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Sucker for a Cute Face - Eyeswirl the Weirded

Adagio finds Fluttershy alone one morning, and many to follow.

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Chapter 32: Dark, Stringy Confidence

Butterflies. Swarms and swarms of butterflies.

The feeling in her belly was so dense, so hectic, that Fluttershy was worried she might be sick. Still, she pressed on, slowly opening one of the big, glass doors to the mall and hesitantly stepping in. She came alone, as they'd agreed, dressed in a plain, green sundress and matching sunhat, a pair of white-rimmed sunglasses the most she could do to hide her face without reaching the point that it drew more attention. Or made her feel really silly. She still felt a little silly wearing what were ostensibly outdoor clothes inside, but other than the pair of Groucho glasses that Pinkie (for reasons unknown) stuck to her bottom one time, she lacked anything that could be called a disguise. Her heart beating a little faster with every step, she tried to remember what brought her to this point.

"Hey Sweetie, are you doing anything tomorrow?"

"Uhm, n-no, but... w-why do you ask?"

"Well... We're essentially a couple now, right?"

There had been some teasing and a tiny, nervousness-and-joy-induced panic attack involving the exact state of their relationship, but after that came a request. Friday morning, Adagio had asked her out. On a date.

Adagio Dazzle had asked her out on a date!

Adagio Dazzle had asked her ou-

"There you are!"


Fluttershy whipped around, catching sight of Adagio leaning against the You Are Here map-board by the entrance. She was wearing grey sweatpants and a grey hoodie with the hood drawn up, along with much darker, thicker sunglasses than Fluttershy's, but the smile was unmistakably hers.

Adagio stepped forward, deducing that Fluttershy looked nervous enough as it was without being teased about having kept a lady waiting, let alone her thoughts about how she might punish her for it. Besides, she wasn't sure what the rules were when both of them were ladies. "Ready to get started?" Her Sweetie gave her that hesitant, but hopeful little smile in response.


They walked together, Adagio regularly stealing glances at Fluttershy out of the corner of her eye. Even in a dull frock, Fluttershy managed to look so graceful, so majestic, so serenely beautiful that part of Adagio was jealous. That part of her was immediately flattened by the awareness that the bashful beauty was all hers to cherish, in multiple (but not all) senses of the word.

There weren't a lot of people around the mall on that early Saturday morning, leaving Fluttershy and Adagio essentially by themselves as they walked. Just as planned! However, Fluttershy still looked a little more jittery than usual, prompting Adagio to address her with soft tones and a warm smile. "Relax, I'll be keeping an eye out for anyone from CHS the whole time, like we discussed, and if it looks like anyone recognizes either of us, I can be gone in seconds."

"Oh, n-no," Fluttershy said with a little head-shake, "it's not that, just, j-just..." She pulled her hat a little further down, though her smile still showed through. "W-we'reonadate!"

Blinking once behind her shades, Adagio chuckled. "Yes, Sweetie, just you and me today. The safeword is still Squirrel."


"Hahahahaha!" Fluttershy's timid posture as they walked through the mall gave Adagio a plethora of great ideas, but nothing they could do without drawing unwanted attention. On that note, really hoping I don't look like I'm planning to rob someone. The innocent cutie willingly walking at my side will be enough to do dismiss such notions, right?

As planned, they headed to a clothing shop Adagio had visited before, a little store with a wide selection, but not a lot of traffic in one corner of the mall. Most importantly, the cashier didn't go to CHS, so they were likely free to take their clothes off together. Sharing this thought won her another squeak and some rosy-cheeked stammering.

"I-I thought we were j-ju-just, t-trying on outfits!"

Ohh, too easy. "We are. Why, did you have something more in mind?" Part of Adagio wanted to snatch Fluttershy's hat right off her head to better enjoy that precious, glowing little face as her Sweetie sputtered and pulled the hat downward again, but they really were here for practical reasons.

