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Writing is fun, but I'm a musician at heart. I'm a Piano Performance Major at Baylor University.


Fluttershy wakes up with psychic powers. That's all you need to know.

Rated Teen for language, and implied, suggestive themes.

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Well, that's an interesting twist at the end.

So it's like that movie: What a Woman Wants.

I think she wsd better off at first

While I can honestly say, I'm not a huge fan of the story, but the cover art... that shit is a bit trippy. If you scroll up and down while looking at her eyes, they make a strange effect.

This reminds me of an episode of Dexter's Lab.

You know what would be really cool? Whenever twilight tries to do major magic it always completes the task but has unexpected side effects.

There was no visible change in his expression, but she could hear the disappointment at that request. Of course. Twilight this. Twilight that. Why doesn’t anypony ever need me?

You forgot to put Spike's thoughts in italics.

HOLY MOTHER OF :trollestia: "what is a name" was like the first fan fiction I ever read. And now I see a new key tapper fic. A fic I must read

Who the buck disliked this?

So... at the end... Is the stallion psychic or can Fluttershy not keep her thoughts in her head?
Or is the stallion God?

:moustache:In a world where the majority of the population is perpetually nude, those kind of thoughts should be expected.

I am reminded of an episode of the Twilight Zone that... well coincidentally I saw just last night in a TZ marathon. :rainbowhuh:

You don't happen to watch the Twilight Zone, do you?

HEADS SHALL ROLL!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage:

If I had to guess, it was a few of the dudes in the Spike group. They didn't like that Spike didn't save the day, get all the mares, and wasn't the focus of the entire story in "What is a Name."

Probably still holding a grudge.


I was thinking of that when I wrote it!

As a matter of fact, I don't. Perhaps it was just coincidence?



I mean, seriously it's a good one shot. Though, I love to see Fluttershy deal with this for a least a few more chapters! Please, write on!


I guess it was then. Pretty crazy coincidence I suppose...

If you're interested, here's the episode. It was on not two nights ago. :)

For your efforts I award you 9 out of 10 Flutteryays.


That's all that needs to be said here...

100th like.

You're welcome.

So pretty much the funny parts of this

Why isn't there a group for mind powers i.e telekinesis telepathy ect. ?

6524566 Because Magic exists, your argument is invalid....OR IS IT???!!!

...We really could use a group like that here for some reason, you know because, not enough stories exist here to draw a line between pony mage and pony psyker.

Holy shit. I’m a fucking chicken. My life literally has no meaning.

Nice :rainbowlaugh:
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