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Living robot, a cybernetic pony, has strong feelings for a specific stallion. He tries his best to win his heart, but everything turns out different than expected. Join him in his crazy search for love, on a heavy, emotional road.

A slice of life roman, based on the crazy love between Living Robot and Dusty Books. In other words, your everyday day average ship.

Special thanks to Dusty Books, Living Robot and Scoots for editing and prereading.

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Applejack has everything she needs. Her friends, family and her apples. She has to feel complete, right?
Wrong... although she thinks she feels perfectly fine, she feels empty. Her work distracted her from this feeling but now, she can't help it anymore.
Rarity suggest to take a break, and go on holidays, far away from Ponyville. Sounds fun, right?

Chapters (4)
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