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Derec mc coy 2

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Applejack has everything she needs. Her friends, family and her apples. She has to feel complete, right?
Wrong... although she thinks she feels perfectly fine, she feels empty. Her work distracted her from this feeling but now, she can't help it anymore.
Rarity suggest to take a break, and go on holidays, far away from Ponyville. Sounds fun, right?

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 16 )

I like it too. It has a good feel. I'l make sure to follow this. Good fic. I like it:twilightsmile:

5941140 thank you. the next chapter is almost ready to edit. I'm glad you like it

5940821 thank you. I'm happy you like it :D

I would work on spelling and grammar overall. It kinda takes away from the point.

Consider me amused. This work is actually very precise on each characters dialogue and I like how you integrated the segments of speach into it. It's great.:raritystarry:

5943148 Thank you. I hope I can keep it that way :twilightsmile:

5943492 Great! :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you like it

5944039 okay. I'll try to watch it :D

5944321 thank you so much. I've been off for so long and this is my first story since a long time. and to see this really touches me. thank you so much. I wish I could wake up with such comments every day :pinkiesad2: thank you. thank you all.

There is no 'i'.

Whether its is used in the start, middle or end, it remains as a capital 'I".

6341844 ah. Damn. Sorry, I will correct it

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