• Published 3rd Mar 2015
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Sucker for a Cute Face - Eyeswirl the Weirded

Adagio finds Fluttershy alone one morning, and many to follow.

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Chapter 35: Cherries, Salad, and Dark Fiber

When they returned, it was back to business; getting an idea of what looked cute on Adagio without making her want to retreat into her own hair. Lace and frills were generally excluded from this search, but Fluttershy convinced her to make an exception for an outfit built similarly to 'The Abomination,' but with much more restrained use of bows and ruffles. The black miniskirt and corset over a white, puffy-shouldered shirt looked pretty dignified on their own, even with the long ribbon tied into a bow over the behind, but the neon, hot-pink trims and bright red stockings gave it enough color to look almost friendly and a little flirtatious. Then Fluttershy was reminded that Adagio was wearing it as the older girl sat on one of the benches just outside the changing area.

"So," Adagio said with her usual smirk, folding one leg over the other, "what drew your eyes to this one, Sweetie? I mean, I definitely appreciate your choice, but one wonders..."

Feeling just a little too warm, Fluttershy couldn't decide whether it was better to keep her hat on to hide her face, or remove it in the hopes of cooling off a little while giving Adagio a full view of the damage. Does that rile her up even more? I don't think I've ever tested whether or not that makes a difference, but Sonata once said it was like blood in the water... "It, uhm, i-it looked... cute...?"

Studying the tip of her shiny, black shoe, Adagio chuckled. "I suppose it is, but I was thinking in more... specific terms." She started bobbing the foot of the leg she'd folded over the other one, a motion she found Fluttershy following closely. "I really like the stockings, this lovely, vibrant color is sure to draw some attention, wouldn't you say?" She grinned wider as Fluttershy's eyes snapped upward, her guilty little face starting to take the same hues as the long socks that now coated Adagio's legs. "Your pick here," she said while slowly sliding one leg across the other, "is especially interesting."

Fluttershy could only brace for impact. "Wh-why is that?"



"Bright red. Cherry red..."

It took a second for the full meaning to sink in, but when it did, Fluttershy slapped both hands over her mouth while making a particularly high squeak. This drew a triumphant laugh from her leggy tormentor.

"Oh, look, we match!" Even as she giggled, Adagio couldn't help feeling just a little guilty for flustering her like this again so soon. She stood up, paced over to the trembling, sputtering girl, and wrapped her in a hug. "Sorry," she whispered, "the safeword is still squirrel if you need it."

Gently returning the hug, Fluttershy smiled even as she remained flushed. "I-it's okay, but... thank you."

"No problem."

Well, small problem. Is she just not using it, or am I not pushing her as hard as I think? Idea.

"And," she said with an audible smirk, brushing one of her legs against Fluttershy's, "if I'm right about these stockings, just let me know when you want a lick."


The two sat together on the bench as Adagio gently fanned Fluttershy with her own hat, the human stop sign in a sundress dozily leaning on her shoulder. Steam was still rising from her head following the short meltdown, but that there still hadn't been a peep of the safeword left Adagio to guess that maybe Fluttershy was just a glutton for punishment. The idea filled her prospects for the future with awe and wonder, but for now, fanning it was.

Slowly regaining the ability to form intelligible thoughts, Fluttershy lay in a happy, hazy heap against her secret girlfriend, just enjoying (most of) the warmth and closeness. Then memory of why they were there trickled back, reminding her that this moment was brought to her by Adagio's talent for making everything... suggestive.

Maybe I should just pick something naughty. Just to get it over with.

WHAT?! Are you out of your mind?!

Technically, we're both 'in' our-

What did I say about being a smart-mouth in your own head?

Right, sorry.

It's okay. Anyway, do even remember what she did with something as innocent as red stockings? Why on earth would you give her something so easy to work with?!

Well, she'll probably make me pass out with embarrassment, but after that? Anything else would have to look tame in comparison, right?




You know it's true.

She might just keep teasing us anyway!

If so, she'll probably do it no matter what we pick, so we might as well bring home some great memories for the diary, right?

You fool! You'll doom us all!

