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The day after Hearts and Hooves Day, Diamond Tiara shows up at Sweet Apple Acres looking for advice about love. However, this is quickly overshadowed as cloud monsters begin to invade Ponyville and foals start disappearing from Cheerilee's school. It's time for... Cutie Mark Crusader Official Deputy Detectives.

Written for the February Write Off, where it was the fifth-highest rated of all 240 stories including the three winners. The Write Off version was truncated to fit the length requirements of 3000-10000 words, but this is the full version, as it was intended to be read.

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This was adorable and a fun read! LOVE the naturally flowing, clever dialogue and the characters staying in character. :DDD All in all, good writing. I voted!

This was epic. You got my vote.

Very good. Would have liked to see a bit more of an ending, but very good. :scootangel:


Sucks that you were so close to winning, but getting 5th in a shitton of entries is still pretty damn good.

301375 Well, I should clarify that statement. I sorted the stories submitted to the contest once they were all released back to their authors, and this was the fifth most highly rated in terms of thumbs up/down, which is the standard rating system employed by the site. However, the contest itself used a totally separate system of taking two stories from the list at random, pairing them together, and asking a reader to choose which of the two they liked best. By this measure, this story was not the fifth highest ranked, and in fact not even in the top ten. How it came to pass that this was one of the most frequently voted for under one system but not under the other, I honestly have no idea, but for the sake of the story description (so as to encourage readership), I simply chose the statistic that sounded best.

I really liked this! This really demonstrates the strength of the fandom by churning out this really great story out of two minor scenes--Tootsie being sad on Hearts and Hooves Day and the animation error that gave Pluto a horn. The talk the Crusaders gave to Pluto was so heartwarming and awesome and I liked that bit at the end with Silver Spoon listening to Granny Smith. So full of daaaaw.

Nothing to say that hasn't already been stated by 552751, 241044, and 244699, so I'll just add that this was very heartwarming and that I wholeheartedly agree with the CMC's descision regarding Sparkle at the end, there.

That was an incredible story.
I'm also working on a fanfic about Pluto, that I will hopefully write in the near future. The animation errors in the show created a lot of mystery among that little filly. Maybe one day the bronies will show more love towards Alula aka... Pluto and Tootsie Flute, and for that matter Diamond Tiara.

*grins and applauds* Very cute. I wouldn't mind seeing how Twi and the others handle finding out Pluto's an alicorn tho...*hint hint:raritywink:*

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here. Also, all the links you made in this story are broken. You might want to fix that.

Author Interviewer

Not your best work, but my god, was this entertaining. :D

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