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It is a good and noble thing to tell a good story.


Scootaloo ran away years ago. Since then she's settled into a life in Ponyville. It's not much of one, but it's hers. One cold day she finds herself in the library.

Twilight Sparkle is a Princess, sworn to help all the citizens of Equestria, but how can she help somepony she doesn't know needs it.

Edited by Zimmerwald1915 and Johnny Bench

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It begins! Been looking forward to this for a while.

So far it's interesting and has a good start. I loved your story of Rarity adoptes and can't wait to see how this version we'll go

Let's see how long it takes for Twilight to figure out the truth.

Must be before the CMC got their marks.

8036245 yep, if you need a timeline its post season 4, pre season 5

Reminds me of the forbidden fling.

I can already tell this will be alot better then my TwiScootadop. Looking forward to reading it.

8036299 Or called Pulling a Twilight.

Pulling a Twilight - (verb)
The act of a know-it-all Egghead while being a freaked out, book-humping, possessive sadist.

I'm really looking forward to the next chapter! I dont often get excited by updates but this story will be an exception ^^

Is this going to turn into a Scootadopt story? Because I am completely okay with that.

8036627 I have not, no. In fact, this is the first time I've heard of you, but I will be sure to take a look.

This seems pretty good so far. Scootaloo's daily life feels fleshed out enough that I understand it, but doesn't overstay its welcome. Twilight would naturally catch on to something like this unless she's distracted, and Spike's been charming and helpful so far.

I'm keeping an eye on this.

8036632 ah, well you'll notice i write a lot of Scootafics

Whelp *cracks my fingers* Time to delve into another Scoot-a-orphan! (as soon as I find some free time). Though I do feel as though the summary gives us too much information, even if it's the intent, it's just odd to read.

The mere fact that this isn't an RD ScootAdopt is the reason I'm not immediately favoriting this, and I readily admit that.
That was also the reason I was planning to avoid it altogether, but after rereading parts of Keeping Your Promises, this story was in the back of my mind, and I had to at least track it to see where it goes.

The one thing I'm weary of is what the ultimate reason RD won't be the one doing the adopting here.
But I'll continue to track this at least until we get to that scene.

Whelp, here it is. An Orphan Scootaloo fic that keeps Scootaloo as Scootaloo, not helpless, emotional, please-love-me-somebody random orphan #1523. I remember you threatening to do this a while back Mr. Krios, but all the same I am pleased and surprised to see it for real, and all too eager to see where it goes. Let's do this! :scootangel:
(Side note: There seriously need to be more Scoot!emojis. Or more of the CMC in general.)

I find that your fics are a lot better written and draw in the reader more than those other generic scootaloo adoption fics. I REALLY enjoined Three Gems, especially the physiological struggles with abandonment,doping your guard, and rejection. So far I like where this story is going, I find that the internal monologue/thoughts scoot has make her character much more realistic to the scenarios she finds herself in. Keep it up!

A "Twilight adopts Scootaloo" fanfic, and well written? I am hooked.
I have been following some fics with this theme before, but they got cancelled...

Glad to see how the story's coming along and happy to help with editing!

Ohh yes!!

Based on the quality of your previous Three Gems and A Scooter, I have already favourited.

No pressure of course :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I have never read a good Twi adopt fic.

Raylan.. i loved 3 Gems and a scooter and I'm definitely reading this.... but you do realize you mispelled "Prologue" right?

8037549 Scootaloo and the Cabinet of Seers is one of the best stories I've ever read on this site. (It's not technically a Scootadopt, but it's worth reading)

Guardian Angel is also really good.

Both are unfinished unfortunately.

8036996 Thanks. I've said this before and I'm liable to say it again: I try to be a force against

:scootangel: I'm sad because I don't have parents

:twilightsheepish: You live with me now, I'll be your mom

:scootangel: yay, thanks mom!

8036983 There definitely needs to be more cmc emoticons.

I take it you're ignoring the episode "Flight To The Finish"? There, we see Scootaloo having her own room in her own REAL house. So she's neither homeless nor an orphan. :pinkiecrazy:

8037736 Yep. I'm writing a Scootaorphan fic, so I'm ignoring that particular piece of cannon.

8037739 incoming pedantry!