That's nice. Hold, please?

No, don't, don't you da-!

"Um, h-hey, Adagio?" Fluttershy turned her head enough to show her face, which had slowly returned to healthy temperatures, and spoke before she could stop herself. "Would you like to try on something skimpy?"

Adagio blinked twice, immediately cleaning out an ear with a pinky finger. "Sorry, Sweetie, I don't think I heard you properly. Once more?"

There was a short, but fierce struggle for control in the seconds that passed while Adagio gave her a normal, friendly smile. It was the gentle one she'd grown to love from her, the one that would probably melt most of the school's idea of her if they could just see it themselves. However, bold assertiveness backed by many memories of The Walk pressed forward, demanding that Fluttershy take a chance even as she started to heat right back up. "I-I said, w-would you like to t-try on something... s-sk-sk-skimpy?"

The leader of the sirens had made many fiendish, many evil smiles in her time. Aria and Sonata joked even to this day that some of the grins she'd cracked could make the gates of Tartarus slam shut as its residents huddled together in terror, that when she eventually died, her coffin would have to be sealed tighter than most relics of the dark age, because otherwise her smiling skull might have started an era of panic and dread if anyone laid eyes on it.

Those two were silly, but looking at her right now, one could be forgiven for thinking otherwise.


Once Fluttershy could get her legs to work again, she headed to the nearest restroom. All clear. She was sure it would have been okay anyway, because they sold underwear here too, but it'd still be really embarrassing to have to write it in her diary.

Next, she got to work in searching the store, both giddy and horrified at the thought of what she was doing. Adagio was expecting it now, so there was no going back, but in her hunt for something like a bunny suit, Fluttershy found something even better.

Is... is that...? It looks kind of like... Oh my...

Once more, she was amazed at the range of choices they had here.


Adagio proudly stepped out of the changing booth in what could only be called a green, chainmail bikini with a leaf-shaped-bra, gold trim, and a long loincloth that hung down to her ankles, all held up with very thin straps. She thought of some kind of warrior druid from one of those fantasy games in which she'd had so much fun frying merchants, and could finally confirm to Aria that the garb wasn't as uncomfortable as it looked. Strangely. Pleased though she was with the outfit, she was tickled to see that Fluttershy seemed to like it even more. Maybe it was a nature thing.

"Sweetie? Not that I'm not loving the choice, but would you like to tell me what this is about?" For what wasn't the first time in her memory, Fluttershy exploded, rapidly alternating between English and Squeak.

"Omigoshomigoshomigosh!! You look just like an elven shamaness in an adventure series I really liked in sixth grade! You don't have vines in your hair or a pet flying beaver-shark on your shoulder, but-" she started hopping up and down, talking even faster,
"-Icantotallypictureyouwalkingonwaterortalkingtotheflowerstofindthehiddenwindcrestsand-" The rest came out as a series of rodent-calls that still had Adagio giggling with amusement until Fluttershy had to stop for several breaths.

"...So," the accidental cosplayer guessed, "you have such a fondness for nature that you wanted to see me looking... natural?"

Fluttershy paused in her admiration long enough to remember the series of thoughts that led her to this wonderful point, but there was nothing she could do to stop the smile that threatened to split her crimson face. The only replies that came out the first few tries were babble, but Adagio seemed willing to wait, the look on her face all but saying 'Oh, I know, but please, do go on...' Despite an increasingly warm blush, she tried.

"I, uh, I guess... I was thinking it'd be easier after something like this?"

Taking up a feminine hand-on-hip pose, Adagio raised an eyebrow. "For contrast, you mean? Going to extremes in one direction to get an idea of the range you have to work with?" She glanced down to admire herself. "Not sure if that applies here, but don't think for a minute that I'm complaining!"

