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Sucker for a Cute Face - Eyeswirl the Weirded

Adagio finds Fluttershy alone one morning, and many to follow.

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Chapter 20: Eye Candy

It might have worked, it really might have worked.

There she had been, sitting close on a bench with the object of her affection and the reason her diary entries were all a few pages longer these days, Adagio looking cute as a sleeping puppy as she wore the bow in place of her usual spikes, and both of them had just had fudge!

Note to self: would she be even cuter with bows in place of the spikes on her heels, too? Wrapped tight around the underside of the arch, or just around the ankles?

There would be time for a thoughtful diary entry later. For now; according to the magazines she'd sometimes skimmed through during spa visits with Rarity, the standard convention was some kind of breath freshener, but there would be no mercy in the teasing if Adagio caught her doing that. Tasting like fudge was fine too, right? Well, it would have been, but...


She rested her head on the lunch table, defeated by her own fear and hesitation yet again.

Noticing this, Applejack smiled a little and patted her on the shoulder. "Buck up, Sugarcube, Monday ain't that bad."

"Nah," dissented Rainbow, her head propped up by an arm on the table, "I'm with her, Monday bites."

Pinkie giggled. "That's because you were up late playing games again!"

Rainbow managed a smirk. "S'worth it. Eight hours. Capture the- no, blow up the, or, eliminate the..." She thudded her knuckles against her own head. "I'unno, but it was fun."

Shaking her head, Sunset managed a little smile. "Sleep is important, y'know, especially for your brain."

"You would know that, Brainiac!"

Even Fluttershy found herself joining in on the giggles, which made it all the stranger that Rarity wasn't. The group looked at her, a little concerned.

Applejack straightened her hat. "You okay, Rare?"

Rarity was leaning on the table not unlike Rainbow, massaging a temple with her middle and index fingers. "Oh, fine, yes, just... had a little trouble with the fireplace."

Rainbow snorted. "You still use a fireplace?"

"Oooh," Pinkie chimed in, grinning brighty, "were you roasting marshmallows?!"

There was a pause as Rarity gave both of them a wry grin. "Yes. Yes, I was roasting marshmallows." She made a point of tasting the fingertips of one hand one at a time, the table bursting into gigglefits when she was finished.


Mr. Magnet was as lively as ever today. He was a purple-skinned man with wild, orange hair, twirling in the center of the room, which made the colors of his long-sleeved, tie-dye shirt whirl into a blur of color. "Heeeeeel-lo, class!" He stopped and struck a pose that reminded Fluttershy of many a dashing, fairytale prince, if they'd been half as enthusiastic as Mr. Magnet. His black pants and pointed shoes vaguely helped the image, too. "How is everybody doing today?" He got the usual nods and murmurs, which momentarily drew a distressed pout. Perking up again, he gave one side of his long moustache a quick twirl. "Boys and girls, you've really got to liven up a little! This isn't Math or History, this is Art, where we're all free to express ourselves to the fullest extent paint and paper can grant us! Or in today's case, paper and graphite!"

Fluttershy liked sketching days. Her drawings never made her want to visit the graves of famous artists to formally apologize.

"Before we begin, though, I'd like to introduce you all to a new student!" He hollered to the door. "Come on in, Dearie!"

Opening the door, Adagio walked in, a hand on her hip and her usual laid-back smirk on her face. As she slowly scanned her future playmates, she only saw a few she recognized. There was Photo Finish, Lyra Heartstrings, Flash Sentry's band-mate Ringo... and two of the Rainbooms; Applejack and Fluttershy. She couldn't have prevented the wide, devilish smile if she wanted to, opening with a low chuckle that made half the room shudder, most of all her Sweetie. Looking them over, she made sure not to let her eyes settle on anyone in particular. "Good afternoon, everyone. No need for introductions, I'm sure all of you know me, and I'll get to know you very soon..."

Mr. Magnet clasped his hands together, smiling brightly. "That's the spirit!"

Applejack leaned over to whisper to Fluttershy, worry clear in her face. "This should be int'resting..."

Yes, thought Fluttershy, interesting is a very good word for your secret crush transferring into one of your classes. Your secret, flirty, near-shameless, still-kind-of-evil crush, that you haven't even told your closest friends about.

