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This group is against the banning of members of groups. No one should be banned from a group.:fluttercry:

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Holy shit. I can't believe you actually remembered this.


Alright, it's been 300 weeks. Your bans are lifted. Just don't question the ethics of never banning anyone or you're banned.


Oh! I didn't know you joined this group.

I hope you don't mind me banning you.



I claim this group in the name of the Luminocracy!
All plebian members will be banned. Your best and brightest will serve us.
Congratulations! This group was found to be fresh. With that, a listing in New Groups was secured for it.


You.... You monster!

Banned forever!:flutterrage:

Are you insane? Of course you need to ban people!
For instance, people who are completely opposed to the group's mission.

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