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A class field trip to Sweet Apple Acres goes awry when rogue weather from Everfree Forest drifts in. Making matters worse, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon find themselves separated from the class and left to deal with the storm on their own.

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Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara need more characterization.
I look forward to this one.

Nice to see this story made it here. :) I shall be tracking it.

Well, they might not yet have learned what they need to but it does look as if adversity might knock some sense into them.

. . . the kittens are in the box aren't they? :raritycry::fluttercry:

Well that was interesting :o I didn't expect them to be found already! I bet it'll be interesting once they wake up and learn about what happened and where they were the entire time, hehe~

What a nice read with just the slightest bit of Silver-Love.

Ooh~! Nice to see an update to this one. I feel bad for Silver Spoon. She's always been the more likable one. <3

Oh, this is lovely. The storm was pretty scary and dramatic, what with needing so many ponies to deal with it. I really like the way you've portrayed Silver Spoon - she's actually afraid to let her good nature show around Diamond Tiara. I do feel sorry for her.

Cute story! It's nice to see more of a spotlight on those two bullies--and I like the fanon that Silver's much nicer than she comes across in the show. I like this story a lot, thanks for writing!

I remember this being like one of like two Diamond Tiara stories way back on EQD. Enjoyed this very much. /classic fav

I believe this is the first story I've read to truly incorporate the 'valley girl' dialect for both DT and SS. Also, I found it strange how my mind immediately jumped to a Hansel and Gretel scenario the second they found that pink house. It wasn't even made out of candy.

Once upon a time, a man found a purse on the ground. He went to the police station to see if anyone had lost it. They told him they'd let him know if they heard anything. Then, about a week later, a woman showed up at his house to personally thank him. Soon, they fell in love, got married, and lived happily ever after. The end.

It's a pretty simple story. Nothing really happens that you don't expect, but it's at least got a certain charm to it. Essentially, that's my perspective of this story. The conflict is the storm at practically every angle. The storm keeps the girls trapped, the storm injures the weather team, the storm endangers the kittens, the storm does pretty much everything but insult Applejack's cooking. Luckily, Diamond and Silver are there to take care of the rest.

I think it's fair to see from the title, the plot, and the emotional aspects that Silver's meant to be seen as the likable one. In that same vein, she also comes across as the more mature and responsible of the two. From the way it was written, it seemed as if Diamond had her regular ego while Silver just pasted together her own from Diamond's excess. Diamond was the one driving the car, but Silver had the map and Diamond wasn't about to stop and ask for directions. Diamond's motivation for helping to save the kittens was spot-on. I can think of no better persuasive logic that could have been used.

Meanwhile, everyone else seemed to be their normal selves. Applejack and Cheerilee were making sure everyone was happy, Rainbow was serious about her job when the situation called for it, Fluttershy was politely asking for her friends to help when she had a problem (though I figured she'd be a bit more distressed about it), and the Mayor held a large ceremony to celebrate bravery in the face of danger. This flavor of Apple Bloom was a bit harsh on DT + SS, but it's good to see some variety in portrayal.

I feel like Diamond and Silver were a bit too safe in that clubhouse they found. The storm was built up as so dangerous that it was severely injuring multiple experienced weather specialists, and it didn't even interrupt their board game. The entire farm was flooding and the ceiling didn't even leak. They were more annoyed by the storm than afraid of it. There was no real sense of urgency until they had to save the kittens, and once they came back inside it was gone again. This could have been played for laughs if they were actually enjoying themselves the whole time while all the chaos was going on, but clearly this was meant to be more serious than that.

The game of LIFE was worth a laugh or two, and it helped to further display Silver's maturity over Diamond. I think there's a definite metaphor that takes place when Silver says they need to put the game away to rescue the kittens. Diamond's focused on the game of life while Silver's focused on the real life going on around them. When reality comes knocking, Diamond wants to keep playing while Silver wants to put the game away. That's a pretty accurate depiction to the personalities you've set up for them here. Well done.

This is a slice of life story. It's not meant to really excite or surprise. It's just a harmless tale of interest. It's like the Sunday morning news. As long as you get something out of it, you should be glad that you read it. I got a very noteworthy point out of this one. I think Silver very well may be more mature than Diamond, and I have no problem with believing that after reading this. I also got a few sweet moments that provided some pleasant mental images. Always nice to get those.

I'd say this story is a glass of water with one of those raspberry cookies on the side. It was clear, simple, and wet with a few sugar-filled moments for me to bite into every now and again. Thank you for your effort.

I agree. Silver Spoon especially. She barely says a word unless it's response to Diamond's taunting. And this phrase sums up just how badly in need of fleshing out her character needs-

Silver Spoon grinned. "I don't think so. I mean, after all my special talent is being born rich."

As a fan of Silver Spoon that has to be the saddest thing I have heard all day.:raritydespair:

You know I think you're right. I too haven't really seen their accent expressed this well. And if you look in my faves all of them have Silver Spoon and Diamond in them, so that's saying allot.

AW so cute.. especially the kitten playing with Silver Spoon's braid and the other curling into DT's tail:yay:

Would have liked to read more about Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara and the kittens, but great fic.:pinkiehappy:

DAMNIT Diamond Tiara you had ONE JOB!:facehoof:

she couldn't even hold the damn flashlight, and she didn't give a damn that the kittens could drown!:flutterrage:

Joker: Even to a guy like me, that's cold!:pinkiecrazy:

Then she couldn't let Silver Spoon have the credit, when all it was was DT's big mouth that guided Silver back through frigid waters! I mean at least DT's mouth was good for something right?:rainbowkiss:

I love how AJ's refection on her days with the Orange Family tied into Silver Spoon's dilema:ajsmug:

SILVER SPOON IS BEST PONY! More Love for Silver Spoon!:flutterrage:

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