Before Fluttershy could attempt to clear up that her intentions had been slightly different, she noticed the grin the nearly-nude siren was giving her. It wasn't a smirk, no sign of a vicious teasing coming her way, just a pleasant little grin, the one she sometimes wondered if Adagio only ever showed her. Was it because Fluttershy was already bright red and having trouble talking normally? Was Adagio just more comfortable being half-naked? Well, technically it was more like 4/5ths naked... And when she walked, the cloth could show a little more of her legs, so it might have been closer to-

Adagio chuckled. "I'd love to wear this to school, Sweetie, but I don't think Luna would allow it. Still," she once more struck her leg-out, hips-cocked, fingers-folded, arms-above-her-head pose, but her face remained the same, "as you were the one to come up with this, was there anything more you had in mind for me here?" She closed the question not with a wolfish smile, but a wink, which, paired with her friendly little grin, made Fluttershy's heart skip a beat.

Fluttershy beamed. "Y-you did it!!"

The response was a confused stare, even as she held the pose. "Did what?"

Her mouth working, but no words coming out right away, Fluttershy sputtered. "Th-that! The, y-you, you did something... cute! All by yourself!"

"Oh." She glanced down at herself, then smiled brightly. "Wait, then I'm more adorable the less I wear? Because that's the best news I've heard all-"

"Uh, n-no, I, you, I-I just meant, uhm-" It was too late. She was already picturing it. Backed up with a very recent and very vivid memory, even with how quickly she'd looked away at the time, the image of daily life with a naked Adagio sent another pack of fireballs straight to her cheeks. Fluttershy wasn't sure she'd ever been flustered so intensely so many times in such short succession, but it was getting to be...

Too much!

Rocking back and forth on her increasingly rubbery legs, Fluttershy managed to breath one word before falling backward. "Sq-squirrel!"

Giggling a little at today's curtain call for Fluttershy Theater, Adagio was a little relieved. She couldn't imagine what she could have done to finally hit the limit, but she'd confirmed that the limit could be hit, so she wasn't in danger of really hurting a girl that wasn't willing to stop for her own sake. That sounds romantic on paper, sure, but the reality of such a thing would be dangerous in a number of ways.

Well, she thought while pacing back to the changing room with a satisfied smirk, I suppose this means I won't have to get it out of her with a spanking after all.


Once Fluttershy had cooled down, she sheepishly explained her actual reason, started to apologize for objectifying Adagio again, got a chilling look from the girl who would decide for herself when she felt 'exploited,' thank you very much, and shakily re-worded the apology into saying that Adagio looked lovely in the elven shamaness outfit. This escalated until Fluttershy won a slightly flustered siren and a quick peck on the cheek when they were sure no one was around to see.

Getting back to work in earnest now, they tried a few more outfits, found a few they liked, two that looked better on Fluttershy, and had a short discussion about the merits (or lack thereof) of food as clothing in the context of coconut bras while dressing up as hula girls together. To give Fluttershy a better idea of how to perform dances that emphasized hip-swinging, of course. That had been embarrassing for her, but eventually, the two found what they deemed to be the winner.

It was similar to Adagio's dance outfit, and maybe that was part of what made it feel right. They found little pink palm-gloves and a puffy-shouldered jacket exactly like the ones she normally wore, high-heeled purple boots just like hers, but without the spikes, and pink tights with purple triangles. In fact, the main difference was that instead of a jumpsuit, they'd found a pretty, purple, gold-trimmed dress with a skirt no longer than anything Fluttershy's friends wore, cinched at the waist with a little ribbon. It was a bit of an oblong thing, with half of the skirt ruffled and the other perfectly smooth, but decorated with alternating gold dots... and the orange-gem/treble clef insignia Adagio normally wore. That couldn't have been a coincidence, and Fluttershy said as much.

"Right you are, Sweetie," answered Adagio, "this is where we got our outfits the first time. I'm not sure what it was that attracted us to the place, but I know it's owned by a company that specializes in variety in all its property. 'Dis-Corp,' I think."

Fluttershy scratched her chin. "That would explain the shark hats I saw."

There was a nod before Adagio glanced over herself again, doing a little twirl to appreciate the effect it had on a skirt. "So, this is the one? You'd like me to wear this to school Monday?"

Beaming, Fluttershy nodded. "Uh-huh! It's light, friendly, but elegant and, well... you!"