Given their talk Thursday morning, Adagio had come up with the next step on the Dazzlings' road to acceptance; tactical cuteness! Little gestures got some kind of response, Aria having reported that winking and sticking the tip of her tongue out at a few people, while a little embarrassing for her, won surprised, but not unwelcoming stares. That was a good sign, but Adagio remembered how everyone looked at her when she wore the bow. Well, if revealing outfits bolstered seduction power, some cuter clothes had to help out with this, right?

Adagio determined that she'd be the first to try a new look, to dress up in something a little more traditionally girly and wear it to school. For that to work, she'd need to find something 'cute,' and as Fluttershy was the one that gave her the ribbon (which she wasn't wearing today, having gone with a simple scrunchie for once), it made sense that she would be able to help Adagio find something suitably adorable, but reasonably dignified. Fluttershy seemed happy to offer her services to that end, even if there had been a bit of ribbing about just how eager she was to decide what Adagio would be wearing. That in mind, she let her guide cool down a little before voicing her first question.

"So, skirts: Strictly required?"

"Um, w-well..." She took a moment to think about it. "You don't have to wear them to look cute, but they are generally seen as more feminine, so they're a pretty normal choice for girls."

"Is it about showing leg, or potential to catch a glimpse of the wearer's undergarments?"

Fluttershy tinted pink. "N-neither!!"

That would be another factor that made Fluttershy the perfect partner for this; keeping away from anything too racy, anything that might detract from the image she was going for by leaning toward her old (and current!) one, was as easy as a game of Hot and Cold. That was the game they played while Adagio picked out and tried on outfits with Fluttershy offering critique and perceived threat level. Adagio needed no reminding that she could be too much for some people and that part of it was her general style. Spikes, they agreed, would have to be ruled out entirely, because there was nothing cute about the thought of puncture wounds. No, not even in a playful-kitten-nibbling-on-your-hand kind of way.


"Th-the design is cute, but, uhm... d-don't you think that top is a little... low-cut?"

"Perhaps, but the lack of fabric makes it look smaller. Smaller is cuter, right? Because I'm sure the same applies to my chest anyway, so-"

"L-let's try something else, please..."


"What do you think of this coat? Am I soft and huggable now?"

"W-well..." She was kind of always soft and huggable, at least in Fluttershy's eyes, but in regard to the addition of a long, dark coat...? "It looks nice and warm, I think, but even if we're not thinking about the season all that much, it's still a little scary."

"Even with all the fluffy trim?"

"Black is kind of a scary color, I guess... Sorry."



"I-I don't think those pants are helping..."

"Why not?"

"They're... shiny..."

"So is the ribbon you gave me."

"And a little... tight!"

"And pink!" Adagio turned in place to be seen from different angles. "Pink is cute, right?"

"...It's d-definitely a certain kind of cute..."

"What was that?"



"EEEK!!" Fluttershy covered her eyes. "W-what are you d-d-doing?!"

"I thought I'd try the 'lovable dope' angle on for size. 'I forgot to get dressed today, teehee!'"

"Y-you can't go to school n-naked!!"

"Nonsense, it's just a question of how long I can stay there!"


"Sigh. Fine, fine, back to the drawing board."


Fluttershy sat on one of the benches just outside the changing area, slumped over and still trying to convince her heart to slow down while fanning herself with her hat.

Dressed in her plain, grey outfit again, Adagio paced over and sat beside her. "You alright, Sweetie?"

Taking a calming breath, Fluttershy gave her a somewhat tired look. "Did you want me here today just to tease me?"

"While that's a fantastic idea and I may use it later, no. There aren't a whole lot of people I can talk to that understand the 'cute' look, and..." She looked Fluttershy in the eye, no trace of amusement or her usual predatory stare in her face. "I wanted to spend a little more time with you."

A pleasant warmth bubbled up from Fluttershy's chest. "R-really?"

