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Inspired by her sister's collection of letters on friendship, Princess Luna decides to start a collection of her own. She puts the call out through all of Equestria, asking for her subjects' help in collecting the lore of the land. Myths, legends, history, everything dreams are made of, all of it is welcome in her new library.

The first collaboration of The Library of Trivial Lore and Other Things.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 47 )

Giggle at the ghosties... Just giggle at the ghosties...

That is a very interesting origin story for Nightmare Moon. I like it!

Hey, thanks for the interest in our project! Comments are always appreciated for one reason or another. :twilightsmile:

Nicely told stories all around, can't wait to see what else everyone cooks up. :pinkiehappy:

I got a laugh from the demon porn.


Thank you. I feel bad about writing it so blandly, but issa campfire tale. I tried to make it feel unrehearsed.

Also, I wrote it and proofed it in about two hours. Adds to that unrehearsed feeling. :trollestia:

Very interesting, Fuzzy. It's nice to have seen Tyrantlestia not be a true tyrant, but just a noble too isolated in her high castle, who didn't really know the people of her lands. It was nice to see the change after the Changeling plot, and really come down to their level. I can really picture the rest of the way it followed after that. It was quite interesting to read, and I rather enjoyed it.

Very nice.

Oooh, spooky. I was actually completely blindsided by the changeling thing. that was cool.
But, uh... I just checked my math, and a thousand years makes 365,000 days.

365 x 1000= 365000

Man, I suck.

Thank you! I might continue this if the collab goes for a second round. After fixing my math...


Math isn't my strong suit either. I know I'd read it.

4638641 you counting leap years as well or no? Cus if you are, there's another 250 days to add.

The problem is I'm good at math and I totally missed that...I'm gonna go die in a hole now.

Edited, hopefully correctly.

That does seems to be correct. Thank you.

4638641 What was it originally?

Very good chapter! I was thinking something necromantic, but changelings? Nice twist. Very nice.

I liked the way it's framed as well -- letters from Celestia to Luna. I wonder how Luna reacts when she gets them.

You should definitely continue this -- maybe as a side story? Sets of letters, detailing what happens from Celestia's point of view. It would also be a great way to show the change of heart she has over time.

All in al, take this :moustache: and this disembodied eye, Fuzzy. You've earned both.

I forgot a zero in my original math somehow. I feel like a moron for never even noticing.

4641897 Dude. I've done so much worse.

I once replaced an i with a 1. That caused problems. Like, I broke the laws of math. Whoops.

Once, I just ignored the whole square root over an entire problem.

Another time, I literally dropped every zero in a ten digits number.

You didn't mess up that badly.

This tale is pure love.

So Beautiful!! :fluttercry:

This is really good. It reads just like a classic fable if not quite as violent as some. Kudos for matching that so perfectly.

How many more chapters do you have to publish? And will we be doing this again?

I have one more to publish. Noble Thought and I want to give everyone a break before starting another one of these, but we will be doing it again.

Excellent! I'll go ahead and queue up my google docs...and watch my math this time.

4642538 Now that was something, Minds eye. Very enjoyable.

I'm glad you liked it.

That was very well-written. I feel inadequate now.

Don't. I tried to make it a nursery rhyme at first, but I couldn't pull it off. I got maybe two stanzas and switched format.

Very interesting origin for the elements of harmony.

Nice. This also came out very good and I don't think I've read an EoH origin story like it.

One quick fix. Instead of "peoples" replace it with ponies. Otherwise very good.

Ooh, very well done. Could use some work, but a very nice short story. I like the backstory as well for the Elements.

It's actually quite close to the real myths of the tikbalang.

It's actually quite close to the real myths of the tikbalang.

I think it had a nice rhythym. I liked it!:twilightsmile:

I think Celestia comes off as a tactless ass in every one of these diary entries.

This chapter reminds me of Native American myths and legends. Very well written.

Would you consider tagging Luna and / or Celestia for this story? Luna's the recipient of these letters, and the subject of several, even if she's not reading them aloud. It might make this collection easier to locate.

Alright, tagged it with Luna. Not sure how much it will help. The group this came from is pretty dead, anyway.

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