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The secret of Santa Hooves is, there's not just one. There are thousands... all of them changelings, bound by an ancient pact to deliver presents in exchange for love to get through the winter. Times have changed, and the changelings no longer need the love, but they honor the pact... even Queen Chrysalis.

Even though it goes against everything she believes.

Because some ancient beings you just don't cross- even if it means dealing with a little pony brat who wants to bake cookies on Hearth's Warming Eve.

Besides, every year somepony has to save Hearth's Warming. This year it's Chryssy's turn.

(Don't worry. She does it. Even if she hates doing it.)

(And featured from Christmas Day through 12-29-2018! Thanks, everyone!)

Cover art by AmethystLongcat.

Part of the Remember Fort Libris print anthology, thanks to our Kickstarter supporters!

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It's always the worst when your parent works at the same place you do. Poor Thorax.

And it's nice to see Chrysalis getting her just desserts.

Great fun and Merry Christmas to you.

I liked the bit where Chrysalis beat Thorax to a pulp :twilightsmile:

9366082 That would be the HD edition of this story, I suppose.

9366058 Chrysalis knows all the words and can dance all the steps, but she just doesn't hear the music.

Damn Chrysalis, such a bad-ass.
This was very good.
To many of her lines had me cracking up.
So many G1 references was a nice touch.

A disgruntled Chrysalis is forced to be the hero, dramatic friendship speech and all. And it is GLORIOUS.

Merry Christmas, Kris. And thank you for this wonderful gift.

I'm fairly certain that this was either a 'lost in the role' situation, or a 'possesed by that which therole was based upon' situation.
Either way, it's unlikely that Thorax was actually Thorax at that point in time.

Chrysalis the reluctant savior. Quite nice.

9366117 That wasn't Thorax at all. That was the real Ogdeniw, or the last of the Windigoes for purposes of this story. Pony Krampus.

9366042 I see what you did there. :ajsmug:

Nothing like seeing two mythical beings having a fistfight on christmas to bring out the holiday cheer :ajsmug:

9366193 "Hello, police? Yes, I'd like to report that Santa Hooves and Ogdeniw are having a fight out on my front lawn, and... Hello? Are you there? I think we've been cut off."

"Shaking his head at this nonsense"
"Shaking her head at this nonsense"?

"already visited your house..”"
"already visited your house...”"?

Very nice; thank you. :)

This was cute, fun, and really, she was a snarky, sneaky, superb santa. Bravo!


That was the real Ogidnew. Not Thorax. Thorax deserves better than that to begin with, and secondly he couldn't sell an intimidating creature like that if Christmas depended on it. Started dropping some mad "timeless monstrosity" vibes there.

This was great!

*a rustling noise from under their tree*
:twilightsheepish: NOW! *summons a cage*
:rainbowdetermined2: Did you get him!?
Chrysalis: What are you two idiots doing?
:twilightangry2: Chrysalis! What are you doing dressed up as Santa Hooves!?
Chrysalis: Spreading love and joy around Equestria, of course!
:rainbowhuh: Why??
Chrysalis: Because....we...eat...it?
:twilightoops: So...you actually...ARE...Santa Hooves?
Chrysalis: Yes. Don't tell anypony! *teleports out*
:rainbowwild: What the buck!?

this was enjoyable

This was filled with so many great lines and moments! :rainbowlaugh:

This story was really sweet. I especially liked how Chrysalis beat Ogdeniw, and the ending.

That is one of the very BEST posts I've ever read!!! :pinkiehappy:

And Kris, Thank You for a truly Wonderful Hearth's Warming story!

How could rabbits built mountains of toys for the ponies?


Thanks Kris, this was fun.

This was cute and glorious. Excellent work, Kriss! :twilightsmile:

Delightful fic. Merry Christmas!

Merry yesterday christmas!

Oh man, this was an excellent Hearth's Warming fic!

I love this reluctantly heroic Chrysalis.

Why didn’t this infinitely good spirit visit griffon homes?

Pfft, why would he waste perfectly good toys on dem dang beakies!


“Let those who remember forever honor the name of Moochick.”

Lol, I'm old enough to remember the very first special when it came out on TV.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo old!

42, even! I'm the answer to the universe now!

“Um, actually,” Thorax muttered, then continued in a more firm voice, “I think it’s my time to be the Ogdeniw this year.”

I don't want to alarm anyone, but I have the distinct suspicion that Ogdeniw is actually 'Windego' backwards, just slightly spelled wrong!! :pinkiegasp:

Is Thorax going to beat all the naughty children?


And it's nice to see Chrysalis getting her just desserts.



And it's nice to see Chrysalis getting her just desserts.

(Carefully, he stretches his arms and legs, then his neck, and finishes by cracking his knuckles. There's the windup, and...)


Silly thought here, but what if the Moochick decided to retire, and gave the "gift of love" to Chrissy by making her the new SantaHooves/Moochick Full Time via ancient pact?

Much better then my Changeling Santa Hooves seedling.

“Practical metaphysics?” The fat little foal’s face screwed up in confusion. “Is that grownup words for fighting?

Honestly, since meta can apply to mythical characters and legends, and physics is the interaction between the two, the foal here is staggeringly correct.

The reason that forever is a long time is because Moochick'll get busted for illegal practices of nepotism.

I want, just once, for a changeling in the show to call Chryssy "mom." Until then, this story will help fill the voids in my heart.

Reluctant heroes are usually the best kind.

What I wouldn't have given to see Kris Kringle and Krampus having a knock-down drag-out on the front lawn when I was 5.

The Moochick seems to be holding on for one being in particular. Unfortunately for him, she won't take the hint and let him have his peace. Oh, well. Perhaps next year...

(BTW, have a like. Good job.)

Cheeky little...! 😂

Poor, poor Chryssi, being forced against her will to do the right thing. You cruel, cruel author you... :rainbowlaugh:

Cute story, it would be interesting to get some backstory on the Moochick, but, sometimes, things are more powerful if they remain a mystery...
Have a thumbs up! :pinkiehappy:

After reading the title I immediately thought of this one:

Anyway, good story!

Comment posted by Skylarking the Stargazer deleted Jan 20th, 2019

Magnificent, from the brilliant use of G1 to Chrysalis's constructive villainy to one of the creepiest Krampuses (Krampi?) I've ever seen. Chrysalis's stubborn refusal to learn her lesson is the sour cherry on top. Thank you for this.


I do believe he's from Gen 1, or thereabouts...

Haha what a fun story. Rhe queen gagging as she being nice haha

OMG I actually own that hat!


Yeah, he's the little Keebler-elf wannabe that gives the ponies the Rainbow of Light in the pilot episode, and also gives them a piece of toy house playset marketing...also known as Paradise Estate.


:twilightangry2: Chrysalis! What are you doing dressed up as Santa Hooves!?
Chrysalis: Spreading love and joy around Equestria, of course!
:rainbowhuh: Why??
Chrysalis: Because....we...eat...it?

So Chrysalis is Johnny Appleseed now? Got it!

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