Adagio shrugged lightly. "Well, we still see each other in Art, but I thought a little more wouldn't hurt. I know that technically, I'm free to come after you-" she lightly tickled Fluttershy, drawing tiny giggles, "-whenever I like, but you've probably figured out by now that I'd like to avoid the mess that would make for as long as possible. I don't mind keeping things subtle between us until you graduate, Sweetie, but the current arrangement does leave me wanting a little more. That said, I really would like your help with this, so if I'm just botheri-"

In a rare show of assertiveness, Fluttershy leaned forward to peck Adagio on the lips, smiling even as she turned rosy. "I-I wasn't complaining, exactly... And, when you decide you want things out in the open, I promise I'll be ready." She didn't need to be able to see through Adagio's shades to know she was staring back at her, helped by her mouth forming that surprised little 'o' shape, at least until it became a tiny smirk as Adagio turned her head away and chuckled.

"Well then..." The siren waited until she could keep her voice perfectly steady before going on. "I had an idea while getting dressed. Since none of my choices seem to be what we're looking for, I was thinking you could pick something out for me to try on, as you'd know better than I what to look for." She shrugged again. "Probably should have started with that, really, but I wanted to at least give it a try on my own. What do you think?"

Judging by the wide, wide smile, Fluttershy was wiling to accept these terms.


"How do you feel about hats?"

"If it fits on my head, I'll give it a go, Sweetie."

"Okay. Um..."

"Limited selection, hm?"

"K-kind of, but, uh... oh, these little hats might work!"

"Tiny hats are cute, are they? Alright, which would you recommend?"

"How about this one?"

A pleasant time was had trying on tiny hats, by Adagio and Fluttershy, but in the end, they decided that the ribbon was all the head-wear she would need. Luckily, this diversion bought time while Fluttershy got her thoughts together about the prospect of being able to dress Adagio. That was a hefty responsibility that called for careful consideration, but she managed to keep her thoughts clean when picking the first outfit.

"Sonata brought up ruffly skirts just the other day, so this might work."


"Yes. Actually, this, the white shirt, and long socks together all kind of look like the schoolgirl outfit back home."

"O-on second thought, let's try something else!"


Mostly clean. There must have been some kind of unconscious interference. She'd do better this time.

The plain, ankle-length dress was certainly modest, but a little too dull for Adagio's liking. Not particularly cute, either. Next, they tried a biker jacket and brightly-colored short-shorts over dark tights with fashionable tears along the legs, but came to the conclusion that the 'bad girl' look was only cute when the wearer couldn't easily play it straight. This proved equally true when the pair indulged in a bit of pirate girl dress-up just for fun.

"Goodness," said First Mate Fluttershy while lifting her eye-patch, "they really have a wide selection here, don't they?"

"Indeed, but I suspect there are so few people here because none of it is brand-name. What's next?"

It took some thought and a bit of searching, but Fluttershy felt herself getting into the groove of this thing as Adagio stood before her in a striped shirt and knee-high socks, another ruffly skirt, and a bright-pink jacket. The wearer, however, looked just a little uncomfortable.

"Is something wrong?"

It was a bit like the feeling she got when wearing the ribbon in public for the first time, only much worse. "Are there any... other options? I don't think I like this one."

Fluttershy kept a little smile. "That's okay, we still have plenty of options to choose from."

Glancing down at herself, Adagio nodded. "True. But, this look is 'cute,' right?" Fluttershy's big, happy grin as she nodded drew a chuckle. "Alright then, at least we have a reference point."

The next few attempts passed in similar fashion. None of the chosen outfits looked bad on Adagio (saying as much earned Fluttershy a quick kiss on the cheek), but Fluttershy could see that none of it felt like her, like something she'd have worn on her own.

What's missing?

I think you know.

NO, that is precisely what we're here to avoid, or at least work around!

She liked Angel's ears, right? Maybe a bunny suit would-


Fine, try to ignore that body, but I'll be here when you need me.

