• Published 3rd Mar 2015
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Sucker for a Cute Face - Eyeswirl the Weirded

Adagio finds Fluttershy alone one morning, and many to follow.

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Chapter 14: Worry and Visitors

In her time spent helping out at the animal shelter, Fluttershy never neglected her work, knowing everything she did was for the benefit of the many critters within. That in mind, she did go about today's tasks a little bit on auto-pilot, her thoughts drifting to another source of fluff in her life.

Adagio teases other people. I mean, of course she does, I knew that since before she started doing it to me, but I didn't think, it wasn't really...

But, it was a good thing, wasn't it? If Adagio was using up her daily allotment of sadistic energy just as much on other people, she'd have less to torment Fluttershy with. That was good. She should be glad about that. It wasn't like teasing people meant anything by itself, right? That was just the kind of thing Adagio did with random people all the time!

Fluttershy was hit with the most unpleasant wave of deja vu of her life.

Yes. All the time.

Glancing around quickly, she didn't see any sign that she'd said that out loud. The parrot perched on a nearby birdhouse was quietly preening himself.

But, still, it was fine, Adagio was free to fluster whoever she wanted, to suggest otherwise wouldn't even make any kind of sense. And why should she want to, anyway? She didn't. That would be insane. And stupid. And irrational. And controlling. Complete control probably wasn't right for Adagio anyway, the Dazzlings were chaos in the shape of three girls! It looked like they liked (or at least respected) Sunset, and she couldn't completely tame them either! Not that Fluttershy thought anyone needed taming, just maybe that they could stand to be- but, then, would they still be themselves anymore? Were all three of them just like great white sharks kept in swimming pools at aquariums, denied their nature by being forced to comply with the limitations imposed on them by their new environment? The one they had no say in entering? Maybe it was because of something they did in over in Twilight's world, but still...

The whole line of thought was crazy, so she just tried to focus on refilling the food bowls. This led to thoughts of hunger, to feeding, to what Adagio might like to eat ordinarily, to feeding Adagio from the palm of her hand, to Fluttershy repeatedly slapping herself in the face. When she stopped, she noticed the entire hamster cage staring at her, fuzzy little heads curiously tilted. She gave them a sheepish smile and got back to work.


She was late again. Waiting on the bench, alone, just like she used to every morning, Fluttershy took yet another long, careful look at her surroundings, not a hint of orange fluff in sight. Was it because of the kisses? The last time Adagio showed up later than expected had been right after the squirrel incident, was there a connection? Did being embarrassed the day before make Adagio think twice about showing up?

I knew it, she didn't like the kiss, I saw how she lit up and did it again anyway, I-

No, she said it didn't bother her, she even told you to do it again to prove it!

But that doesn't change the way she turned red, she was uncomfortable, she-

Really? The girl that makes suggestive comments toward you on a daily basis, the girl with the very racy sense of humor, would be bothered by kisses on the cheek?

Then why did she blush?

Fluttershy didn't have an answer for herself, which felt really weird. And worrying. She looked around again, still very much alone.

It can't be as bad as you're making it out to be, she still came to you in the gym, right? If she really wanted to avoid you, she'd have-

Wait! Maybe it was just because she saw me doing the shaky walk and wanted to comment on it?

If she's looking for a chance to tease you, what better time of day than now?

Maybe Adagio was just doing something else this morning? Maybe she was sleeping in, or walking here with Aria and Sonata for once, or... It couldn't be that one of Fluttershy's friends went to talk to Adagio after lunch and told her not to come around anymore, right? Because, even if they did, and she doubted any of them really would just because of what happened yesterday, wouldn't Adagio just take that as a challenge, coming to poke Fluttershy even more often just to see what whoever threatened her would do about it? Fluttershy would have taken that with a smile right now.

Maybe she was teasing someone else, another girl, or even a boy, someone that caught her eye, that never ran away from her, that never made her feel uncomfortable or unwanted! Someone prettier than Fluttershy, someone that was always happy to share food with her mouth-to-mouth, that wouldn't just accept her double entendres, but shoot back with their own! Someone that would compliment Adagio's beauty every time they saw her, someone that-


Fluttershy remembered something Sonata said the day before, something that sent a chill down her spine.

