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Today's popularity check... · 7:04pm May 17th

Ranking based on rating, as of 2 PM Central time today:

Changeling Space Program: #61
An Orderly Transfer of Power: #913
The Maretian: #1,786
My Flight: #4,678
For Love of the Love of the Game (the contest story that actually won something): #27,268
all the others: even lower than that

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The first reading of one of my fics! · 4:34pm May 7th

Fanfiction Reader has rendered a voice-synthesis version of Changeling Space Program on YouTube! The program doesn't have any sense of timing, and it stumbles badly trying to pronounce unfamiliar words, but it provides a way to read (or re-read) the story without staring at a screen!



That was... incredibly boring... · 3:25am April 28th

For those wondering, I think I've fixed all references to Martian seasons in The Maretian.

I think.

By all means, if you see one, let me know.

In the new revised calendar it's mid-winter on Sol 6, spring equinox is roughly Sol 103. Summer solstice will be Sol 296. Anything that says or suggests otherwise needs correction, so let me know.

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Why do I bug over fiddly things like this? · 1:12am April 27th

Okay. I've assumed that, since in The Martian Mark Watney had twelve hours of sunlight after driving to recharge his rover during the Pathfinder trip, that he arrived during Martian summer. That makes sense, since if you were given a choice by orbital mechanics you'd choose early summer, when solar cells would be at maximum efficiency but before the onset of dust storm season.

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The promised art, at last... · 9:40pm April 25th

If you read The Maretian, you can recognize everyone, or at least guess.

Artwork by Jason "TexasUberAlles" Meador. EDIT: Go comment and fave on deviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/art/The-Maretian-742144602

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And another contest thing... · 11:18pm April 23rd

So I entered a sort of contest, more a secret-Santa ficwriting challenge- each entrant got assigned another one randomly and told to write a sequel or a story in the same setting as one of the target writer's works.

I got my assignment, read her two stories, and didn't really see a way to follow up, so I back-burnered the project and focused on other things.

And then today I noticed that I'd missed the deadline for the challenged by one day.

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So, apparently I won a thing. · 1:20am April 23rd

So, For Love of the Love of the Game won the Pinkie Pie award for comedy... after, I'm told, originally being in the running for the Rainbow Dash award for awesomeness.

Which is fair, because I was going for either one. I could also make a weak case for the Twilight Sparkle Attention to Detail or the Fluttershy D'aww.

But not the Rarity Elegance, because the story is possibly Rarity's least elegant moment.

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She's back!! · 2:02pm April 10th


By which I mean, Pilot Cherry Berry is back. Not as swift as a rocket, but I'll take what I can get.


Something that isn't CSP or the Maretian... · 2:33pm March 3rd

... my entry for this year's Scribblefest.

For Love of the Love of the Game.

Enjoy the silliness of Rarity pretending to... well, read for yourself!


On broken algorithms and ego-boos. · 4:30am February 19th

I've been eyeing the "rating" ranking on Changeling Space Program recently.

This morning it was the 13th most popular fic on FimFiction... going by a ratio of up-votes to down-votes.

I'll repeat that: #13 on the list of most popular fics.

The thing is, it was also the only one in the top fifty or so with a three-digit up-vote count. It was that high because only three people had ever down-voted it.

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