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A writer who enjoys putting a smile on peoples faces. If a story makes you smile, I've done my job. :)

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Berry Snowdrift lives in a small cottage on the outskirts of a wintery forest. Living away from the village has its ups and downs but when Berry goes into the forest one day to gather firewood, she comes across a very strange and mystical glade. And in it's center is a humble tower bearing a strange and otherworldly Guardian with a stranger story to tell.

This story is a what if kind of story. It's my take on what happened to Merlin after his supposed defeat in the old legends. I hope you guys like fey, magic and the teasing of two very royal sisters cuz there will be that abound in this.

Wow Featured the day of approval (6/17/2022). Lol that's a first for me. Im pretty aware of the temporary feature function as I've seen multiple fics of mine appear on the featured list temporarily. but this fic has been on it for hours now, so Im inclined to believe that its actually an enjoyable story so much thanks and I hope the rest lives up to the hype lol.


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Discord, despite the thought that he was reformed, is back at it again with chaotic shenanigans. Only this time he's got the main 6 in his clutches. And the only one who can save them? Our dear friend Rainbow Dash. That is if she can keep from being discords plaything for five minutes.

Also as im sure many of u have noted, this is my first time writing outside of romance. :)

This is a story idea born of an rp between me and mrsupercala

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Dash has always wanted to join the wonderbolts, but nopony has ever asked why. Dash wants to join for two reasons, 1: its the wonderbolts! 2: She wants to get closer to spitfire.

But what Dash doesn't realize, is that Spitfire has a massive crush on the Cyan Pegasus.

If only they knew.

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When Bon-Bon meets Lyra for the first time, she likes her. But soon their friendship grows a little closer, and Lyra discovers a romantic side she didn't know she had, as well as other sides to her personality.

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Applejack and Rainbow Dash are really great friends, but when they start hanging out more, they start to develop feelings for each other. Can their love last, or will it fall in a downward spiral.

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