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Just a sociopath with an unheathly love for flames, gaming, and ponies. I'm probably not mentally fit to drive . . . but I'm still a pizza boy!!

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I just type whatever the hell I feel like when I feel like it. I'm no hipster or anything. I don't have a facebook, twiter, or tumblr account. I don't care for followers or anything like that. If you like what I write, great, but if you hate it, I really, really don't care.

RedRioteer's Achivements...

Have you meet the The FIMFiction Achievement Brigade? They add little achievements to site.
Here are the achivements I've... well... achieved...
(as of September 28, 2014)
What Is This Place, Filled With So Many Wonders? Does This Show Up In My Browsing History?
Make an account on FIMFiction Read first story with both the "sex" and "gore" tags.

Join the Herd I Read It for the Plot
Join a group. Read a story with the "Sex" tag.

Curious Cat I Can't Make Up My Mind
Turned on viewing mature stories Change the Banner more than once in a day

She Keeps Me Company The Worst! Possible! Thing!
Turn on the desktop pony First 502 error

BloodyGorious Casual Affair
Read a story with the "Gore" tag Be on the site for 1 week without any extended absences.

A Good Time I Think I’ll Fit In Here
Be on the site for 1 month without any extended absences. Be on the site for 2 months without any extended absences.

Good Times With Horsewords Yep, those are worlds all right.
Be on the site for 4 months without any extended absences. Write a story with at least 5,000 words.

10,000 Is Not Enough Words
Write a story with 50,000 words


The following achivements do not have a picture for them (yet).
Please redirect all hate mail on the subject to MarickLOA and his group.

Joined the Crusade - Write a story with any of the CMC as characters.
"Oh, haven't see you around before." - Write a story with an original character.
It's Over 9000!! - Write a story with 10,000 words (multi-chapter stories count)
Chicken Wings - Write a Scootaloo-centered fic.
"Who Turned Off The Lights?!" - write a story with the [dark] tag
"All My Pony Tears" - write a story with the [sad] tag

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1492246 Sure, what about it?
But first off, what icon? You mean the avatar picture?

Can we talk about your icon?


I'm going to make me a bag of popcorn for this!

mmmmmmm:scootangel:buttery popcorn...

1148374 Alright, I moved it as soon as I saw your comment. I didn't write the story with intent for it to be graphic, but I've noticed my idea of "mature", "violent" or "graphic content" tends to be more lenient than the norm.

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