There had to be more to Adagio's look than raw sex appeal, and thinking about it, Fluttershy knew what it was: Elegance! She was a lot like Rarity, right? The looks they'd tried up to now would have fit Pinkie Pie just fine (in hindsight, maybe it was the fluff? Another unconscious connection), but maybe something more graceful was called for. Looking around for a bit as Adagio silently followed behind her, Fluttershy stopped when they came to a dress being worn on a mannequin display.

The colors alone made Fluttershy think of brighter, gentler times, a white blouse with long, lace-adorned sleeves and a ruffled, exceptionally puffy, sky-blue, knee-length skirt over color-coordinated, polka-dot stockings, complete with hot-pink little shoes for just a dash of flair! Cute flair, that is. This wasn't even accounting for the bows tied all over the outfit, from the wrists, to the shoulders, to the collar, to the really big one over the rear of the skirt! It was huggably cute, but fancy!

Fluttershy looked at Adagio to find that the older girl had gone a little pale, her pupils shrunk to pinpricks.

"S-Sweetie," she said quickly though a little smile, turning Fluttershy to face her with a hand on her shoulder, "I was thinking; I've tried on a few things you'd like, and I'm starting to feel selfish having all the fun taking my clothes off in public..." As hoped, Fluttershy turned a lovely shade of red as she started to sweat. Adagio gave her a half-lidded stare. "I don't have anything untoward in mind," she said while gliding her fingertips along Fluttershy's spine, "but I was thinking that I wouldn't mind spreading the love a little."


"My plan is this," she said with a smirk, her lips drawing closer and closer to Fluttershy's ear, "you've helped me understand a particular look a little better, so why don't I help you with something you've been, shall we say... practicing...?"

Her heart beating faster, Fluttershy gulped. "Y-you mean...?"

"That's right," the sultry siren purred, "if you want to swing when you walk, I can show you just what you need to do it, in any outfit." Before any response came, Adagio quickly moved in to kiss her on the neck. She might have lingered longer, but lack of immediate witnesses or not, they were still in public. Regardless, she grinned with fiendish delight as Fluttershy melted in her grip...

This fiendish delight was impeded a bit by the shame felt for her own cowardice, but she was sure they'd have some fun anyway.


There was a mild sense of deja vu as Fluttershy again stood in a changing booth in her underwear, but this time, she was the one waiting for Adagio. The details were a little hazy, but they'd come to an agreement that if Fluttershy tried on something Adagio picked out for her, something that would help her to look and feel... sexy... no matter what she wore after, Adagio would put on anything Fluttershy could find for her without objection, whether it had anything to do with looking cute or not. Win-win, right?

Then Adagio swung the outfit over the door, the hook dangling from her index finger. "Here you are, Sweetie!"

Fluttershy gaped. For a split-second, she dared dream that Adagio had simply forgotten something, or that there was more coming, but she knew what she saw was exactly what Adagio intended for her to wear. It was a black, shiny string-bikini, one that left almost nothing to the imagination. Just looking at the thing made her feel exposed, even if she weren't already undressed! Before she could dwell on what her friends and family would think of her if they ever saw her in the same room with such a racy swimsuit, it gently swung back and forth from the hook on Adagio's finger. She sounded amused.

"Weeeell? Go on, take it!"

Looking at the tiny, skimpy thing, Fluttershy whimpered. "D-do I really have to, t-to... It's s-so-"

"Insubstantial? Barely clothing at all? Hear me out, but that's kind of the idea, Sweetie. Think about it; you'd never wear a thing like this in private, let alone where someone might see you, right?"


"Just like you'd never go swinging your hips for eye-catching effect, right?"

"Ri-... Oh."

