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“What is better: to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?” ― Paarthurnax


Scootaloo decides to leave Ponyville for good and she tells everypony goodbye.

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Sad fic not getting me down today Serina. No matter how hard you try.


I have another that I'm doing for my +200 follower story that's a real heart breaker. :twilightsmile:

is there going to be an aftermath chapter?

The Feels!:raritydespair:

I can't find any witty comments to write down. All you need to know is that my eyes aren't dry anymore.

Oh, also, I think you confused And with I'll at the last chapter.

Maybe. I'm not sure yet. :twilightoops:

GAH I'M SORRY! :raritycry:

D'aw sorry! and I fixed it! :pinkiesmile:

Excuse me, I need to go find a small corner to weep in:raritycry:

Aw, man. This should have a Tragedy tag... very well done, however!

I'm so sorry! *hands tissue* :fluttershbad:

Probably, but I don't like the tragedy tag, I don't know why.... Anyway, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :raritystarry:



Because all the boss writers of Fimfiction decided to update their super popular stories when I posted mine. :rainbowlaugh: Nah, just joshing. Anyway, the box only takes so many stories that have all these comments, favorites, and views stats that add up to be counted as "popular" or well-liked, at least. So if my story reaches that point then it'll appear! :twilightsmile:

Well for the time being I shall follow:moustache:

this story did two things
1. made me realize how useless i am
2. and how much of a burden i am

thank you for that now if you dont mind im going to go cry for twelve hours now:trixieshiftleft:

I’ll see you soon

Doesn't really need a sequel, this answers it all :fluttershbad:
But would read it anyway, the feels!

Well done, but we're never told why now instead at other times.

Also, I feel broken. The majority of fics I read don't affect me at all, with the odd laugh thrown in from the odd comedy. Is anyone else the same way, or am I the odd man out?


You are not worthless or a burden. :fluttershysad:

I'm sorry! :raritydespair:

Hmmm.... Good point. Maybe I'll have to add another chapter. :raritywink:


3533445 Can't keep the clown down.

Comment posted by Professor Donger deleted Nov 26th, 2013

Hm, nice. Better then many Scootacide stories... huh that make 20, 30 now I guess? Scootacide stories I've read in the past week... maybe I should get back on my meds...

Well that hurt. Right in the feels.:fluttercry: But one thing I don't get it why, since that was never explained. I have read a lot of Scootaloo fics and she has fallen way farther then what I am reading here. Just need some clarification. Also if you'll excuse me, I need to go write a happier Scootaloo story to lighten my mood.:pinkiesick:

Holy crap. I knew something was up after the Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon letter, but... wow.

:scootangel: Came true.

Also, I'm curious as to how she is going to do it....

It's alright - a bit heavy handed in the feels department and the letters really didn't leave me feeling Scoots was, uh, really doing to go through with it? I dunno, it didn't strike me but I'm not the best person to ask I guess.

For those with the feels, try listening to Gloomy Sunday (but for max feels, I'd stop at around the 3 minute mark).

I didn't cry reading this fic. It may be due to the fact that I have cried myself dry *on other fanfictions* or the letters themselves didn't pull me in. Or both.

But I know what would pull my heartstrings. A follow-up story with all of Scootaloo's readers realizing too late that she committed suicide. I'll leave that up to you to decide. :pinkiehappy:

Nice one, lots of emotions in those letters :yay:
Even though they were short, i liked the read. sort of :twilightsmile:

Keep it up :pinkiehappy:

3536586 meh, i cant stand meds because they drown out the good times with bad. i wont remember my good times, but they amplify my bad.

3533948 well i get wierd satifaction from reading the ones where the bad guys suffer unimaginable pain and suffering. sad fics dont effect me at all.

This is beautiful.

P.S. Get with Applebloom’s big bro already! We all know you like him!

Ahhhh shippers.... they start so young.....

I love it :pinkiehappy:
This story is so heartfelt....it's so sad :raritycry:
I think the letter to her dad carried the most weight, despite its frankness. I wonder how he felt when he got that letter.
Brohoof to Serina /)
And brohoof to CMC and Scootaloo /) :scootangel::applecry::unsuresweetie:

AHAHA she even wrote to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon
I'm still so heartbroken that Scootaloo's gonna....

So someone deleted my comment and I wish to know why

3938097 Thanks, I guess, for sparing me the pain :raritycry:

you have to write a sequel on how everyponys life changed but it is sad:raritycry:

I have a strange feeling that the ones who will be hit the hardest will be the bullies, The guilt they will feel is astronomical, as well as the very last thing they heard from her was a hate mail death note.

You should make an aftermath sequel or something man, put a conclusion and how the feel to her passing.

I thought about that. I also thought about a prequel but I'm just now getting back into writing so this is a little far on my list of things to do, especially when I have stories from 2013 that I need to complete.

6177981 Gotcha, it'd be short though. Just something to show how much it affected them.

Awww. This actually made me feel sad, despite the fact that I really am not fond of Scootaloo. Her sole purpose seems to be "get laughed at and mess stuff up". Still, she doesn't need to die. :fluttercry:

"Dear dad"... 11 words... 11 words worth at least 100x that. 11 words that actually made me speechless for good 10 minutes.
Art doesn't need to be expansive or showy to hit right in the soft spot. You just have to aim it right. And this was a bullseye for sure.

well this was one hell of a thing to read before going to work...

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