"...she was looking a little red earlier, maybe she's coming down with something?"

Sick. Adagio was probably sick today, and Fluttershy knew why. Still, just in case she was wrong, she waited on the bench to see if Adagio was just running really, really late, to see if she'd pop up and surprise her just like she did before, to show herself and let Fluttershy know that she was being really silly and worrying over nothing at all!

She didn't.


The first time she realized it, Fluttershy thought that she had no classes with Adagio was a great blessing. Now it was a source of worry and dread, because she knew that, barring a very, very rare event like yesterday, the only ways she was likely to see her favorite siren during the day were in the cafeteria, or by sheer chance. That in mind, she took a quick look around the gym, saw no one, and did the walk as accurately to what she remembered of the up-close demonstration yesterday, really emphasizing the hip movement despite the renewal of a blush she thought she'd nearly conquered.

Other door.

Turn around.

First door.

Turn around.

She managed to do the walk a total of five times, nobody coming in to tease her for it.


It was possible that she was just in trouble with Vice Principal Luna again, but there was no sign of Adagio at lunch that day. Aria and Sonata looked like they were talking normally in the seconds Fluttershy could steal a glance at their table, which made her wonder if they were used to their leader (was she still 'in charge' of their group?) not being around already. Her thoughts were just drifting to the likelihood that her own friends wouldn't notice if she up and disappeared (medium to low, she hoped) when Pinkie Pie roped her into a spontaneous, table-wide game of Who Can Name The Strangest Creature On This Side Of The Portal To Make Sunset Feel More At Home. In the context that there are all sorts of odd things in Equestria, of course.

Fluttershy got thirty-eight points by naming and describing the barreleye fish, but the game had to stop because nobody else felt like eating afterward. She probably should have known better than to bring up abyssal sea creatures during lunch, but darned if she didn't feel appreciated in some weird way.


At the very end of the school day, Fluttershy made her move. It was a bit of a gamble, calling her mother to say she would be staying at a friend's place for a while after school today, but even if what she was about to try didn't work, she could probably just walk to Sunset's place not too far from here and keep her company for a while. Of course, Sunset being out or busy was another gamble, but there was no time to worry about that now. She stood out in front of the school by the statue, wondering if she should have waited around the back instead.

However, her hopes were validated when Aria and Sonata came through the front door together, chatting about something she couldn't hear as they started down the road. Looking around and seeing the students at large disperse, Fluttershy followed a ways behind the two sirens after they passed her. She tried not to stare at them as she followed, all too aware of how creepy she must have looked right then to anyone that noticed what she was doing, but a few blocks down the street, Sonata glanced over her shoulder and turned around, quickly tugging on Aria's vest, which made her turn around too.

The two stood still, Sonata looking worried, Aria looking confrontational, complete with crossed arms. Even at that distance, Fluttershy could practically read their faces.

'One of them is following us! Like in those movies!'

'I see her, let me handle this.'

Steeling herself, Fluttershy forced each footstep, looking primarily at the ground, but not letting the sirens out of her sight for more than a few seconds at a time. They waited for her, not saying a word until she was just a meter away.

"Well?" demanded Aria, her tone level, "What do you want, Squeaky?"

Gulping, she managed to look Aria straight in the eye. "It was my fault."

She got a skeptical look. "What was your fault?"

"Ad-dagio wasn't here today. She has a cold, doesn't she?"

The sirens shared a quick look of surprise, Sonata the first to speak. "How did you know that? Have you been following us around all day?"

"N-no," Fluttershy answered with a shake of her head, "I just-"

Aria was somewhere between terrified and enraged. "What, you can just wave a wand and make people sick? People that don't ever even get sick?! I guess you're just some kind of Plague Doctor Seuss aren't you?!" She stepped close enough to grab Fluttershy by the shirt, drawing a frightened shriek. "What did you do?" she asked in a threatening growl, "How did you do it? What kind of sparkly-rainbow-unicorn-barf magic do you have that can just-"

Sonata grabbed one of her wrists. "She can't fess up if ya shake her like she owes ya money, Ria!"

Taking a deep breath through her nose, Aria let Fluttershy go. "Talk. Now."

