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Call me GB! ^_^ I enjoy writing colourful horse stories for you to enjoy. If you liked one of my stories, please share it with others and have a wonderful day!


"I can handle the cold. I'm a pegasus. Pegasi are supposed to be able to handle the cold. Sure, most of them have a warm, fluffy cloud home and a nice warm bed...and this is the coldest winter I've ever had to survive through...but I'm tough. I'll be fine...It's just a little cold weather..."

Thanks to my pre-reader: Mcstuffins
Cover art: kanashiipanda
"Alternate Universe" in only the strictest sense. Some things deviate from the show's canon, but only by a little

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Very good story my friend it's a heartfelt happy feeling moment. You did a fantastic job with this story I loved it and it shows how Scootaloo trying to be like Rainbow Dash. Even though I like Sweetie belle as my favorite CMC Scoots is my second favorite and this story really brings out how she idolizes Rainbow Dash. Again very good story :)

People are still writing Scoots as an orphan even though she's shown to live in a house?

This was amazing! Scootaloo almost dying hit me hard in the feels.:applecry:

7239932 Really? Where?!

"Flight to the Finish". We see Scootaloo in her room inside a house.


I still need to rewatch that episode, because something seemed off about that scene. I still believe she could be am orphan, though perhaps adopted.

Scootaloo reserves the right to call rainbow dash mom at any given time

7240361 We saw her in 'a' house, not necessarily 'her' house. Either way, if she does end up having a home later, I would just retroactively add some altered canon to this story. The main idea is to tell the story, not to perfectly match the TV show. :twilightsmile:

7240442 Of yeah! Thx! :twilightsmile:

Awww, just, awww, I loved it, it made me cry a little of course, but I always love a happy ending for Scoots.


Actually that house seemed very governmental to me. It looked like the pony version of an orphanage. It lacked the customization that a non-municipal building would have.


... Scootadoption-orphan stories are still a thing? Um, okay then.

Seems written well enough, but you probably could have achieved the same result in much less words without losing any of the impact you were going for. A solid 5,000 - 7,000 words instead of the nearly 20,000 we have here. Also, I think I would've been more impressed if you'd made a story that didn't follow the somewhat overused Scootaloo orphan and instead showed off a family and a loving home.

Well written either way, but it's not amazing. Good job on the piece.

I guess that you could say mayor mare got the paper work done in ten scones flat. Nice story BTW

The weather schedule. Do you know if it's gonna snow tonight?

:applecry: "We all know all pegasi know the weather schedule!"

You're a pegasus. You can handle a little chilly weather.

As we all know pegasi are practically perfect in perpetuity.

"Sure. I'll check this neighbourhood."

:rainbowdetermined2: "My plot convenience senses are telling me there's a 'cat' there.!"

I should inform you, though, that there is always an outside chance that she could take a turn for the worse.

"Which is why we aren't gonna keep her for 24 hours just to be safe."

Wait, kanashii drew something that isn't princest/incest/chrysalis porn? What madness has the world fallen into? Also, I shall give this a looksie.

And how do Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle feel about this? Did they ever even find out?

Very nice heartfelt story. You almost made me cry a few times. Nicely done!

~ Super-Brony12

Shouldn't this have the Alternate Universe tag, seeing as how canon has shown us Scoots has a home and stuff?

Cute one shot. Now I want there to be more. :) Although, I'd argue that ponies don't seem to have last names (i.e. 'Twilight Sparkle' would be a first name on our system).

7240963 ok but she isn't homeless. That's the point I was making

It's very heart breaking and heart warming.

Are you crying?
What?! No!
It's just so beautiful!:raritycry:

There are a couple things that bother me. Enough that I stopped reading.

First, the hospital is going to discharge her that quickly? Not even keep her in observation for the night? After they admit there's a small chance of some sort of relapse? That just screams medical incompetence to me.

OK. If you let that go there's still thing number two. They more than likely know Scoots isn't Dash's family. Lets face it, Dash's world saving status aside, Ponyville is still a small town, and in small towns people (or ponies) know each other. Dash's world saving status makes it even more likely they know Scoot isn't her family. I don't really see a professional care giving organization discharging a minor to someone who isn't the guardian. National hero or not.

7241951 its a cartoon discord says it best what fun is there in making sense

Beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful.

7239932 Either they didn't know or they don't care. Or it's a plot point/divergence from canon. No matter the reason- it's their story and they can do what they want on that end.

7242293 really? Thanks Captain Obvious :ajbemused:

7242310 You know what they say. Ask a dumb question...

What's this? A sad story featuring Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash?


Well, it seems I now have diabetes. I hope you're happy, GigaBowser.

Well done, and very cute. I almost would have liked to see Scootaloo like the idea of calling Rainbow Dash "Mom" at the last part, though.

Adorableness overload

im crying so bad right now god that was so sad and written so good
god im a mess right now

thanks for keeping me up a hour later for finals

Lauren Faust confirmed that Scootaloo is not an orphan

Glorious Scootabuse. I miss when this was more commonplace.

7241054 I was aware it was 'overused' when I wrote it, but I didn't care. When something inspires me, I gotta put it on pages. And after all, this could be anybody's first ScootaOrphan story.