Cannon is a ballistic weapon.

Canon is an established body of work. While Scootaloo's room being a cannon would be 20% cooler, I doubt that's what you meant to ignore.


This fic shows a lot of promise! Cunning!Runaway!Scoots really is the only believable way to do homeless Scootaloo, so kudos there! I think this will be the first Twilight Scootadopt I've seen that wasn't TwiDash, so interesting there too!

And yeah, 3 Gems was f:fluttershbad:king awesome, so just lemme grab the popcorn for this one...

Well, this is interesting. I'll keep an eye on it to see how it goes.

So, a Scootaloo the helpless orphan story by someone who doesn't like that convention? This is either gonna be great (by trying to avoid all the stuff you hate and keep the attractive stuff) or awful (if it's a cynical snide take on a sappy genre, removing what makes it attractive in the first place and replacing it with unfunny crass cynicism).

Looks like the first, though.

Plus for having Spike in the tag and making it clear he's part of the dynamic that will ensue. The Spike fan in me is pleased (and boy is that fan loud).

I haven't paid too much attention to Scootaorphan stories, but it seems like she is trying to be very self-sufficient, although is slightly resentful of people who have comforts.

Ima see where this goes.

8037805 Damn it! I always do that, pedantry well deserved.

Yeah, this is looking like the most promising and least cliched Homeless Scootaloo fic that I can remember!

8037865 Least cliched cliche!...if there's one title I want, it's that.

Yup yup, certainly looking promising! Sounds like you're trying to do a ScootaOrphan fic "right", and so far I think you're doing a good job.

I am looking forward to seeing more of this!

Reading all these comments about generic scoota-orphan stories is making me nervous about my own story which is perhaps a generic CMC adventure story?

I wouldn't know sadly b/c no one leaves comments on it, b/c my grammar when I started was horrendous. I'd like to think I've gotten a little better since then, and I fixed many of those mistakes. No doubt, several still exists. I've also spent like 100k words building the world/characters and I'm still not at the true adventure part yet... Well I am. I just need to find the motivation to write it...

Anyways this story is looking good so far, keep it up. My favorite part of these stories is the discovery and reactions, can't really do those frivolously or else it just ruins it, for me at least, and I stop wasting my time.

Really looking forward to seeing more of this. One thing though, you might want to consider putting Scootaloo's thoughts into italics to make them easier to tell from the rest of the text.

8038432 i found the two I missed, I l think that's all of them

There are a couple ways to work homeless Scootaloo into the show's canon, even assuming that Equestria is as close to an utopia as it'll get.
The easiest way I can think of is her hiding it because she doesn't want to lose her only friends and if she slipped up she'd be shipped off away from Ponyville to Canterlot or some other big city; an orphanage in a small rural town like Ponyville just wouldn't make sense, after all, and maybe she doesn't want to take the chance that nopony in town would be willing or able to take her in.

Or of course you say that Equestria isn't an utopia after all, and Ponyville is just a very friendly and open town. Twilight and her friends never have a reason to 'slum it' when they travel, after all, and even then we've gotten to see that it's not all fun and sunshine, in more recent episodes in particular. Just consider the episode that showed a single restaurant critic nearly cost dozen of ponies their livelihood (I think some of them had even closed down their restaurants already by the time Rarity and Pinkie appeared).

8038487 That episode also featured a sleazy pony who was almost certainly either a drug dealer or a pimp.....


I mean that guy, there's no way he's not into some shady shit

Oh my!

A Scootadopt fic that's well written and doesn't reduce Scootaloo to a mushy woobieblob!

It's like Hearth's Warming Morning come early!

I'll be keeping an eye on this; your pacing for these first two chapters is stellar.

Finally, someone who has Twilights castle also as the library! I mean, it only makes since, after the original got destroyed.
Never really read any orphan scootaloo fics, this will be a first, and its looking good.

I'm looking forward to the next chapters :)

You should put an AU tag on the story, then.

Don't forget: ignoring that scene of "Flight To The Finish"

8038598 No I shouldn't. The AU tag is meant for stories with major canon changes. Lunar Empire etc, this is a small tweak.

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