Steadying herself as best she could, Fluttershy nodded. "Y-you remember that she came near me yesterday? I just got over a cold on Sunday, I think some of it must have still been on me when she got close to me."

Aria slooowly turned to look at Sonata, her face all but saying 'can you believe this crap?' before she turned back, looking much less angry. "That's not really the same as just making someone lay in bed coughing all day."

"But it is how an infection might spread. I took care of myself this weekend, I've taken care of others in the past, and I know I can help Adagio get better too." Fluttershy clasped her hands together. "I just know she's sick now because of me, and I have to make it right. Let me treat her, please?"

Sonata smiled. "Okay!"

Aria sputtered. "D-don't just accept it right away!"

"Why not? She's like their group's Doctor Seuss or something, you said it yourself!"

Shoulders slumping for the usual reason, Aria deadpanned. "I was being facetious."

Sonata crossed her arms and raised her chin haughtily. "I don't know what that means, but I know fancy words won't help Dagi get better, people with 'Doctor' in their title will!" A blue hand wrapped around Fluttershy's wrist like a vice, pulling her along. "C'mon, Dr. Seuss, time's a-wastin'!"

And just like that, Fluttershy was spirited away to the Dazzlings' house by a very lively Sonata, Aria jogging along beside them with partly worried, partly hopeful sort of expression.


There wasn't really time to take in the details of the dark-blue, two-story house before she was dragged into it, but just looking at the exterior filled Fluttershy with an eerie sense of foreboding, like the black, wooden front door was the threshold to another world entirely. She may have read a few too many fantasy novels in middle school, but going in, her suspicions were only heightened as she looked around.

There were rugs strewn about in apparently random places, sometimes leaving them flopped partly up against a wall or doorway, erratic furniture arrangements in almost every room they went through, such as only three out of six chairs set around what she guessed was the dining room table, the other three stacked in some kind of chair pyramid in the corner. That was when she noticed hammocks hung in apparently random corners of the ceiling even when there were no clear means of reaching them. A few rooms were amateurishly painted, with uneven coats and bizarre color choices that would probably make Rarity dry-heave. The strangest thing had to be the random objects in nets, from silverware, to electronics, to cleaning supplies, all hanging from hooks haphazardly nailed on the walls of almost every room, though they looked to be in arms' reach, at least.

...What kind of place is Equestria, anyway?

She couldn't remember Sunset having random hooks in her home, but maybe this was another siren thing.

When they reached the stairs, Sonata stopped. "Oh, wait, gotta get the suit! Ria, can you let Dagi know we're home and that we nabbed a doctor?" Not batting an eye at any of that, Aria nodded, proceeding upstairs without a word of elaboration as Fluttershy was hastily brought to another room of the house, full of costumes of many kinds. Once more, it made her think of Rarity.

Letting go of her captive, Sonata started tapping along a row of hangers laden with Hollywood-worthy outfits, lightly muttering to herself. "Da-da-da-da-da-I-think-it's-o-ver-aha!" Smiling, she picked out a short, white dress with short sleeves and a little, white hat. It was only when Sonata turned the hat to reveal a red cross that Fluttershy understood the thing to be a nurse outfit, the kind hospitals didn't really use anymore.

"You're going to wear that to help Adagio get better?"

Giggling, Sonata shook her head. "No, ya big goof, that wouldn't make any sense at all." She stepped closer, clutched Fluttershy's wrist just as tightly as before, "You're going to wear it to help Dagi get better!" and pulled her toward what looked like a little changing room in the corner of the wardrobe. "I asked the voodoo counselor lady about her Jedi-master-lookin' get-up once and she said 'to suit a certain state of mind, it may help to dress in kind,' and something about fixing your brain just as much as your body, so every bit helps!"

Eyes widening in horror, Fluttershy tried to pull away. "N-no, wait, I wouldn't, I can't, i-it won't even, th-there's no way I can-!"

Within seconds, she was dragged into the changing room, stripped to her underwear, and left with nothing but the nurse outfit as the door closed behind her. She stood shaking with embarrassment for the better part of a minute.

Wow, she thought while trying not to look at the full-length mirror in the little room, I thought Rarity was the only one who could do that.

