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It is a good and noble thing to tell a good story.


Sweetie Belle burst into the Carousel Boutique in tears because one of her best friends is moving to a foster home in Baltimare. Surely there has to be a pony in Ponyville who can be her foster parent, right?

I'm lucky to have two of my favorite, (and also way underrated authors) on this site pre-reading for me, HMXTaylorLee and DemonBrightSpirit. Their work is seriously excellent and unappreciated so go check them out.

My super awesome cover art was done by hugsforpenguin and commissioned by the aforementioned HMXTaylorLee, so another thanks to him.

This story takes place in an Alternate Universe where Quills and Sofas sells more than two things.

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i like this idea and i like the cover art for this story

I never seen this before.


Curiosity level: high.

You have been faved and liked good sir.

5425536 Thank you. I'm a little nervous about this one.

5425558 I could promote in my blog if you want.

5425583 if you want to do that that'd be great, I never say no to some advertising.

Keep going , Up vote X10.

":duck:"Spikey, Precious scales , Is Twilight in?"

:moustache: '"Sure Rarity, Wasup? Right this way."

"Come with me Spikey. . . Twilight dear I require a father figure on short notice,
May I barrow Spike as such?":raritywink: He meets all the qualifications,":twilightoops:

Spike? Father? You? What?:twilightangry2::raritystarry::moustache:

WOw, out of all the ideas I had, or read about something taking in Scoots, Rarity was not one I had thought oF!! great work!!! cant wait for more!

Indeed. Stories like this are a *rarity* (badum tsh)
I remember only one other one where Rarity adopted her:

To bad it never got finished. In case you don't know it it might still be worth a look.

5426194 Yes, I read that one too, and it got me thinking that Rarity would make a good mother. It's a shame that one didn't finish. This story though I think is even better. Although it seems to happen rather uickly, Rarity at least went through a rational, logical process before taking this route. I think Rarity is approaching this exactly as her character would suggest. Also, I think Scootaloo is behaving perfectly too, it is really heartbreaking seeing how cynical she is, but it makes total sense. This story has great potential. I do want to say though I don't like this Mrs. Hoofington, she seems to be running her house more like an orphanage than a foster home, just saying.

It's up!

It was a lot of fun working on this one with you. I must say, I love Rarity's demeanor in this - calm, classy, and concerned. Scootaloo's as well - a far cry from the oft weak and helpless one that shows up quite often in Scootadopts!

Im tracking this to see where its going

I also have yet to see a Scootadopt story involving Rarity, I've seen the others but never Rarity. I for one look forward to seeing more

Well, thi is new. I mean, I havent seen Rarity try her hoof yet.

I am close friends with Princess Twilight Sparkle, and I am the bearer of the element of generosity.”

Element of Generosity

I will go to foal services in the morning to take care of whatever paperwork I may need to. Just think of it as letting her go to a sleepover.”

Foal Services

Do you think you can PM me some Pinkie, Celestia, and Twilight ScootAdopts (other than Gaurdian Angel, and Pinkie's Party Adoption)? I've seen tons of RD, TwiDash, and Flutters ones. But I didn't know that Twi had more than GA. Anywho, this is a cute fic. Ilook forward to more of it.

Edt: Oh and any Cheerilee ones that are any good. The few that I gave a cursory glance to had horrible grammar and paragraph structure. OR were unremarkable enough to forget after giving it a look.




-SYA, The Horse

I like this. It's a Scootadopt that involves a pony who's never tried her hoof at it. And compared to most, Scootaloo is actually strongly in canon character.

Very interesting, first story i have seen with rarity adopting scoots.
I like it!

I like this concept. Although it hasn't earned a spot in my Favorites folder yet, yet, you get an upvote, and a Tracking. Keep up the good work!

5426889 Something to aim for then.

5426771 I haven't really encountered a good cheerilee one, but Cheeradopts do exist.


I'm making a LunaDropKicker ScootAdopt (Luna Raindrops Cloud Kicker)). Well Golden Wings is the set up. Golden Crusade is going to go into the adoption itself.

But yeah, I need to make a good CheeriDoption for the heck of it.

About time someone wrote this. Definitely going to read.

I'm sorry, but I have to give this story it's first downvote.

Scootaloo is just such an obnoxious, entitled little brat in the first chapter that I honestly, could not read two of her lines without wanting to punt her. I'm sorry, but the 'I'm an orphan' excuse only cuts her so much leeway. Especially since her foster mother is legitimately sympathetic and seems to be far more understanding than you ever see someone in her position to be in these sorts of fics. I'll give you some credit, in that the mane 6 do bring up good reasons why they can't be Scootaloo's foster parent, and I can't see any glaring grammar issues. I honestly believe you're a good writer, it's just the story itself that I don't like.

Again, I'm sorry, but I couldn't even finish the chapter thanks to Scoots. And she's going to be a huge focus in a story like this, so... yeah, thumbs down.