For once, the rational part of Fluttershy's brain made itself heard before panic set in. But, Adagio has been making the effort not to embarrass me in public, right? At least not around witnesses? She wouldn't tease me here then, right? I just have to stay calm... She must have zoned out for longer than she'd thought, because everyone started arranging their chairs and the drawing stands in a semicircle, which she quickly got up to join while Mr. Magnet pushed a long, asymmetrical sofa not unlike Rarity's fainting couch into the center of the room. He only did this when they were all going to sketch the same thing, but-

"Allllright, then!" Mr. Magnet kept his enthusiasm as he indicated Adagio. "As supplies for one more artiste aren't quite ready yet, Little Miss Dazzle has agreed to be our model for today!" Neither he nor anyone else in the room noticed the split second in which Fluttershy's jaw dropped. "Please, kick back, relax, and let the warm, peaceful energy of loving creativity flow into you like a spring breeze!"

Casually tossing her hair, Adagio smiled and approached the couch in the center of the room. "Certainly, thank you." When Magnet asked if she had a sketchbook (Different from a notebook somehow?) and a few different kinds of pencil ready, she'd been worried this would get embarrassing for her, but it looked like he had a back-up plan. That, or his stream of compliments a moment ago had been entirely genuine and he honestly thought of the right to draw her as a good opportunity for the class. Either way, she wasn't about to turn down a chance to be admired for a while.

Gingerly reclining length-wise on the couch, she rested her head atop her folded arms on the armrest (obviously) and let her boots just barely hang over the edge on the opposite side. She decided that having one leg slightly bent wouldn't look too much like she was going for a sensual pose. Settling into her chosen position, she smiled a little, this thing was actually pretty comfy!

Magnet spoke up again. "Now remember, those noisy bells won't disturb us in here, but I'll be keeping time and let you all know when to wrap up. Ready aaaaaand, start!"

Fluttershy, sitting effectively in the middle of the semicircle of desks, felt like she was right in front of Adagio, though she tried to position her stand so as to block eye-contact. That would make things difficult when it came time to draw Adagio's face, but if she got flustered in the middle of class, she was doomed.

But, still, she didn't want to risk Adagio thinking she was ignoring her, either. In a manner perfectly befitting someone that was still getting their bearings on the subject of a sketch, Fluttershy peeked around the stand holding the paper she'd be drawing on to see Adagio's face. She was looking straight at her with a devious little smirk, as if to say 'I knew you'd look. Couldn't keep your eyes off me, could you?' This, of course, made Fluttershy immediately duck behind her stand again, doing what she could to take refuge in her hair as well.

"Land sakes," whispered Applejack, sitting next to her, "just gettin' that wild mane'a hers down is gonna be a challenge."

Fluttershy didn't say anything in reply, but she did get to work, starting with what she could see of Adagio's boots and opting to work up from there, hoping to focus on the lower body until Adagio wasn't looking at her as much.

NOT that she meant to focus on Adagio's lower body because she wanted to or anything, just, in this situation, it was best that she, because, her face was-

Hesitantly allowing herself another peek, Fluttershy at least confirmed that she shouldn't have done that when Adagio made the faintest little motion with her lips, almost as if she were blowing a kiss. Feeling about a hundred degrees warmer, Fluttershy suppressed a squeak and earnestly tried to focus on the shapes of Adagio's boots.

The way she was lying down, the spiky parts weren't visible to Fluttershy, so she wouldn't have to worry about drawing those provided Adagio stayed still. Which, she was doing a good job so far! But, still, this whole situation was embarrassing! Mr. Magnet was quietly pacing around the room, so softly you wouldn't even know he was there as he observed individual sketches for a moment at a time, and, she knew, all of those sketches were of Adagio! It was a weird and irrational feeling, but somehow, it felt like everyone could see something secret, something she didn't want them to, as if Fluttershy were lifting her own skirt in a crowded area.

...That was kind of a weird comparison to make, you know.

Doing her best to dislodge the thought while redoubling the effort to hide in her own hair, she tried to focus on drawing. Before long, she found herself gently tracing the long, smooth curves of Adagio's muscular legs. A little while after that, she figured it might be okay to move on from the long, smooth curves of Adagio's muscular legs. It was while finishing up the little insignia on her thigh, the point where her tights were swallowed by the legs of her jumpsuit, that Fluttershy realized she was hardly looking at her model to do this. Glancing up to make sure she was drawing her right, Fluttershy found her sketch to be very, very close to the genuine article.

