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I am now offering Proofreading!!! · 5:25am August 30th

Editing can be hard and I understand that. Id be more than willing to proofread stuff for anyone that wants it, as well as providing what advice I feel I can give so that you can go into editing your story with fervor. This is free and will cost no money, so by all means, feel free to send me DM's and I will get to them between 6pm pst and 12pm pst.

(pst: Pacific Standard Time) for those who didn't know :)

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Update · 5:35pm August 9th

The new chapter will be one more day, I do apologize but due to it's length, it has become an editing fest. Im more than likely still going to miss one or two things, though I hope I can be thorough enough to get everything. Again I am so sorry for the delay and I hope y'all enjoy it when it's finished :)

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New Chapter in the works :) · 5:59pm August 6th

For my lovely fans of Aero, Id like to give you an update. I am working on a chapter rn as we speak and will be finishing it sometime this week. So I hope you all look forward to it! On that note we are also nearing the end! I know, it can be kind of sad when a story comes to an end. But it's okay because I wont be ending, just the story will lmao.

However I will be doing little bonus chapters once in a while to give a glimpse into the happy family life after :)

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To Those Following Me · 11:59pm August 5th

You guys and gals are all just fucking incredible and I could not be more proud to be a writer who's stories you choose to read. To me that is an incredible thing. So I'd like to extend an offer to you all. Those who have short stories you want to see written, I will be accepting commissions. They are paid commissions but I assure you the price will be cheap, between $5 and $10 per story. Keep in mind that some story ideas may be a foray into new territory for me, and I am more than happy to

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Update on Legend Of The Equestrian Seas · 11:27pm August 4th

Just letting everyone know the chapter is coming along and I'd like to give everyone a little surprise. Im going to tell u not only the name of the chapter but some of it's content.

new chapter name: Chapter 11: The Star Fall

As far as content this chapter will contain clop. The Chapters involving clop will All be marked as such: (CLOP)

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New Chappy Elias · 9:23pm August 3rd

I know I know, yall been really waiting for this one :O. Once I get the chapter for my other story done, this one will be the next chapter Ill work on, probably for tomorrow. Keep an eye out ;P

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New Chappy Time!!!! · 9:21pm August 3rd

It's time yall. Im currently around 1664 words into the new chapter, hopefully I'll have it done by tonight. Keep an eye out for it ;P

U guy's get to know the name early! How lucky!

Chapter name: The Dryad Of The Forest Speaks

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Homeowner · 11:03pm July 25th

Sorry for long wait everyone, it has been a long year of building my credit, my life and my career. But today I finally hit the crux of what I’ve been working so hard for. I finally succeeded in getting my pre-approval for a VA home loan and will now be able to get myself a house. I know I haven’t had much time to write but it has been more than worth the break to make it this far.

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News! · 4:39pm February 8th

Sorry for the long wait for new chapters everyone, I have been extremely busy with a new much longer work schedule and have been trying to get use to it.

I’ve also been doing editing for a story being written currently, so that I can improve myself as a writer. I hope you all will be willing to bear with me on this, I promise I will get back to writing.

You can count on it :)

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Good news! · 11:36pm Nov 21st, 2022

I finally got enough funds to make my life a little less hectic. Now that im getting not as busy Ill hop back into writing again. But don’t expect chapters right away. Im no miracle worker after all haha.

Other than that I hope everyone is doing well and is having a good holiday season!

Happy early thanksgiving y’all!!!!

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