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The invasion is going well- not perfectly, as humanity isn't willing to go into slavery without a fight- but the odds remain firmly in the invaders' favor.

After all, to any star-spanning race, humans are just natives. No space fleets, no lasers, no antigravity, nothing. They might as well fight with bows and arrows.

And then the aliens find out that humanity does have one ally- the ponies.

The silly, fluffy, obsessed-with-friendship, and above all pacifist ponies.

The aliens are laughing.

The aliens haven't faced the ponies in combat yet.

A random snippet unrelated to anything else, written to get it out of my head so I could move on to other stuff.

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"The stars shall aid in her escape," it said.

It never said anything about a space bridge.

Megatron and his elite warriors had expected to teleport from the Oregon desert to Earth's moon. Instead they found themselves in pony bodies, stripped of most of their power, and forced to learn how to live like other organic life forms.

But Megatron has a plan. He will bide his time, learning about this new world and its new potential while his underlings try to find a way back to their home universe. If he can figure out a way to overthrow Celestia and conquer this land of ponies before then, so much the better.

This, of course, requires that his subordinates not act like idiots... and while he can count on Soundwave and Ravage, the same can't be said of Rumble, Frenzy, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Thundercracker or Skywarp.

And especially not Starscream.

A series of slice-of-life stories (with a little adventure) in which some of Ponyville's background ponies are more than... well... you know.

Cover artwork commissioned from Jason Meador. (From left to right: Megatron, Soundwave, Laserbeak, Starscream, Ravage.)

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Shining Armor gets the bestest anniversary gift from Cadance- a weekend pass to a Daring Do convention in Baltimare! But when he finally meets famous author A. K. Yearling in person, something seems a bit... off... about her. Can Shining Armor save her from a hundred-foot-long desert serpent in search of revenge?

SECOND PLACE winner in the Season 10 Bingo challenge!

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She is the One who Mourns, She Who Raises the Sun and Moon, the Reclusive Princess.

Years have passed since the appearance of the Mare in the Moon, years during which Celestia has left the day-to-day running of the still-young kingdom of Equestria in the hooves of Platinum's grandson Prince Pyrite. Each day she raises and lowers the sun and moon, makes brief appearances at diplomatic meetings and special events, and then returns to her chambers, too lost in her melancholy to even count the years as they pass.

But what will she do when she discovers that her trusted prime minister has not been the faithful servant of the people she expected? Will she lose herself to her grief... or to the same madness that took her sister from her?

Written for Fan of Most Everything's Imposing Sovereigns II contest.

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Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's newest cutie map mission really bugs them.

Another entry into the Fimfiction Feghoot Festival. (No filk this time, though.)

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Rarity describes her most recent nightmare to her friends in song form.

A very brief entry for Super Trampoline's Fimfiction Feghoot Festival. (Although I wonder: does the definition of feghoot exclude filks?)

(Cover image by DarkFlame75.)

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pluperfect, n. the past perfect verb tense.

pluperfect, adj. more than perfect; excessively precise or complete.

A weekend with all her friends away, a shelf full of books, and Haycartes' Method- the spell that lets a pony see a book from the inside. It seemed like a perfect relaxing weekend for Twilight Sparkle- with a little tweak to the spell, that is.

Then she woke up inside the story... as the main character... with the main character's memories... and the main character's thoughts trying to override her own...

... and she can't remember how to get back out.

Another daily-writing attempt combined with reading new books.

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The secret of Santa Hooves is, there's not just one. There are thousands... all of them changelings, bound by an ancient pact to deliver presents in exchange for love to get through the winter. Times have changed, and the changelings no longer need the love, but they honor the pact... even Queen Chrysalis.

Even though it goes against everything she believes.

Because some ancient beings you just don't cross- even if it means dealing with a little pony brat who wants to bake cookies on Hearth's Warming Eve.

Besides, every year somepony has to save Hearth's Warming. This year it's Chryssy's turn.

(Don't worry. She does it. Even if she hates doing it.)

(And featured from Christmas Day through 12-29-2018! Thanks, everyone!)

Cover art by AmethystLongcat.

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Vice-Principal Luna recycled her old metal rock band outfit for this year's Costume Carnival... an outfit that gives her a passing resemblance to another world's Nightmare Moon.

Then, when she leans against the wrong mirror, that resemblance becomes more than passing.

Just more magical shenanigans at Canterlot High.

(Top of the Featured list, 10/23-25/18! Thanks!)

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Sweetie Belle, having learned the value of practice and effort, takes it to the one being who least needs or wants life coaching in all Equestria... Tirek.

Written (belatedly) for the Springtime Sequel-Slash-Sandbox Switcheroo, inspired by the two stories contibuted to the site by DreamAlex. (Sorry, but this is the only inspiration that came to me; your stories really don't lend themselves to sequels by other authors.)

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