Adagio chuckled. "I think you've got it. Put this on, strut around a little (or a lot, I'm not judging!), and... well, see how it feels. I'd recommend going naked of course, but-"


"Yes, that. Sooo..." She dangled the swimsuit back and forth almost tauntingly. "There's no doubt in my mind that it'll be a good look for you, but the safeword is still 'Squirrel' if you want out. What'll it be, Sweetie?"

Staring at the thin lines of fabric, Fluttershy felt herself sweating.

Would it even fit me? Does Adagio know my size? It looks kind of small, would-

Adagio stopped swinging the bikini back and forth. "Is that a 'no'?"

Spurred awake, Fluttershy grabbed the hook before she realized her hands were moving. "I-I'll do it!"


"Y-yes, j-just," just as soon as my knees stop shaking, "just give me a few minutes..."

There was a chuckle from the other side of the door. "Don't keep me waiting too long."

Looking down at the material in her hands, Fluttershy found it to be sleek and smooth. And thin. Painfully, embarrassingly thin. Still, if just putting it on might be like doing The Walk for an hour straight...?

There were a variety of funny feelings as she stripped naked and put on the swimsuit. Her legs never stopped shaking as her pulse picked up and she almost fell on her face, but the walls of the little changing room made it easy to catch herself. The first thing Fluttershy noticed about her new attire was that it was as small as it had looked and didn't quite fit her comfortably, most of all in the briefs. "Briefs" felt charitable, but she didn't want to use the other word for something she was going to wear. Part of her was getting middle-school flashbacks, but she managed to don the thing in such a way that she was, legally speaking, still decent. That didn't quite explain why, when wearing the tight, tiny, shiny strands, she didn't feel empowered or confident so much as naked.

That brought a slew of other feelings.

"Sweetie? You alright in there?"

"Y-yes, um... I'm w-wearing it..."

"Good. Now come out."


"You heard me," she said with an audible smirk, "come let everyone gathered out here look on you with envy and lust!"


"Just a dozen or so. You still coming?"

"Um... D-do I have to?" Fluttershy whimpered.

"I've come out to show off everything I've worn today. Fair's fair, don't you think?"

"But, b-but-"

There was a little sympathy in her voice now. "It's not too late to back out, Sweetie," and then there wasn't, "but I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd love to see you in it! Or without, but baby-steps!"

"This is a baby-step?!"

She chuckled. "Well, a baby-step in high heels. So what'll it be?"

Fluttershy could practically feel the stares beyond the door, hundreds of big, judging eyes waiting to tear into her, to mock her every exposed pore and tell everyone they knew to do the same! "I, I-I c-can't, I-"

"Don't make me come in there, Sweetie, you won't like what I'll do." It sounded like Adagio was leaning up against the wall just by the door, her voice a sultry growl. "Or, maybe you want to find ou-"

The changing room door flung open. Fluttershy stood knock-kneed in the doorway with her arms stretched outward, eyes tightly shut, and her face a bright, hot red as she nearly hyperventilated while waiting to hear the jeers and, if she was unlucky, flashing cameras. None came. She dared open one eye to see only Adagio (who had stood out of door-swinging range, luckily) by herself, giving Fluttershy a smile that looked more sheepish by the second.

"...So... You did it... Good job..." Ohhh, I'm dead.

Glancing around nervously, Fluttershy saw not a soul in the area apart from her sneaky, evil girlfriend (squee?), but that didn't change how exposed she felt standing out in the open. "Th-there's n-no one here?"

"Um... No. Made that up, Sweetie. Haha?" In ordinary circumstances, Adagio might have been eating up every inch of the sight in front of her, but being caught in her lie left her considerably less composed than usual. There would be reflection later, that much was sure.

Fluttershy's heartbeat didn't slow down much as she connected the dots, but when she did, she managed a little smile of her own. "You were just... teasing me?"

The guilty siren's abashed grin remained. "Something like that. So... M-my turn?"


Sitting nude (she hadn't bothered with underwear that morning, just in case it might have been part of the get-up if short skirts came up) in the changing room, Adagio waited with her head in her hands.

