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It is a good and noble thing to tell a good story.


Ponyville gets a new casino, but the owner is determined to keep it a family friendly place. Rather than try to fight vice with muscle or bribery he turns to the most powerful weapon he's ever encountered; the adorableness of everyone's favorite unicorn filly.

Thanks to Brumby_Run for both coming up with the idea as well as pre-reading for me. and to Alovelylittlecomplex for editing.

This idea was found on The Idea Exchange If you have an idea that you don't have the time to write or are looking for a story to write, go check them out, there's some good stuff on the forums.

This story could really use some original cover art, perhaps a picture of Sweetie Belle in a vest and I have no artistic talent. Can anyone help a brony out?

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Weaponized adorableness… I like it.

Hhmmmmm. I think this just may lead to something great......

Oh, I do hope that this story continues soon. Sweetie Belle's sales pitch certainly had me convinced.

4583598 Ask and ye shall receive. Look for an update later today.

Weapon-grade cuteness....I predict this won't end well.

“I don’t know what it is you think you’re doing, but Sweetie Belle is my sister! You are going to abandon whatever sick, twisted plan you have for her or I will shove my hoof so far up your plot that you will need a royal decree from Celestia herself to remove it! I will burn this place to ashes and then I will burn those ashes! I WILL BUCK YOU UP!” The room went deathly silent save for Rarity’s heavy breathing and flaring nostrils.

Royal Flush looked up at the mare threatening to immolate his charred corpse, “Umm employee families get half off our buffet on Fridays?” he offered.

“Oh, well that sounds lovely. Never mind then. Have fun Sweetie,” Rarity called over her shoulder as she cantered away.

I'm not sure how to react to t- Damnit, stop laughing, Me!

The two ponies looked over at Sweetie Belle, who sat at the table with her ever present smile, dealing cards and playing to the crowd, cheering excitedly when a customer won and sticking out her lower lip with a pained ‘I’m sowwy’ when they didn’t.

That filly is either a damn good actress, or too innocent and adorable for anypony's good.

Awesome continuation of the first chapter, and just what I had hoped this story would be. I came for the jokes and stayed for the hideous carpeting.


That filly is either a damn good actress, or too innocent and adorable for anypony's good.

weaponized cuteness is a dangerous thing. Glad you are liking the story.

It was a mistake to read it all at once my roommate has been asking what the hell I've been squeeeing at the last half hour

Sweetie Belle is indeed a mushroom cloud laying motherfucker. Mushroom clouds of lethally radioactive cuteness, that is...

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4633403 Ha, poor Sweetie Belle too adorable for her own good.
4633482 Thanks, but in the words of a friend of mine, that place scares me.

The next day he went to the town hall and changed his name to Royal Flush, a more fitting moniker, and set out to fulfill his destiny; but like so many young colts, he quickly found that the world of gambling was most decidedly not run on sunshine and rainbows.

Hey, if the casino business doesn't work out, I'm sure he can get a janitorial position at the palace! :trollestia:

That was hilarious. You need to update more!

Disappointing the customer rarely pays off long term. Sweetie Bell sounds like a great asset in the short term, but Royal Flush is going to need to come up with a whole lot of family - friendly activities real fast, since the single stallions are going to stop showing up real soon. Maybe his goal should be to have the place be like a Dave & Busters, but with gambling?

4637641 but if customers didn't come back sweetie belle would be sad :unsuresweetie: and nopony wants that :unsuresweetie:

Another wonderful chapter, I can't wait for the next one. :pinkiesmile:


My prediction is that Gala will come to the casino to see if her coltfriend was lying, and then tell all her friends about that adorable filly so they will come, too.
It's a downright nefarious scheme.

Royal Flush is playing a dangerous game weaponised cuteness is no laughing matter. It claims hundreds of lives every year.

forget sweetie being a blackjack dealer sweetie belle mob boss YAY

Comment posted by Grif_Bladefeather deleted Aug 10th, 2014

well maybe it's time to bring in dinky doo for the poker table? or is the casino not reinforced to handle a class 27 adorability index?

Comment posted by Grif_Bladefeather deleted Aug 10th, 2014

4830170 Love the FNV picture. :rainbowlaugh:

Mugsy: "Okay, dis is how it's gonna work. Yous gonna leave Ms. Belle alone, or you'll be findin yourself wearin a set of cement horseshoes. Capiche?"


The what?
Thats Blackjack from Project Horizons.

4830935 Oh :rainbowderp: I thought it was a ponified Fallout New Vegas because of the armor and the thing on the wrist area of the pony. :twilightblush: Never mind.

This story is hilarious and entertaining and you deserve praise.

4839140 Thank you. I enjoy writing it.

His eyes darted back and forth, scanning the room, as was second nature. First he looked for anyone who was a potential threat. That scan left him with two possibilities: the white, overly muscled stallion in the back, and a lithe looking mare who moved a little too gracefully not to have some form of training in something. Surprisingly, he didn’t see anyone who fit the description of his target. No worries, maybe the dealer changes his appearance. It’s what I would do. Checkcheck. Next he identified the exits; there were three he could reasonably get to, one front, one back and one side door, and a forth through the kitchen that he could try if it became necessary. Finally, he identified all the potential cover and distractions available to him, fifteen total. I’ve always liked casinos. Lots of options

This paragraph reminded me of the Hitman games so much, that afterwards I couldn't help but read Shadow's lines in Agent 47's voice.

I found this story at a good time. :pinkiehappy: I'm looking forwards to more.


A...casino owner wanting to make a completely LEGIT and above board casino?! Equestria truly is a fantasy world...


Is Sweetie Belle going to find herself a Don by the end of this story without even knowing it?

sweetie belle has muscle and doesn't realise it, i am scared.


She'll get her cutie mark in running an organized crime syndicate in the nicest, sweetest way possible.


4908076 What would that even look like?


4908076 What would that even look like?


A pony version of Scarface with a big smile on his face maybe?

I don't know who Quick Splint is. Please tell me who he is.

4983971 he's the name I used for the head trainer of the Wonderbolts in a different story, like I said no connection, just needed a name.

This piece of fan fiction is so illuminating. I've been doing it all wrong. Thank you. Wow, I could have read as many pages as Fallout Equestria for this one.

4998021 I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but thanks. This is meant to be a fun little story, and I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Leaving two nervous but still somewhat-confused stallions behind him, Shadow walked out of the room and out of the Casino, becoming another victim of an unwitting Sweetie Belle’s war on vice. He hadn’t quite reached the train station when a piercingly shrill voice almost shattered his eardrum.

“Hi!” exclaimed a pink pony who was way too happy to see him.

Time to get the buck out!

After thinking about it for a little while I think I can see Pinkie as a wetworks agent for Equestria. All she wants to do is make her friends smile, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to see them smile. If certain bad ponies have to disappear for her friends to smile again then that's what Pinkie's gonna do.

Though there was a distinct lack of Sweetie Bell in this chapter. More Sweetie Bell!


If you want a picture of Sweetie with a dress, there is one in this fic


If you like it, you need to ask the author for the image.

maybe pinkie needs to make a note to the mob the casino is already protected by a deadlier power?

4907467 It's funny because it's true! :trollestia:

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