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I'll fill this in later, not much to say now.

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Well, I'm a long time Factorio player so... +1
You seem to be making a semi horror story out of it, dunno how grim it'll get, but still, I'm in... +1
And I've got no complaints about your writing style; I don't find myself with the urge to skip chunks because they feel like filler, nor do I find myself rereading sections to understand them, so...+1

Please keep it up.

Thanks for the fav!
Not sure how I deserved it, but thanks!

Achievement unlocked!

You earned the...

...would a group of fans of Changeling fics be called a swarm?

Sadly my bio has in fact said that for years now. I've never come up with something witty to put there, and I'm not about to put an actual bio there.

Thank you for the favorite on Luna Wakes up to Marehood. I hope you really enjoy and if you do drop an upvote, a downvote if you don't, and if you leave your thoughts in the comments; I'll reply.

If you're interested in other stuff by me, check out Bone Daddy, as it is in the same vein. Through it is also under rewrites and expect to see those soon.

Maybe come out and hang out on discord if you want.

Thank you again,

Has your bio been "I'll fill this in later" since 2012? Figured I'd ask to make sure.

  • Viewing 59 - 63 of 63
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