Chuckling, Adagio turned back toward the changing room. "Then I think we can call this a day. Meet me at the check-out?"


They walked out of the mall together, Fluttershy carrying bags containing her pirate outfit, the two outfits that Adagio had described as complimenting her more generous chest, and a little bowler hat that Adagio had said looked particularly cute on her. Adagio was loaded up on both arms with the outfits she'd be wearing in the relatively near future, starting with the last one.

"Thank you for your help today, Sweetie," she said with an appreciative smile before lowering her voice to a whisper, "I'd offer you a kiss, but we might be spotted." She even refrained from going into any detail for the sake of not drawing attention via Fluttershy's reaction.

Smiling, Fluttershy nodded. "That's okay, I had a lot of fun with you today." It tickled her heart that the sentiment drew a tiny blush from the hooded girl.

"The feeling is very mutual. So much so that I got you a present!" Quickly taking a little bag on the end of her arm, she offered it to Fluttershy. "Don't open until you get home, alright?"

There was a split second in which Fluttershy thought to refuse, that she didn't like letting Adagio pay for everything already, but both the little Rarity and the little Sunset in her head were frowning at her, so instead, she smiled and accepted the gift. "Th-thank you. So, I'll see you Monday?"

Adagio grinned back. "See you Monday. Take care, Sweetie."


The diary was well-fed that night, Fluttershy noting that other than their first date (squeeeeeee!!) having been an overall success, she now owned a pirate-girl outfit, the eye-patch messed with her depth perception, and that she was worried about being blindsided if she actually wore it. This led to thoughts about what circumstances other than a costume party could lead her to put on a pirate outfit, to wondering if Adagio was planning to ask her to join her and the others in a boat robbery or setting out for the high seas for a life of loot and plunder if the friendship thing didn't work out, to wondering if Adagio just really liked the outfit on her, to remembering that she saw Adagio stark naked for the first time.

The diary gained its first sketch of Adagio Dazzle. It would need to be buried with her now.

Lying on her bed with the secret tome on her stomach again, Fluttershy reflected that there were a lot of embarrassing moments today, but she was still glad she went. She got to spend some time with her clandestine girlfriend, learned a little more about the sirens, shared a little about herself, and helped Adagio to find something that would bring her and her friends one step closer to being accepted by everyone. All was right with the world!


Then she remembered the little bag from the end of the trip, quickly sitting up.

"Oh, I forgot to open it!"

She got up, jogged over, and drew the little strings open. What she saw confused her for a few seconds, at least until she pulled it out of the bag. Her face burned up yet again as she looked over the black, shiny string-bikini Adagio had gotten her to try on, dreading the sneaky siren's plans for it far more than any she could have had for the pirate outfit. Then she noticed something sitting at the bottom of the bag; a square piece of paper, written on with familiar, pink penmanship.

Thank you again for the help today, Sweetie. Some might leave off with the clothes and a hug, but you know me~!

If you ever want me to really show my appreciation, you only have to ask.
-Adagio Dazzle ♥

Part of Fluttershy knew better than to turn the paper around and see the attached photograph. Part of her knew better than to look at one of these even when her heart was already beating so fast. She looked anyway, seeing an extreme close-up of Adagio's face from the bridge of her nose down, eyes out of the frame, but the dark eyeliner she'd worn even through the date plain to see. Not quite as dark as the thing Adagio held tightly between her teeth, some kind of black, shiny thread or-

Fluttershy could almost smell her own blood as she lit up, went light-headed, and fell backward, shouting the only word she could manage before she passed out.


She awoke hours later in a daze, wondering how the heck Adagio even pulled that one off.

Author's Note:

No names thought up for Fluttershy's favorite(?) fantasy series, because I don't want to risk whatever I come up with getting enough development to matter. I've already got a spin-off (maybe two) in mind for this story (once it's done) and I'd rather not have that be it.

I saw this picture and loved the look. Visual aid!

Credit for image: http://mixiepie.deviantart.com/art/Adagio-Dazzle-as-Rainbooms-559059266

Check out Mixiepie's gallery, it's full'a dem Equestria Girls!

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