't duck behind a shelf in one of the back rows. When she got to her MyStable page, she had dozens of new comments. Scrolling down, she froze solid, feeling as though her entire body had turned to ice.

Posted anonymously on her page were three new images.

One of her sitting with Adagio on the bench, smiling and talking together.

One of Adagio standing outside Fluttershy's house in the outfit she wore Saturday evening.

And one from just this morning, when Fluttershy was sitting on Adagio's lap, held in her arms as they shared a long, chocolate-mint-flavored kiss.

"Oh... my..."

Author's Note:

I don't like ending chapters on cliffhangers, but my This Is A Good Place To Stop senses were setting off fireworks in the house.

On that note, the incredibly busy and unpleasant period is giving way for now, as may be evidenced by me publishing things! I don't know how soon it'll be, but join us next time to see how most of the school responds to those pictures! :pinkiehappy:

Since I know some of you are thinking it: Remember that fearing spiders is, apparently, a primordial human thing, even if not everyone feels it, and the sirens grew up under the sea of Equestria, where things far more horrifying than any arachnid that ever existed were known to dwell.

...And, on the off chance at least one or two of you are thinking it, the bacon thing was partly because sometimes I have to remind myself that there is no Sundagio in this story, and having her be the one that liked bacon would cloud that a little in my mind. :twilightoops:

Onomatopoeia for purring is probably 'purr', but it just didn't sound right for what I was doing here.

For those that don't remember or never heard it 'MyStable' was the social network given in the EQG Holiday Special, a play on 'MySpace.' For those that don't remember or never heard it, 'MySpace' was pretty much Facebook before Facebook existed. Feel old yet? :pinkiesmile:

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