Once upon a time: A Robot in love

by Derec mc coy 2

First published

Living robot, a cybernetic pony, has strong feelings for a specific stallion. He tries his best to win his heart, but everything turns out different than expected. Join him in his crazy search for love, on a heavy, emotional road.

Living robot, a cybernetic pony, has strong feelings for a specific stallion. He tries his best to win his heart, but everything turns out different than expected. Join him in his crazy search for love, on a heavy, emotional road.

A slice of life roman, based on the crazy love between Living Robot and Dusty Books. In other words, your everyday day average ship.

Special thanks to Dusty Books, Living Robot and Scoots for editing and prereading.

Chapter I

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It started off so well.
They said we made a perfect pair.
I clothed myself in your glory and your love.
How I loved you….
How I cried….

My voice faded as my metallic hooves crumbled down from the piano tiles. I hung my head and sobbed uncontrollably. “Oh Dusty….. Why”

I got up and walked toward the window and stared outside, trying to calm myself down. It was late in the evening and outside, the rain was pouring down like teardrops from the sky. As it felt my pain

I turned my head and gazed upon a small picture on the wall. With a smooth hoof writing on it saying “Robot and Dusty forever” but that was …. Long …. Long ago.

2 years earlier

“Hey Dusty! Would you … euhm… go on a date with me?” I looked at myself in the mirror. “No, that won't do.” I mumbled. I was all alone in the restroom. I told the teacher I was feeling sick, and as a matter of fact, I really felt off. My belly has been aching, my head spinned like a tornado, and my hooves shaky.

“Dusty… I want to go out with you” for months now, I wanted to ask this stallion out. He's kind, caring and so beautiful. And we already seemed to think alike. But I don't know if he's into stallions…..

“Would you go out with me?” It's the final year of college. I need to ask him out quick, before it's too late. But then again…. I don't want to lose my best friend….

“Dusty I….” I took a deep breath and sighed “Know what, I'll just make him mine. Robot style!”

Just at that moment, the school bell rang, meaning that break time was about to start.

Perfect” I filled up my smile with confidence and left the restroom. I strolled through the hallway with my relaxed attitude, hiding my nervous beating heart. The long and boring hallway was filling up with students and teachers alike, hurrying to the mess hall.

Lunch time!” I though. But I wasn't hungry at all. Well….. Not hungry for food, that is.

I opened up the big double door, revealing the large cafeteria. I trotted toward the same table me and Dusty always sit, only to notice that it was empty. “Guess he's late” I thought.

I sat down and started to think. “It won't be weird if I ask him out. Right? If he doesn't want to go on a date, I'll just say it's a date… as friends! Or … friends with benefits. Oh, that sounds marvellous. He has such a beautiful, well shaped sexy….

“Hello” I looked up and noticed a handsome pony. His coat was soft brown and his manes short blue. His green eyes glared happily at me. Playful as always, and filled with joy. It were those eyes that made my heart skip a beat.

“H-hey” I managed to mumble. Seriously. Mighty fine ass.

“You okay?” He asked me with a slight concerned voice. He sat down next to me, and took his lunch box.

“what? What could be wrong with me? I'm awesome, as usual!” I replied and forced a smile. “It's just… euhm… my circuits! Yeah, they've been messing with my wing!” I stretched my robotic wings and hoped he would buy it.

He rolled his eyes and chuckled. “Silly” he opened up his lunch box and gave me a quick, playful glare.

He loves me. He really does. Why else would he me silly?” Those very thought raced through my brain. “I mean, that smile, the chuckle…. Is this a sign?” I looked up and prayed to Celestia. "here goes nothing"

“Hey Dusty? Do you wanna go out someday?” I stopped breathing and closed my eyes. Like I was preparing for a punch, straight in the stomach.

“I'd love to” I heard.

I still had my eyes closed firmly and didn't dare to move. “R-really?”

“Of course!” Dusty replied.

He sounds enthusiastic” I though. I took a deep breath and turned my muzzle towards him, and found him smiling. “Nailed it” I thought.

“But why are you acting so weird today?” He continued. “It's not like we never hung out before.” He looked at me with a puzzled look.

crap!” I started panicking “he thinks we're just hanging out! That blind dumbass, couldn't he see I was asking him on a date!” I tried to think of a way to express my true intentions

“Yeah, I know. But … I thought you were busy?” I said. “Is this the best I have in me?"I added in my thoughts.

Dusty sighed and took another bite of his sandwich. “Nah, my tests are over. It's really calm this week. I can afford a day out”

“Nice” I said, and looked down. I took a deep breath and decided to stop trying. "I guess it'd be better to ask him on a real date when we're outside the school buildings"

“How about the fair?” he asked suddenly, pulling me out of my thoughts.

I turned back to him. “You mean the Crystal fair?” I asked.

“Yes!” He smiled “I've been wanting to go there for ages! But I never got the chance to…” he looked down a little “I mean… if you don't mind to go there wit…”

I didn't let him finish that sentence. “Then we'll go to the Crystal fair!” I cheered. I saw his face filling up with happiness.

“Awesome!” He exclaimed.

This is perfect. We go to the fair, have a lot of fun, wait for the perfect moment, and
BOOM, he's mine!” I grinned with happiness and confidence. I leaned back in my chair. "What could possibly go wrong.

I was humming a happy tune as I walked home.

We discussed the details of our trip during lunch. We decided to meet up at the train station. We'd leave early in the morning, so we'd get there before it gets to busy.

This Saturday will be great!” I smiled. “Now, what do I need to pack for the fair. Just some money?” I questioned myself outloud.

I entered my small apartment and looked around. “Seems like my mom is not back from work yet.”

I threw my saddlebag in the corner, grabbed myself an apple and walked into my room. It was small and cramped. Probably because of the wall piano which my uncle gave me for my last birthday.

Maybe I should write a song to seduce him?” I wondered. “Or would that be to cliché. I know he likes romantic stuff. But on the other hoof… it's not my style

I jumped on my bed, thinking about a way to seduce him during the fair. “A love letter? No! That's straight out lame!” I sighed and threw the apple core into the dustbin, next to my desk. “Just… how"