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Hey there. Just existing over here. my old account you can ignore this link


From 2016 to 2020 · 9:05pm Mar 15th, 2020

It's been a while since I wrote one of these

Basically, I'm writing this to suppress the blog from 2016. Gosh I was cringy when I was a teen.

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Editor wanted · 9:13pm Feb 1st, 2017

Greetings everyone

It's good ol' me again. And .... I have a question

I said I'd pick up writing again, and I will! Starting from tomorrow, I'll write little by little (since I'll be writing this on my tablet... *sigh*)
BUT if someone is willing to help me with the editing, that'd that'd be awesome.

I'll start with a non-pony story, (side project of mine)
And a short fanfic. Unless I can write it as a collab. That'd be awesome!

If someone wants to help, that'd be awesome!

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I am back, and I started a thing! UGMB! · 9:05pm Jan 30th, 2017

I am now the self proclaimed CEO of the unofficial guinius marketing business! For true geniuses!

And my first duty is to make Queen famous again! While I'm fruiting damn autocorrect, while I'm working on an unofficial guinius marketing business plan, please comment your favourite Queen song below

Need a good catchphrase or good publication?

Call me

CEO Mr McCoy
Unofficial guinius marketing manager of the unofficial guinius marketing business
For true geniuses

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Losing touch · 1:12am Jan 29th, 2017

I've been gone for quite a long time. I had depression and a slight alcohol problem. But, I've come back ... It took me way to long, but I'm done with sadness. I want to change .... Change back to who I once was.

But, (damn it!) During my absence, I've lost contact with two dear friends.

Ninja no theme and

Of somebody knows how or where I can contact them, please let me know.

Other then then, minus 20 out here! Damn cold for Hungary. XD

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Insert sad title · 9:02pm Dec 20th, 2016

It is good old me again. Long time no see. Guess you're (just like me) piled up to to teeth with work and planning for Christmas? Thought so.

But unfortunately.... A close friend of mine..... Wasn't very lucky today. My friend Keam lost her grandfather today.
He was 97, (which is a very respectable age by the way) and passed away last night. In his sleep.
You can read all about it .... Here

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Life changing stuff · 1:39pm Sep 7th, 2016

Yup. I'm 99% sure now. I'm going to make a serious decision.

I'm 20 years old now... and as some may know, we moved to Hungary a couple of months ago. And... well, it's not what I had in mind.
Sure, the weather is fine (to hot for me though) the nature is beautiful, and the bar is a fun place to work.

But it was my parents decision. They love it here. They wanted to move out of Belgium. This is there dream....

And after a long thought and a lot of work.... This is not MY dream...

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Smal favour · 6:46pm Jun 4th, 2016

I'm on and off this site lately. I'm on for ... ten minutes and then off. So... I barely read blogs these days.

But I'm still up for a talk (if you can handle slow replies) so pm me away.

But what I'd like to ask you guy. I haven't had time to see mlp season six. So if you talk to me or something.... please don't spoil anything.

Thank you :3

Derec mc coy. Out.
*mic drop*
I need a new line.....

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Hi there · 10:22am May 4th, 2016

I'm still here in Hungary. Things are going great. But there are so many things to do. So much work. Ah!! It's killing me....

Especialy the fact that I can barely talk to my GF. God, I miss her. I hope she reads this. I guess she's asleep now. Or at work. I don't know... I feel terrible. Like I let her down. I wanna be there for her. Hold her tight. Tell her how special she is. How much I love her....

I miss her....

I miss all of you...

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I'm still alive · 11:58am Apr 19th, 2016

I'm so busy working here in Hungary. I feel pretty lonely and I finally have wifi.

How're you guys? Did I miss anything?

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Well. Goodbye · 7:00pm Mar 22nd, 2016

Guess I gotta go for a few days. Maybe weeks! I don't know for how long exactly. It's the whole moving thing coming up so.... yeah. I'll come back as soon as I can.

But most of my free time will be spend with... well.... you know.. someone special :heart: hope you understand.

Hope to see yall soon. Bye

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