Jellyfish. You are a pitiful, quivering jellyfish. You knew there'd be risks today, but trying to bluff your way out of getting a little embarrassed? She came here to help you, and you pull something like that? Whatever she'll make you wear for this won't be enough, you should be flagellated, tied to a pole and whipped in the streets!

...Would Fluttershy be the one doing it?

Ye-... N-... Um... Don't change the subject! You're a coward, and she's probably going to tell you so!

Off the top of her head, she could only recall one time Fluttershy had seemed genuinely upset with her, and that was when Adagio had implied that she'd make an animal do her dirty work. Fluttershy wasn't actually intending to get any measure of revenge on her back then, but now she well and truly had it coming. As soon as Fluttershy came back with her choice.

It really is taking her a while. Is she just letting me sweat it out first? Not sure if I should be impressed or not.

She silently kicked her bare legs in the air.

Heh, never thought I'd dread waiting for someone like this.

Fishing her phone out of the pocket of her sweatpants, lying in a heap by her feet, Adagio determined that she'd been waiting for nearly ten minutes to get her karma. Her pink, frilly, humiliating karma.

Is she having trouble finding that lace-riddled abomination again? Trouble getting it off the mannequin, maybe? Or, is she looking for something even more like a-

She was startled by a knock on the changing room door. For some reason, Fluttershy was keeping her voice down.

"Hey! I found something, s-so, uh... t-try this!" Fluttershy had to stand on her tip-toes to get the outfit over the door, but she managed without having to risk getting badly flustered again if Adagio was naked in there.

The sky-clad siren, for her part, was baffled. She took hold of the outfit; a simple, three-piece combination of a purple vest and miniskirt over a relatively shiny, very-dark-blue jumpsuit that reminded her of her dance outfit's tights, but to go over her whole body up to the neck and wrists. As she was trying to imagine what could possibly be undignified about the ensemble, Fluttershy knocked at the door again.

"Oh, and, uh, th-there are these shoes to go with it, but, I don't know if I can reach over the door, s-so, uh-"

Adagio felt herself smiling just a little. "You can come in, if you like."

"Eeek! N-n-no thank you, I, uh, I-I, I'll just-"

Chuckling, Adagio spoke softly. "I'll step out to get them when I'm decent, Sweetie, thank you... On that note, you're sure this is the one you want me to wear?"

"Y-yes...?" There was a tiny gasp. "Wait, i-it's not too racy, is it?! I was worried the tights would be a little too... t-tight, but, I mean, n-not that I'm saying you're out of shape, b-because your shape is very-NOWAIT! I, I meant, j-just, uh-"

The rambling wore on, but Adagio just smiled.

She's worried about embarrassing you. You get her to stand where people could see her in what amounts to a handful of string, knowing full-well how she feels about being stared at, and she's the one worried that her pick is too shameful?

In my defense, she does have some exhibitionistic tendencies.

You don't deserve her.

I know.

A tiny lump built in her throat, but she kept an even voice as she called out to Fluttershy, who had transitioned to borderline unintelligible squeak-talk in trying to explain herself. "Sweetie?"

"-notthatI'vethoughtaboutyouinabunnysuitbeforebecausethatwould-... uh... Yes?"

"This one is fine, thank you. I suppose I just thought, you know... perfect chance for revenge?"


It never even occurred to her. What does that say about you?

"I mean, the way you were looking at that dress on the mannequin, I kind of thought...?"

"Oh, that!" Fluttershy giggled in her usual sweet, innocent fashion. "That one was nice, but the colors didn't quite feel right and I wasn't sure if we'd be allowed to take stuff right off the display racks anyway, so I looked around a little more and found those. Together the look is simple, but elegant!"

Somehow, this seemed worse than if she'd been made to wear something nightmarishly doll-house, but Adagio hoped it still sounded like she was smiling. "I see. I'll be out in a minute."