Every second she stayed undressed was another that Adagio might find her that way, so, blushing furiously, she started putting on the ridiculous medical costume. She was startled by Sonata talking through the door.

"I'm a little surprised you came to talk to us, Doc! You know Sunset Shimmer was the only one to ask where Dagi was all day? Other than her, it was like nobody even noticed that she was missing. I get that, but, it's nice that at least one other person in the world cares, y'know?"

Fluttershy wasn't sure what to say to that. On one hand, it was nice that the Dazzlings acknowledged her, but on the other, sad that they still didn't have any friends outside each other and possibly Sunset. Still, she had to say something!

"I'm sure there are others who care too, they just, uh, might be afraid to talk to you girls?"

Sonata giggled. "Heh, I get that, too."

Finished dressing, she actually found the nurse costume to be a little more modest than she'd have guessed. The skirt was no shorter than her usual choice, the dress buttoned up all the way to her neck, it wasn't uncomfortably form-fitting, and she had to admit the little hat was kind of cute. The white heels she'd been left in place of her regular shoes might take a minute or two to get used to, but all things considered, she felt pretty good. It was as she examined herself from multiple angles in the mirror that she was startled by the door flying open and Sonata grabbing her wrist again.

"C'mooon, it's taking too long to get to the good part as it is!" Without waiting for a reply, she them sped out the door, through the hall, up the stairs, and through another hall to Adagio's room, Fluttershy nearly tripping in the heels a few times. She could hear the muffled voices of Aria and Adagio through the door, with the latter sounding a little offended.

"So nobody said they missed me? Not even a little?"

"'Fraid not."

"Not even Trixie?"

"She hates you, remember?"

"Loves to hate me, you mean!"

"She didn't say anything."

"Boo. I'll just have to make more of an impression when I get back..."

The two of them giggled. From the sound of things, Adagio was almost like a normal, somewhat playful person out of school.

"Anyway," Aria picked up, "Nata and I brought help, should be here soon."

"'Help'? What for?"

There was a pause. Aria's voice was even quieter, the earnest fear and worry in her tone leaving a little lump in Fluttershy's throat. "You never get sick, Adagio."

Adagio's reply was equally quiet, her tone gentle and reassuring. "It's just a little cold, Ria, I'll be fine."

And like that, Aria's typical, flippant demeanor was back. "Hah, you better be or I might take over."

"Yes, that truly would be a disaster!"

Aria giggled. "Ahh, shuddup."

It was here that Fluttershy noticed Sonata giving her a patient stare. "So, are we going in, or is listening at the door part of the prescription?"

Fluttershy turned red, not having meant to eavesdrop again, but Adagio apparently heard that.

"Nata? Is that you?"

Sonata beamed. "Yep!" She threw open the door before Fluttershy could mentally prepare herself, pushing her into the room. "We brought you a Dr. Seuss!"

Fluttershy mentally gave herself an order: Just don't think about it.

There were maybe three seconds to take in the scene of Adagio's bedroom. It was, to her surprise, actually pretty normal-looking, give or take several wall-hooks and a hammock in the corner by the window. There were clothes strewn about in places, but none of it looked unclean in any sense of the word, and there was a simple vanity by the closet. Then she noticed that Adagio's bed was heart-shaped. On that bed, Adagio herself sat wearing purple, silk pajamas with her with her lower body under the red, velvety covers, her back against a mound of pillows and possibly her own bedraggled hair. Her face was a little flushed, there were bags under bloodshot eyes, though she was still able to convey shock as she processed Fluttershy in a nurse outfit.

Surprise became a lewd, if weak smile. "Ohh, I feel better already..."

Author's Note:

Aaaaand Nurse Outfit! There it is.

Alternate titles:
Worry and Cosplay
They Brought Me a Present!
High Heels and Cute Hats
House Call From Dr. Seuss
Sweetie Gets a New Pair of Shoes
Hellooooo Nurse!
My Favorite Kind of Medicine

Yes, I was thinking about this one for a while.

In other news: 8.5k-ish words worth of story due by Saturday morning, once I've had time to proofread and such. This was all supposed to be one chapter, some moons ago, but the usual thing happened and now I'm cutting it into three, hoping to write and publish Adagio's POV chapter next week.

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