Have I spent so much time staring at Adagio that I already have a near-perfect image of her?

Moving slowly up her body as she drew, Fluttershy was soon faced with no way to draw the exact positions of her arms without being able to see her head, and consequently, her face. She peeked, Adagio's red-violet, half-lidded eyes on her a second later.

And now she's batting them at me!!

Her heart rate was picking up again, but it would stand out if Fluttershy only drew the lower two thirds of Adagio's body. It would stand out in a really, really bad way. So, she tried to focus, to quickly outline the hair and shade the enclosed area appropriately. She had to double-check a few times (septuple-check?) to make sure she was getting the highlights right, and the exact positions of the siren's visible fingers. It looked like Adagio hadn't moved a muscle since the sketching had started, which at least made things easier. It was just as Fluttershy was shading the poofy shoulders on Adagio's vest that she heard Lyra quietly speaking from a few seats over.

"Hey... Hey, guys? I think she's out cold."

Everyone stopped drawing to take a good look at their subject. Adagio was lying where she'd been the whole time, head on her folded arms, eyes closed, and a serene, happy little smile on her face, just like the one she made after falling asleep when she'd been sick. Fluttershy smiled too, tickled that Adagio could still be really cute even without a bow. Most of the class apparently agreed, judging by the quiet sentiment delivered in unison.


Mr. Magnet wiped a tear from his eye. "Look at that, cherubs, someone that feels so safe and soothed by the arts that she can drift off to dream land! Please, let's all stay hush-hush and let the little angel rest while we finish up these sketches."

There were some quiet giggles at the notion of any of the Dazzlings being identified as an 'angel,' but everyone kept their voices down.

"Oh, wow..."
"She looks so... normal..."
"De magicks..."
"Like a big, fluffy baby..."
"A big, fluffy baby with donk!"

Looking at Applejack, Fluttershy saw her shaking her head a little and smiling. "Never quits bein' a li'l weird, huh? Seein' someone go from magical mega-maniac to dozin' all peaceful like?"

It was, indeed, just a little weird the first time the group saw Sunset peacefully asleep at a slumber party, exactly like Adagio was now. There had been a group 'Aww' then, too, and it was Fluttershy's favorite kind of weird! Picking up where she left off without fear of public bedroom eyes, she drew the rest of the model in peace, giving special attention to the dreamy little expression that flirty, evil, seductive, adorable face now formed.


With class winding down, Mr. Magnet indicated that it was time to wrap up. Everyone kept mostly quiet as they put things away, but no one really looked certain what to do about the sleeping siren in the middle of the room. Fluttershy jumped when Mr. Magnet tapped her on the shoulder. "'Scuze me, Fluttershy, but I've gotta make a quick stop by Luna's office, do you think you could rouse our muse for her next class? I ask because you of all people are the least likely to give anybody a rude awakening, you know?"

Fluttershy nodded a little. She didn't want Adagio to get in trouble again, least of all for taking a nap. Waiting until Mr. Magnet and everyone else was out of the room, she approached the couch, very gently reached out to touch Adagio's shoulder, and gave her a little shake.

No response.


Still no response.

She shook her just the teeniest bit harder, leaning in closer to whisper into the hair by Adagio's ear. "Adagi-" Adagio stirred, making Fluttershy hop backward.

One red-violet eye opened and a tiny smirk formed. "Mmph. Sweetie? Was just thinking about you..."

As ever, Fluttershy flushed crimson. "Uh, th-that's n-nice, um, it's t-time for the next class, so-"

Adagio sat up, looking around somewhat blearily. Just Woke Up was another new expression to cherish. "...Class is over? Did art happen?"

"Yes, and, kind of?"

"Kind of?" She smirked. "Wait, you drew me while I was sleeping?"

Once again, Fluttershy lit up like a human stove, gesturing every which way in the hopes of somehow pointing to a perfectly reasonable explanation for having done that. "I, buh, it, we, I, the, w-well, w-we-"

Giggling, Adagio got to her feet and stretched a little. "Actually, we can probably talk about it later, catch you tomorrow?"

Despite her flustered state, Fluttershy didn't really want to be late either (if only for the whole class' worth of attention it draws). She smiled shakily. "Um... S-sure!" Turning to head out, she took two steps before being seized from behind, Adagio's arms gently wrapping around her. This drew a burning, luminous blush as she tried to turn her head. "Uh-huhm... Ad-dagio? W-why are you... h-hugging me l-like..." the last word was barely a squeak, "this?"

