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Why no new chapter Raylan? · 8:53pm May 19th, 2016

It's approaching two months since I last updated Three Gems and a Scooter, and while I try not to be beholden to my audience I am aware that I have one. As such you all deserve an explanation for why there's no new chapter.

Part of it is I got inspired to finish my Spike fic, that's almost done. In addition a lot of my writing time has been taken up with a Rage Review and a collab project I'm working on getting off the ground.

That's half of it.

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Raylan fic is out · 5:50am Jan 30th, 2016

Raylan is the best

The Raylan story in the last authors note made it through moderation. Go read it if you'd like.

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Re-tag? · 12:59am Dec 1st, 2015

I started writing this under the old tag system. I don't put too much stock in tags but some people do. So I'll ask you all: Are there any of the new tags you think I should apply to the story?

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About that Author's Note · 4:49pm Nov 7th, 2015

I'm glad most of you got the joke. There were surprising number of people who didn't though, hence this update. I am grateful, in a sense, for the people who spoke up saying "I don't really think having your terrible OC swoop in and fix everything is a good idea", except that if you said that it means you think I might do it. Or your comment was also meant as a joke and I didn't get it, if that's the case I apologize

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When an Episdoe Kinda Sorta Messes up the Canon of your Story · 7:47pm Sep 13th, 2015

I liked the last episode. It also sort of contradicts some of what I wrote in the last chapter. And the next episode is going to feature a lot of Rarity and Rainbow Dash which I'm sure will tweak the canon of my story even further.

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Quick Update · 2:02am Aug 24th, 2015

Three Gems and a Scooter has another chapter. I heard from one person that due to me accidentally hitting unpublish it might now show up in your feeds, so here's a blog post about it.

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