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Hello Im Orudios named after the one Horse type Zoid, im a HUGE fan of Gundam, Zoids, Godzilla, Transformers,DBZ ECT. Iv created this group to me others like me see I feel like an outsider as a My little pony fan I like the show Because its funny but all the Friendship Harmony and Magic of friendship stuff
MAKES ME SICK I cant stand that stuff I know that's what the shows about and all but I cant help get sickened by it, It just doesn't work for me but I like the characters and I fell the show has Potential its just not going in a direction I like or living up to its full potential but iv meet and heard of others like me so if you like the characters or the show but Hate the sappy Stuff Please Join id love to Meet you all but if you want to join but like the sappy stuff Please contact me first
Thank You Feel free to add Stories of Adventure ad epic proportion but no sappy please

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These are also made by Me

Hers an idea of the kinda things id like to see

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