Moments later, Adagio stood outside the booth in the purple vest, skirt, dark-blue, figure-hugging jumpsuit and sleek heels of matching color, doing a quick twirl to let Fluttershy see her from every angle. Her fashion consultant for the day grinned brightly.

"I like this one! The little vest and skirt give it an innocent, girlish look, but the dark, svelte tights cover up enough to keep it from looking too..." Her smile faltered as she tried to find the right word. "Uh-"

Shrugging a little, Adagio offered her guess with a slightly wry grin. "Whorish?"

Fluttershy immediately frowned, almost wincing at the term. "Please don't think of yourself like that, no matter what you wear."

Flinching, Adagio frowned too. "S-sorry." Speaking of things you should apologize for... "And, well, sorry about the swimsuit. As usual, I don't have much to say for myself, just that I really didn't want to wear that thing, which I know is no excuse for trying to manipulate you into letting it pass."

As the sentiment sunk in, Fluttershy's eyes widened slightly. "You... that was a trick?"

Unable to bear that gaze, Adagio hoped her hair would, in a near-perfect role-reversal, hide her face as she looked at the floor. "I know, I know, I'm no better now than I was before, just as self-serving and terrified of not being the one in control, just as-" She was cut off with a hug.

"It's okay."

Adagio could barely manage more than a whisper. "How is this okay?"

Fluttershy's mouth formed a tiny grin. "It's okay if I forgive you. Will you let me?" She didn't hear more than an unsteady breath in reply, so she gently pat Adagio's back. "I'm not happy that you didn't just tell me how you felt, but I wouldn't have forced you to do anything you didn't want to, and I still won't, just like you've never forced me."

"...That swimsuit was at least a size too small. Was it your idea to put it on anyway?"

"Well, no... but it was my choice." Adagio backed away from her a little, confusion clear in her beautiful face. Fluttershy answered with a smile and a tiny blush. "I didn't say 'Squirrel.' And you can say it any time you want, too." Even if it made her a little more self-conscious, she gave Adagio a little wink. "Fair's fair, right?"

And then Adagio broke into the biggest, wobbliest, almost tearful smile before squeezing Fluttershy closer, demonstrating a good understanding of chaste hugging as she cuddled into her without resting a hand anywhere questionable. "Thank you, Sweetie. Really."

She didn't respond verbally, just quietly cherished the warmth and closeness of the moment. Then, she begrudgingly remembered that they were still in public and that someone might see them at any moment, if they hadn't already. She looked around to make sure (the coast was clear!), but her head motion must have reminded Adagio too, because she broke away a second later.

"Are you hungry, Sweetie? I was thinking we could pick this up after grabbing a bite at the food court."

Eyes widening as her heart stopped, Fluttershy turned a deep, deep crimson. "P-pick... up...?"

Raising an eyebrow, Adagio smirked. "With the outfits, I mean. Unless you've reconsidered joining me in the changing room?"

"Agh!" Fluttershy's arms were a hectic whirl of motion. "I, n-no, I, I-I was, I thought-! Pick, pi-pick, with-! uhuhm-"

Giggling, Adagio pat her on the head and moved to put her sweatpants, hoodie, and sneakers back on. "Tell you what; I'll give you a minute to think about it, and if you barge in and ravish me before I'm done, I won't say 'Squirrel' for at least the first hour or three, but if not, I'll change and we can get lunch together. Fair deal?"

She shut the door almost in almost tauntingly slow fashion, leaving her steamed lobster of a secret girlfriend to quietly mutter to herself about squirrels and bunny suits.

Author's Note:

Next time: Their first date continues!

You've probably guessed that I was hoping to have the whole thing happen at once. Taking a cue from what I learned several months ago, I'm not going to push to get 10k words or so worth of story done in the span of about a week, but I hope what I do get done will be enough until I get the point I had hoped to be at like a month ago.

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