Okay, I know it's a plot device, but WHY does Scootaloo, who while apparently hungry for SOME sort of role model (which I hope doesn't get ruined by the show revealing her parents in a mind numbing causal way not explaining why we haven't seen them, or had them mentioned in four years), it feels odd that she's shown no signs of abuse. WHY does her foster parent chose now to just 'get rid of' her?

Her own parents were out; they had one filly to take care of and had already raised her. It seemed wrong to ask them to add another filly to that list.

And Rarity practically raises Sweetie Belle herself already.

For the record, Rainbow Dash has considerably GROWN UP in the last four seasons.

5427020 I respect the down vote and the criticisms, and lord knows I've given out my fair share. Part of me wants to suggest that you stick around for the next two chapters wherein we learn more about Scootaloo's back story, but the other part of me acknowledges that it's possible this story isn't your cup of tea and in that case I wish you well on your journey.

I honestly wanted to stick to the story for the long haul. It's been a while since I read a good Scootaloo fic, and I was hoping this would be my next one. But, while I respect you as a writer, Scootaloo's characterization in here just ruins the story.

Continue the story, by all means, but I doubt I'll read more.

Seems great so far

5427040 I honestly expect that Scoots parents will just be ordinary, boring ponies. Thus the real reason she idolizes Rainbow Dash is for the Excitement.

That would be TOO MUCH of a let down.
Them not being so much as MENTIONED or SEEN for four season, screams that there had to be a bloody story reason why they haven't seen seen with Scoots in all that bloody time!!!!

5428541 They could always have them be traveling. But I think the most likely explanation is that they're the type of parents that love to unintentionally embarass their child, hence why Scootaloo doesn't talk much about them.


SCOOTS not talking about them is one thing. But after four season, this is jarring.

1) Silver Spoon is a satellite character of a satellite character.

2) Fluttershy is an ADULT who does NOT live in her home town anymore.

Scootaloo for all appearances lives in Ponyville! Her parents not being on the presentation list. Not being mentioned. Not being SEEN! Painfully ordinary family is one thing, but this is just plain jarring!

Really, when I read a fanfic that started in the second paragraph how Scoots parents were on their second honey moon, I COULDN'T READ ANOTHER WORD! Unless they've been on a second honey moon for four years!

5428568 Well, the mane six's parents were originally suppose to be dead or traveling, so it's anyone's guess as to what the writers intend for Scootaloo's parents.


It's not just Scoots not mentioning them, it's them never once having been seen around town! And NO PONY once telling Scoots 'get your parents' permission' or the like!

“I most certainly am not. You care about her, don’t you?”
“Yeah, I like the kid in a ‘spend a few hours with her every other week’ kinda way."

That's a bit harsh on Rainbow Dash. I have no problem with her saying she's in no way ready to be a mother, but her essentially saying "I can't stand the kid on a regular basis" is moving towards character-bashing. (Now, if it were a running gag in this story that Scootaloo is a pain in the ass, that would be different, but I don't think that's your intention). :twilightsmile:

It could work, if you emphasize Rarity's classy side and less her bedazzled side.


I think you overestimate the writers' capacity for caring about stuff like foreshadowing and world-building. They've pretty much admitted that they make new ponies up as they need them and they practically never establish any character ahead of time.

5428987 Indeed it was not, my intention was to have rainbow dash acknowledge that she really only gets to deal with the fun part of sister/motherhood, playing with Scootaloo, flying and that kind of thing and that she doesn't have to worry about the responsibility part of it.

Yet another Scootaloo adoption fic.....

>Synopsis mentions Sweetie Belle
>Story stars Scootaloo

Scootaloo was looking at all the dresses at the boutique 'gag me how does Rarity make any bits with this fru fru stuff?' She thought. "Everypony runs around naked".
A quick knock at the door and Spike enters, "Yo Rarity where do you want me to starrrr?":moustache: "Ah Hi Scoots what cha doin here?"
"Spike can I ask you something?...":scootangel:

Scoots has an empty void in his back ground. . .You back fill it nicely.

:raritystarry: "My precious Scales said what?":scootangel:

:twilightoops: "SPIKE!"

Okay, this is novel enough concept (and executed with competance!) that I'm interested to see where it goes.

5430146 But notice who's the one involved in the adoption. :trixieshiftleft:


I'm aware of that. I've BEEN aware of that since Shining Armor (though they seemed to learn their lesson with Maud Pie). But I wish the writers would give a character growth reason for why Scoots parents haven't been seen or mentioned in FOUR SEASONS.

But I've never seen one where Rarity adopts her...

There is at least one, if you're interested.

5427040 re: rainbow dash.

She, in season 4, sold Fluttershy into slavery for a book. Dash is still kind of an impulsive, immature jackass.


-_- How the hell was that slavery? Wait. Don't answer that. I don't want to spend the rest of the day explaining the number of things wrong with that sentence.

My name is Rarity Belle

No, no it isn't. :facehoof:
It's just Rarity. Or Miss Rarity. Or Rarity the Unicorn.

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