7241577 Is that really warranted? When I think of 'Alternate Universe', I think of the reverse-gender world, or a world where Nightmare Moon won. To have a story like this with so few little changes in it, is it really a full-blown alternate universe? I included the little author's note at the beginning to make note of one of the more substantial changes. Like I said earlier, I don't really care about unquestionably adhering to the show's canon. I wanted to tell the story.

7241951 The medical aspect made things difficult and was the reason for a major rewrite. I knew it might have been a sticking point for some people, so sorry that you didn't enjoy it. Thanks for giving it a chance, though.

7242310 7242440 Like I said, I don't care. The important thing was telling the story. The canon of this story's universe is a little bit different.

>>Everyone Else: Thank you SO MUCH for the fantastic reception this has gotten. Here I was waffling on whether or not I should even release this or not, and it's hit the front page! This is my third time on the front page, and I'm still just as humbled. Thank you for reading, everyone!!

Ah, I love a good Scootadoption story. Good stern Flutters, and… shit, Rainbow breaking down; that tugged on me.

Lovely story!

I really hope that there will be an episode where they give scootaloo some proper back story just like what they did to diamond tiara.By the way, this is one hell of a great story.

I couldn't stop crying! :fluttercry:

What, is it season one again?


>> Spacecowboy I was aware it was 'overused' when I wrote it, but I didn't care. When something inspires me, I gotta put it on pages. And after all, this could be anybody's first ScootaOrphan story.

Exactly. It's not so much about whether someone else told it first, it's about how a particular author writes it. How many times have writers rewritten, tweaked, or adapted the classics? And yet we still want to read or watch them, to appreciate all the little variances on the theme. Knowing the rough outline of where something is going to go even helps, in a way, as it means more attention can be paid to the fine details.

My feels, you have all of them good sir.
I know the whole 'Dash adopting Scootaloo' thing might be over done by now, but I still enjoy the well written ones that give you the full range of feels, and this is defiantly one of those, hats off to you.

You want to know what would be hilarious? If Scootaloo were to tease Rainbow Dash by calling her "mom". That's what my two nephews used to do to me, and I'm not even their legal guardian.

Comment posted by Captawesome deleted May 24th, 2016

Sorry my response was more to the poster commenting about the house looking governmental like an orphanage. I love scootaloo orphan fics like this regardless of canon or not.

Good story. "Once more" was used too much in my opinion. And what about the kittens?

Very nice, overall; you could do with a bit less repetition (something I struggle with myself)-- for example, I'd look for alternatives for "sis" in a similar situation, like buddy, little buddy, Dash! (exclamation point MANDATORY! :) , sister, etc.-- and some sharpening on the language/construction, but still pretty warming overall.

I think it has the invisible problem that a lot of sad (let alone dark) fics do, which is that it requires a lot of suspension of disbelief. Especially the three years thing; it's not just Rainbow Dash who's missed this, it's Applejack with her honesty, Rarity with her social sense, Twilight/Twilight Time (though I guess at 3 years maybe that was missed?), the inquisitiveness of the Crusaders, lots of others in their lives, and perhaps biggest of all, Cherrilee.

Even-- sometimes more so-- prior to the modern organization of schools, teachers are HUGELY involved in students and their parents; the less students, the more involved, at that. Especially for an active and rambunctuous kid with a lot of potential like Scoots... well, I've noticed a marked tendency for fanon to assume Cherrilee is oblivious due to DT&SS' old bullying routine, but that's a different argument.

It's still a good story overall; the sort of thing that could be excellent with more practice and honing of the craft. I think you're just running up against one of the big problems in fanfic: the more that's known about a given story, the harder it is to play against type. You want to reach out through a well known character, but you're running into what's known all around her, too.

You're here now, still alive and kicking, and I'm gonna put an end to all of the crappy things in your life.

Ooh! Like not being able to fly? :trollestia:

The only thing faster than Dash is her reputation.

7243229 That's why I had Fluttershy say they could take care of themselves. She wanted to find them just to make sure, but when something more important came along she decided they could find their way home on their own.

Y'know, I don't have a problem with scoota-orphan stories, but I do have one with homeless scootaloo. Have a non-complete list of ponies that should have known something was wrong.
Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash- none of them ever once wondered why they never saw Scootaloo's house? None of them wondered about her parents? Acceptable, but contrived.
Cheerilee. Have you never heard of "parent-teacher conferences"? Cheerilee should have known she was an orphan without anyone looking after her, unless Rainbow was signing the papers, in which case Rainbow knows that there's something wrong. Not acceptable, but you can gloss over it, I guess.
PINKIE. RESPONSIBILITY. PIE. She knows everyone in the town. EVERYONE. Full. Stop. We know this is a literal fact because she can recognize if someone is new just by seeing their face and not recognizing them, and it never occurred to her that she didn't know Scootaloo's parents? This never occurred to her as something to deal with? She can seemingly find anyone anywhere no matter how hard they try to hide, but she never once thought to check in on Scootaloo when she was sick and found her sleeping in an alley? She knows so much about everyone else but it never occurred to her she didn't know where Scootaloo lived? Not acceptable, and you definitely can't gloss over it, because it directly contradicts litterally everything we know about the character. What the hell, author?

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