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Fluttershy thought Discord's gift- a day all by herself as a tree- was a dream come true.

Then she heard the voices of the Everfree...

An entry for the Arboreal Yearnings contest.

Part of the Remember Fort Libris print anthology, thanks to our Kickstarter supporters!

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Oh hello, Fangorn Forest. When did ents move to Equestria?

11563191 The Everfree could use some ents.

Those are huorns, with Old Man Willow thrown in.

It's been a while, but I thought huorns are ents? As is Old Man Willow? Just become.... not sure if evil is the right word or not.

I was not expecting this take on Fluttershy being a tree, but the idea of the Everfree forest being that alien and spiteful in a world of ponies is darkly intriguing.

I liked it, nice and believable twist

Well that was nice.

:twilightoops: Well. That could have gone better. Excellent work in a saying a lot with a little. Best of luck in the judging.

11563200 Some huorns are ents that have degenerated towards being trees, but most of them are the opposite- trees which have gained partial self-awareness and at least some power of motion.

Some Huorns are trees that have become more Ent-like, while others are Ents that have become more tree-like. They're described as being 'queer and wild', and Merry was of the opinion that it would be terrifying to meet them without a regular Ent to keep them in line.

An interesting story, i liked the concept of intelligent trees. Also, walking trees reminded me of Don't starve

11563416 To be fair, the list of definitely NON-intelligent life forms in Equestria seems to be limited to two- Snips and Snails.

To be fair, the list of definitely NON-intelligent life forms in Equestria seems to be limited to two- Snips and Snails.

Not a huge fan of jokes that equate extreme stupidity to non-sapience. Far too many people have used that line of thought to justify murder of the disabled.

Comment posted by DignityDiamond deleted April 21st

Well damn thats a twist to the whole tree thing

Intelligence is the ablity to learn and use that knowledge.
Sapience is the two inventions called language and civilization.

There are definitely people alive who can score over 70 or 100 on an Iq test and still be utter morons. Many.

They hate Zecora, but they're afraid of her.
(I really hope you're safe...)

Makes sense, actually.

The oaks are traitors, they say. And the trees on Applejack's orchard? I don't think Ponish has words for what they say about those apple trees.


The big tree says they'll kill me first. Then they'll go on to the ponies. They'll flatten Ponyville. They'll also turn all the other trees into mulch if they're not on their side.

*nervously glances through the window at the trees in the garden*

So, well, here it is. Hope you enjoyed a dream turned nightmare.

Thanks, I guess?

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Simple, but exquisitely sinister. Best of luck in the contest!

This was a nice little slice of unease. I liked it. Hearing the Everfree trees talking smack about other trees makes me think of 'The Trees' by Rush, especially with lines like this:
"There is trouble in the forest
And the creatures all have fled
As the maples scream, 'Oppression!'
And the oaks just shake their heads"

Well then, you do horror way better than I ever thought for some one who doesn't like it

Very unsettling at times, the tree's burning misery and their connection to Timberwolves was an inspired idea!

Well, from 71 to 1 upvotes to 86 to 11. I guess I know at what point my regular readers got done and the general public kicked in...

This is very similar to when Q introduced the federation to the Borg. Fluttershy now knows what is going on with the trees, and will never look at the forest the same way again.

11563461 While this is fair enough, and might be justified in Snails' case, I maintain that poking fun at those who are stupid out of laziness rather than disability is justified.

There are few things in the universe more dangerous than those who are ignorant by choice.

A mob of huorns, led by Old Man Willow? Ho! Tom Bombadil, Tom Bombadillo!

Tolkien would have loved this. "See, Shakespeare?" he would have said, "THOSE are moving trees!"

what if trees were nazis

I really do not like horror. At all. And I'm probably not particularly good at writing it.

While I'll grant you the first part, I'll argue against the last. This is real good.

There's a key difference between a horror story and a thriller. A thriller can be read and people will say, "Well you could just do this!" Think of all the times you shouted, "Don't go upstairs, just get out of the house!" There are things you can do and the reader knows it.

With horror, there's nothing you can do. The character isn't just helpless, the reader is also helpless to think of what can be done. You nailed the whole concept really well in this story. So good job and hope you can sleep.

Comment posted by SoAndSew deleted April 23rd

Very unsettling and a great read.

very creepy but it was good

I'm not a horror/thriller fan so take this with a grain of salt:

I think its a very well written horror story but the genre overall has moved towards internet memey stuff so much so that its easy to think that this is a bad horror story.

For one, this is still a MLP fanfic. Its not completely grimdark or hopeless or gory. And thats fine. Not every horror story needs to, or should, end with death.

Secondly, it doesn't rely (too much) on the audience having a background knowledge of everything else. Evil trees. Got it. No need for transdimensional alien viruses taking the appearance of plant life convoluted crap like that.

Third, a good horror story is about the build up. If the build up is good enough, it doesn't matter if there is no payoff at the end. It might detract from the overall package, but not everything sticks the landing.

I think the concept you've come up with is great, and it makes me want to use the Everfree Forest in more of my own work. I think though, that developing Fluttershy's motivations for becoming a tree, diving into her perception of nature versus the reality of it in the untamed wild, would have created a better story. So great work, probably just needed a second draft to reach its full potential! But then I don't know the requirements of the contest this story was written for, so I understand if you were stretched for words.

Except the Borg don't hate. They don't feel. They just want everything to be equal...kind of like Starlight Glimmer now that I think about it...

"Tom's words laid bare the hearts of the trees and their thoughts, which were often dark and strange, filled with a hatred of things that go free upon the earth, gnawing, biting, breaking, hacking, burning: destroyers and usurpers. It was not called the Old Forest without reason, for it was indeed ancient, a survivor of vast forgotten woods; and in it there lived yet, ageing no quicker than the hills, the fathers of the fathers of trees, remembering times when they were lords."

Hello! I'm reviewing all the treefics, so here's yours. I thought this was great. Unsettling and alien, just as Everfree should be. I liked this a lot; have a like and a favourite.

I like this concept. I feel that it could *branch* out into a complete story, where she turns back into a pony and is now terrified of trees, but her friends think she's overreacting, until maybe the trees start fighting back.

11636873 I'll let someone else write it, but now I guess we know the plot for Chainsaw Mare.

Take my upvote, author. And welcome to my favorites.

(Though in truth, I've been reading you since I first saw you over on Eyrie.net :raritystarry:)

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