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Eight decades ago, the Centauri Kingdom landed its army on the shores of Vanhoover, in hopes of bringing Equestria to its knees and taking over the land. There, in Northwest Equestria, the 2nd Division of the "Clementine" Corps, 4th Equestrian Army stood as the first line of defense.

Prior to this state of war, Lt. Zip Jetscream was assigned to command the 3rd Platoon of the unblooded A Company, "Wild Rice" Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division.

Split off from the division during the disastrous Retreat to the Galloping Gorge, Lt. Jetscream and his platoon flee south into the Unicorn Range. Until the rest of the 4th Equestrian Army and other Equestrian forces can assemble, they find they are the only thing between the Centauri Army and the fastest road to Canterlot.

Check out the Appendix for The Virgin Company, updated as the story moves along. Includes character designs and platoon arrangement. Contains spoilers.

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In ancient times, long before the land came to be known as Equestria, there was a kingdom known as the Dale. The only land still ruled by an Earth pony family, its first daughter, Princess Essenta, wishes for more than the dull life she was born into.

Sent on a fool's errand by her father, the king, she strives to not only succeed in it, but turn the world upside down as she goes along. With a growing company of dynamic--and dangerous--mares, she is well on her way to success with this.

Check out the Appendix for Princess Essenta, updated as the story moves along. It shows the story's timeline and character designs. Contains spoilers.

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Larkspur Blossom is an Earth pony colt. Having lost his mother, with his father distant, burying himself in work and other distractions, he takes care of his younger sisters, a Pegasus and a unicorn. Upon losing their father, they are shuffled around among family in Equestria. In Vanhoover he meets his best friend. A story of gain and loss, and growing up.

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