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Nopony should go around eating crayons. Especially Luna’s crayons...

This is an alternative 2nd chapter to my story: My Dearest Friend

Editor: Aqu

First Published
3rd Jul 2013
Last Modified
3rd Jul 2013
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[8:26:18 PM] Diarch: Para

[8:26:19 PM] Evelyn Rose: that must be awesome

[8:26:23 PM] Diarch: We posted at the same time

[8:26:28 PM] Diarch: We are meant to be together

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   I love this story. It's hilarious, and it shows a little realism. Maybe that's what really created the dark side of Luna. Probably.

   I have to say one thing about this story. At the beginning, you didn't space out the commas (Big disaster, right?), but other than that, good job. Can't wait to read more your works.

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How to identify a true Luna fan... They portray Celestia as a tyrant, cruel and bitchy. Long live the true ruler Luna!

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Oh, lollerz. :rainbowlaugh:

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I had some crayons once. Not impressed. Moral of this story? Two creatures became evil and corrupt because of crayons. Chrysalis could have had a friend, and Luna turned hulk. This story was as funny as

And as awesome as

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YAY! :derpytongue2:


Hahaha yeah I totally believe that's what happened with Luna! And yeah I know, I was just like "Should I fix this... Pft too lazy!" :rainbowlaugh:


Hey you gave the definition of Cadence too! God, the only princesses I like are Twilight and Luna. :twilightsmile:


yes many lolz~ :pinkiecrazy:


You about nailed the summary of this story good sir. :moustache:


Eeyup~ :eeyup:

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Combing 4 different times in history in one person! :raritystarry:

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   Trust me, I understand that you don't wanna fix it. It's a pretty small mistake, and I doubt people will care. Just chucking it at you for your attention.

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:derpyderp2: I meant awesome picture? :rainbowwild:


No, it's fine thanks for pointing it out! I'll probably fix it tomorrow or the next day... Sometime, somewhere over the rainbow~ :heart:

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   Somewhere over the Rainbow is a Rainboom. :rainbowwild:

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And in that rainboom is another dimension. :pinkiecrazy:

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  And in that there dimension is humanes.

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>>2818458 hehehe a voyage into my subconscious is unadvised due to all the confusion

Way up high~

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I believe that would be an interesting place to go, though getting there would be quit the show.


and those humans are good but some are bad.

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   Like Hitler, ooooooo, bad Hitler.

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   I wanna take a trip through your subconscious!

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>>2818495 good choice, "quit the show" as you said. :trollestia:  people... Change in my subconscious... Also he's rather anti-social.

No I'm not.

Yes you are. What if I told you she was gonna visit?

Um... Alright just gimme bout 20 to clean up?


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   Yesh. Prepare yourself!

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Not as bad as Stalin!


Can I come to your selfconscious too? Maybe he and my selfconscious could be bestest of friends!~

Why me...

Oh come on give him a chance!


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>>2818530 please don't I have enough voices in it already.

Im not an it.

Shut up I don't care.

Well you sh-


You can't sleep your just a voice in my head.

He's right ya know.


Yes... Sir...

Logic you shouldn't let Rage be so mean to you. I want you front and center. But you are unfortunately subdued...


Run he's back!!!

Why do we run from Crazy?

... Trust me you don't wanna see the rest.

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    .......still wanna come in.

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>>2818560 >>2818565

Your subconscious is soooo like that Teen Titians episode where beast boy an dcyborg visit Raven's subconscious! :raritystarry:


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>>2818565 watch yourself, don't let Naughty see that...

Hehehehe see what?


>>2818495 hmm maybe... Just hope they don't get in too far...



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>>2818579 what?

She wasn't referring to you.

Maybe we can be friends.

... Woah why am I having hardcore déjà vu?

Ive had this conversation before.


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You have a lot of different voices. :derpyderp1:

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>>2818596 Hi?

Wtf how- what- when-?!?! ... Okay lemme rephrase. Wtf are you doing in my head?

I was forced here against my will save me!

Ummm... How?

Expulse me from your brain.

Trust me I tried that.

Yea he did. It faaaiiiiilllleeeeddddddddd! Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

Shut up, go sit in the corner.

So who's the new girl?

Some else's subconscious... Why...?

Oh I don't know...

...Damn it...

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It's very... Spacious in here

#35 · 194w, 2d ago · · ·

>>2818656  Naw... That just the porch and yard! Here lemme show you inside... *opens door* *pushes back random info...*

...hmmm... What's he up to...

5 bucks Hes probly showing her the bedroom, hehehehehe!

Naughty just get out, I can't stand you anymore...

Aww butcha loved me l-

Shut up and get outa my mind.

... I should probly see to them...

*finds them...*

And my personal favorite room, the bedroom!

Hehehe! Where my money boy? No actually I don't want that I want-

No! You get money!

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You have a very nice color scheme going on in here

#37 · 194w, 2d ago · · ·

>>2818727 Mmm if you look closely at the bedsheets you'll see they have many different colors in them... Now bend over to get a gooood look...

Mabey we should leave...

Awwwwww... But I wanna see it!

No you perv.

Thank you!

*pops outa the ceiling* but I wanna see it tooooooo!

*BLAM!* hmm never thought of that...

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>>2818727 ... Lol nice timing...

#41 · 194w, 1d ago · · ·

Hehe, good one.

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Chrysalis smirked and began chewing on a green crayon. “Come on, Luna.” She waved a orange crayon at her. “Taste the rainbow.”  

XD i died

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Luna stood there, jaw dropped. She turned towards the figure of her sister, she closed her mouth and sneered at it. She took away my crayons... She took them away.

From that day forward a darkness grew in the young filly’s heart, one which would follow her for many years. One which would eventually consume her.

So that was the REAL reason why Luna turned into nightmare moon!! :pinkiegasp:

I mean its much more logical then thinking her night wasnt accepted right?? :D

Love this alternate ending :heart:

#44 · 193w, 5d ago · · ·


O_O Nice :rainbowlaugh:


Thank ya! :ajsmug:


Hahaha you're lucky. I almost forgot to put that in there. After I finished writing it I was reading over that part and was like "hmm.... OH YEAH!" :pinkiehappy:


Thanks! And yes it is soooooooooooooooo much more logical than her thinking her night was being ignored. :duck:

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That's such a 'colorful' story! And it's magically delicious, too!

Stealing one's crayons really does sow the seeds of deep-hatred...

#46 · 193w, 4d ago · · ·


Why thank you. And I totally agree with you about the stealing crayon thing. When I was a kid I had the big pack and if anyone touched it I unleashed hell fire on them. :pinkiecrazy:

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>>2839006 hello I am sorry it took so long to respond, it just Crazy lead a revolt against Logic, and killed him. Tear.





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crayons fucking crayons

celestias world is nothing but a big drama show

#49 · 189w, 4d ago · · ·

Wait, come back

You don't need to run away. I was expecting something like that to happen.

But the 'taste the rainbow' was a bit to much, and making nightmare moon happen becouse Tia wouldn't make any crayons, a bit much,

I regret nothing about reading this :moustache:

#50 · 189w, 17h ago · · ·

:twilightoops: Poor Luna... She doesn't have anymore crayons.

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