She felt warm breath on her ear, but strangely, Adagio's tone wasn't seductive so much as it was soft, tender, even affectionate. "Just felt like it. Do I need a reason?"

Fluttershy was shaking, both for the first reason, and for the implications of that sentiment. "W-w-well, n-no, but, uhm-"

Adagio audibly frowned. "You don't like this."

"It's, uh, n-not that I, I mean, it's just that, um..." She gulped. "You'retouchingmybreast!"

Paying close attention to where her hands were now, Adagio held very still. "Oh. Sorry."

Despite her racing heart as the stray hand fell away, Fluttershy managed a goofy grin. "Don't worry about it." Just before she was let go, she turned to kiss Adagio on the cheek, drawing a rosy blush and a shy little smile.

Stepping back, Adagio narrowly avoided eye-contact. "So, I'll, see you tomorrow, then. Twice." She looked directly at Fluttershy just long enough to wink, "Bye now!" and walked out, hips swinging a little faster than usual as she performed the confident walk at top speed.

If Fluttershy was lucky, it would look like her face was still red because she had just jogged to the next class.

A minute later, the Art room was entirely empty. Mr. Magnet popped his head in through the doorway. "Is she awa-... Oh. Guess that answers that." Walking in, he saw that one of the stands still had a picture on it. What he saw made him smile. It wasn't signed, wasn't labeled, but going by its position in the room, he was almost certain the sketch was Fluttershy's. He looked to the doorway. "Hm. Well, if she left it here, I suppose it couldn't have been dearly important to her. Still, it's a shame to just forget about such a nice picture..."

And then he had an idea.


That night, Fluttershy had a secret research mission. Well, technically it was just pouring over her little collection of fantasy novels, carefully examining the feel and context of the hero's first kiss with the love interest in every example, but it was still research conducted secretly! She paid particular attention to the one with the dark spirit that came around to see that there was more than pain in the world when she felt loved for the first time.

I know these aren't much of a substitute for actual romantic advice, but there's no one I can really talk to about it.

It wasn't for lack of trust, just that even vaguely implying she knew someone who might have wanted a little help working up the courage to initiate a kiss could snowball out of control and wind up the same as shouting 'I have a crush on Adagio Dazzle' in the streets. She glanced at her diary, lying on her bedside table. It didn't need to be open to remind her that there were at least two full pages worth of those words written over and over again, among other things. It was almost as if she was practicing writing that sentence as much as she was practicing the walk in the gym and on the roof of the animal shelter.

She returned to her studying, making notes for every romantic scene, most of all the kisses. From the look of things, the typical fantasy kiss just happened either after an action sequence in which the lovers survive by the skin of their teeth (not really a factor for her and Adagio, at least she dearly hoped not), or moments that just seem to feel right, like the kiss happens on its own. That was what she would have to do, she guessed, just relax calm down try to keep a level head around Adagio and wait for the moment. Part 2 of that plan was to not choke when the moment came around again. If the moment ca-

No, it WILL come, you can't keep letting fear win! There will be another moment like last Friday, you'll recognize and seize that moment, and then you'll kiss her on the lips for reasons that have nothing to do with sharing food of any kind!


For a minute, it felt like the world was dead silent. Shifting the pages of the nearest book helped to restore noise to things.

It will come. I didn't even think about kissing her on the cheek today, right? Like Adagio's accidentally-kinda-gropey hug, I just felt like it and it kind of happened. Is it supposed to be that easy? And, even if it is, what will she do?

Fluttershy might have been more confident now than through most of her life, but she was still terrified of what might come after the kiss, how Adagio might respond, whether or not she really felt the same, and something in her head saying that everything they had together could come to a screeching halt. That in mind? She didn't need her stories to know that if she didn't at least take the chance, she'd regret it forever. She would take that chance, there was no doubt in her mind that she wanted that kiss, and everything that came with it.

...Seriously, I don't know how much longer I can take this kind of tension!

Author's Note:

The Fluttersigh! Is it as funny the second time? You tell me. Really. Talk or I will shine a lamp on you.

Alternate title: "I Know There Was This Movie About a Boat, But My Crew Had Nothing To Do With It!"

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