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"Who’zat when and where - Daydream on a Dare!"

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    Dead or what?

    Once again, long time no see squids and kids, and apologies for the silence, I know I'm pretty much dead in the water right now but I do still have ambitions to write, just not as strong as before. I've been more focused on my own little projects as of late, things I can draw, animate, or design in the future which has not left any time between work to just sit down and write. As it stands

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Well, what you gon do about it, partner?

This town isn't big enough for two Deeps...



I-I’m not crying, these is just...condensation from the pure joy I’m feeling.

A Super Mushroom grants its user moderate power for as long as they can hold onto it, while a Super Star grants its user unlimited power for a brief period of time. I believe the power of the Super Mushroom will provide the strength and endurance needed to defeat the opposition.

  • Viewing 48 - 52 of 52
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