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Trixie has read literally dozens of true crime stories. She has no idea why it takes the police so long to solve the crimes when they're so obvious -- especially in hindsight. When a murder happens right in front of her, its her chance to prove her expertise to the doubters and claim her rightful title as the Intelligent and Insightful Trixie, Equestria's Greatest Magical Detective!

Assuming it actually is a murder, anyway.

An entry in the 2023 Whodunnit Contest

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“Trixie is Equestria’s most brilliant detective!” she declared. “Also, Trixie has read many true crime novels. It’s always the maid or the wife.”

OR the Butler, Husband, or a different family member.

That was a good story.

I really do need to read more mysteries. Nice work!

Cold logic.

Careful Trixie, it's learning! A knowledgeable Trixie is a pain in the ass Trixie. Especially for Twilight.

Cute and funny, even with the whole murder thing.

It's true that life is weirder than fiction. This is the equivalent of using movie logic to not be in a horror scenario.

I like how you've managed to balance Trixie's portrayal. She 'solved' the case, sure, but did does lack the evidence, motif, or connection based off her last words.

What she did have is confidence and perception. And some experience, too, apparently. Definitely fits her style more.

Plus, it is true that crime authors tend to dig into their research a little too deep. On the 'watch list' kind of too deep. Not surprised that anyone could gain certain insights into how those criminals work.

Well written Wordsmith!

Trixie just making a bunch of assumptions and being proven right afterwards? Perfect. The lore tidbit about Blueblood was also tops.

11727825 Or the evil alternate universe guy....


A very nice and well done mystery/detective fic with best pony as the genius—accidental or not. I really liked how you slowly revealed everything, giving more and more puzzle pieces to solve the murder case. I also liked how plausible and logical you set up the knowledge Trixie would have that others have not. This might've been otherwise seem as "dumbing down" the other characters, but you created a perfect enviroment for Trixie to be smarter in this specific case—including also how others also caught on once specific clues were given.

In short, a good crime (story-wise, of course) with a nice lead and a Great and Powerful not-detective indeed. :trixieshiftright:

Really fun story. I especially like the truth spell bits, it was very fun having little special clues so the audience could follow along and theorize.

Right For the Wrong Reasons Dept.

That was a wonderful surprise of an ending.
I love the portrayal of Trixie - she is still very much Great and Powerful, but also more experienced, more knowledgeable and more self-conscious.
And as RTStephen up in the comment section stated, knowledgeable Trixie is a pain in the ass Trixie, especially for Twilight.
I would call that a good study in character development for her!

The only thing that kind of bums me down is banter between Starlight and Trixie. They come off as a bit too toxic for best friends, not to mention partners.
Ah, I suppose Starlight had good reasons to be cross with Trixie, so it's really just a nitpick :unsuresweetie:

Is it bad that I want to see more cases being solved with Detective Trixie. And each story starts with her accusing the most ridiculous thing imaginable that even while she is right, Starlight and Twilight simple can't accept that as the truth? Only to end each time Trixie was right when she explains layer by layer how her version is the truth. :pinkiehappy:

Tbh, that wasn't what I thought happened
My guess was he was Diabetic because of
“Almost like he added sugar to it when somepony had already done it for him,” Trixie noted.

I would have never imagined Trixie being able to solve the case and the trick with the sugar completely surprised me.


Oh, very clever! Had quite a few good chuckles with this one. You've managed to put together a good story and a good mystery in only a few thousand words, here, and that's commendable!

As far as the mystery goes, it's engaging. Not exactly hard (I get the feeling that wasn't the goal here), but fun to put together. I did find the coloured text gimmick to be a little unnecessary? It is a good idea (Umineko, right?) but it felt like it didn't actually contribute to the case at hand much. I wish it had culminated in a joke somehow. Oh well.

Regardless, great work!

This was a fun story, with Trixie's absurd confidence playing off of everyone else well. With Al’tempes's role in the murder, her insistence that Trixie handle the case gets reframed as her assuming Trixie is an idiot that will buy her time, but that ended up being her downfall. A proper examination probably would have revealed the allergic cause of death, but she would have been gone by then.

About the Umineko red text, it was fun to keep track of, but as the above comment noted, it ended up not having a payoff, which was a shame. I am a bit surprised none of the ponies noticed the red text that confirmed this was a murder.

Trixie actually solving the case, rather cleverly in fact, was a surprise and a delight. :trixieshiftright:

Fun fact: The a Greek kingdom used poison honey, made by bees who'd primarily harvested nectar from rhododendron flowers, to thwart an invasion attempt by Roman general Pompey. The honey didn't kill. but sickened the troops and made them hallucinate, so they were helpless when the Greeks ambushed them.

In small amounts, this 'mad honey' is useful to treat hypertension and diabetes.

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