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Except. · 4:48pm September 11th

I'm learning to hate the word "except" right now.

The cardiologist says my tests came back normal- no clots, no heart swelling, full clear flow, strong pumping, nothing abnormal... except.

Specifically, except for a small spot at the very bottom of my heart, which might have a partial blockage of an artery... or not. The stress test was inconclusive on that point due to my pot belly possibly pressing up against the heart while lying down creating a false-positive.

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No chapter of Maretian tonight... · 2:33am September 8th

... due to serious computer issues. Signs point to the swap partition on my desktop being borked.

Will try to write tomorrow, but it's been a long day here.

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The testing · 11:40pm September 7th

My last twenty-four hours.

Drink too much liquid yesterday as a substitute for food because I wasn't allowed caffeine within 24 hours of the stress test, including chocolate, and my headache made me feel like not cooking fresh, which left me only TV dinners with chocolate in.

Tried to get to bed early. Failed. Repeatedly. Slept terrible all night, including getting up twice to pee.

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Update on the heart thing... · 5:52pm September 5th

... this morning I got a phone call from the cardiology clinic where I'm due to have a stress test with ultrasound.

My insurance covers 70% of the procedure... which leaves me with $603 to pay. In advance.

That's half a month's bills. Hell, that's my total profit from an average (for me) convention.

And that's for, let me emphasize this, a necessary and somewhat routine medical procedure.

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Voice actor wanted... · 1:03am August 26th

... one of my readers intends to do dramatization of certain parts of The Maretian, particularly the "Home" song.

Right now he needs a singing voice for Spitfire:


Any readers who can reasonably pass for Spitfire and carry a tune at the same time, if you want to help, let him know.

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About my Dementia Radio show... · 12:38am August 22nd

As I type this, I'm about an hour and twenty minutes from a repeat of last week's "Anime" playlist at KWLP. Go to http://www.dementiaradio.org to learn how to listen- I intend to start as soon after 9 PM Central as possible.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) night will be comedy and songs about "Music Lessons," if that tickles your fancy.

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Progress of sorts... · 4:09pm August 16th

... well, not on the heartbeat thing, except that I felt terrible yesterday and, at the moment, feel pretty good. Hopefully I have more like now and less like yesterday until I get that ultrasound.

But no, what I mean is: yesterday I sat down with KSP and finally flew CSP Mission 21, aka "Dragonfly's Glory."

It was, without a doubt, the most challenging mission I've flown specifically for the CSP story.

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Update on the heartbeat thing. · 4:02am August 16th

The first opening they had was during my next convention trip- as in, not this weekend's, but Labor Day weekend's.

So I'm going to have to wait for three weeks.

And I won't know how much I'll have to co-pay for this until next week at least.

Until then, my own medical paranoia gets to run free and play...

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Irregular heartbeat confirmed. · 6:31pm August 14th

For the first time in my life, I saw a cardiologist today.

He confirmed the finding on the EKG I had two weeks ago: "right branch bundle block." In short, something is making it difficult for the bundle of nerves that tells the right side of my heart to send blood to my lungs to do its job.

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Today's popularity check... · 7:04pm May 17th

Ranking based on rating, as of 2 PM Central time today:

Changeling Space Program: #61
An Orderly Transfer of Power: #913
The Maretian: #1,786
My Flight: #4,678
For Love of the Love of the Game (the contest story that actually won something): #27,268
all the others: even lower than that

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