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I am a simple writer and connoisseur of gender bending stories. I also do a little editing and collaborations if you're in need—just know that my schedule isn't the most reliable.


Status Update: so it's been a while... · 8:48pm Feb 17th, 2018

Hello everyone.

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I don't do 'percentages'. I never know how much is left in a chapter to write.

Oh, I used to have lots of talks with Samaru, too. But, that little circle that was made has been broken a long time ago.

On that note, I tend to keep the percentage of the chapter alongside the wordcount in the description of the story, and I stress this next point, as a courtesy. You can understand that fanfics is a thing that you, me, and Sammy do in our free time, and we all have a different approach to that.

Since there seems to be a lack of communication he doesn't seem to know how to express, I will say that he's just been taking his time writing the chapters because he's been feeling a bit burnt out. They're still being written, just exceedingly slowly, that we've been discussing how he wants to write scene X or chapter Y for example. He's a good friend of mine, and I'm trying to keep his will to write at a manageable level, but we often go on tangents about different stories that we both want to write.

This is just me talking, so don't let me put words in Sam's mouth.

While this is somewhat true, not updating for several months and saying nothing about it will upset your readers and enrage others. Not everyone has the same level of patience which is why I regularly explain why I'm not updating my stories to stymie that.

Hi there, I'd like to point out that it's very rude when you call someone out on their updates. He's allowed to read other stories and leave comments outside of working on his own stories.

If you like someone's work enough, being patient is the way to go!

What's up with the viewing of other stories and not having an update in months, 3 hours ago u commented on my little heartbreak more with a kind word, and u havent even blogged, at least let us know u arent going to work on ur story

  • Viewing 1,200 - 1,204 of 1,204
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