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All hail Trixie, our mistress and savior!

Or the supremely high Trixie. Dude, whatever is in those fumes, I want some.

Nice work!

It's a dirty job, but it has its perks? :trixieshiftright:

I see somepony learned her lesson.

And Discord, Minister of Order? That's just frightening.

I dont know whether the clerk chose which card to hand Trixie or if fate did it for her, but they certainly have a sense of humor. 'We make good use of trash' indeed. Her self-delusion that the clerk was swooning over her skills was funny as well.

She's pretty clever with her wish, too.

The narration is smooth, accurate and thorough. I found no mistake except, I believe, the quotation mark at the end of '“And Trixie wants to give you the honor of watching as she makes it happen.”' shouldn't be there since the next paragraph starts with another quote from the same speaker.

I liked these lines;

'Calling them piles did them no justice,'

'Trixie dangled the old, dented oil lamp in the air. “Hah, I bet it has a stupid old genie in it too,” she scoffed and grabbed it in her hooves, giving it a resentful rubbing as she scrunched her face up in a childish expression,'

'“You have got to be kidding Trixie.”'

'He looked around uncertainly as she pointed at him. “Trixie thinks she likes you better as a mare.”

The mare gulped and shook her head pleadingly.

Trixie smiled and nodded.

The mare looked down at herself and paled,'

'Elsewhere in Equestria, a very confused clerk stuck her head out of an old tire and looked down from the mountain of garbage which had appeared right beneath her hammock and now towered precariously above her garden, about a mile below her. She gulped and paled as she clung desperately to the swaying pile,'

'Luna appeared on the balcony next to her sister, still wearing a nightgown and snoring slightly,'

'She smiled and patted Celestia on the head,'

'Trixie picked up a chocolate and considered it lazily'


'“Think we should do something?”

The foreman scratched his scruffy cheek and looked at the crazy blue unicorn rolling around on the ground, foaming at the mouth and cackling like a madpony while sparks of magic exploded around her. “Uh … yeah,” he said and winced.'

Why can't you let Trixie have nice things!

Seriously though, fun story.

3007218 I see I wasn't the only one who thought of the Twixie Genie tumblr when I read the summary.

It must be some pretty interesting fumes, indeed :pinkiesmile:

Thanks :twilightsmile: I'm sure the clerk knew exactly which card she picked :raritywink:

Thank you. I'm sure Trixie will catch a break eventually. She just needs the right chance

3007606 Finally, someone who understands me!

This was thoroughly entertaining to read, even if it was kind of a crackfic to me.

That wasn't bad. ^_^ I was hoping to see more about wishes getting twisted in the wrong ways like in "Bedazzled", but the ending did make me chuckle.

It definitely wasn't intended as a very serious fic, but I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

The original ending had the genie come back to see if Trixie had learned her lesson about power not granting true happiness, only to find that she hadn't learned a thing and indeed seemed pretty happy. It wasn't a good ending, at least not for everypony other than Trixie :raritywink:

A slow smile spread across Trixie’s face and kept growing. “Then Trixie has only one wish,” she said and looked up at the genie who waited patiently. “Trixie wants your power, but without any restrictions or dumb rules. No ‘somepony has to ask you to do it’ or living in a lamp or anything like that. That is what Trixie wishes.”

That was always my first thought if I ever met a genie.

That ending was expected, but at the same time friggin hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: I can totally picture just this sort of thing happening to Trixie.

Have a like and fav.

“And Trixie wants to give you the honor of watching as she makes it happen.”

delete end " mark.

That ending XD. Poor Trixie is now going to go after a new super evil artifact now, just to spite the lack of safety procedures in Equestria's Sanitation Department. Before flooding Celestia's throne room in magical waste.

Poor, poor Trixie! You really should have read those Employee Hazard Warnings. :facehoof: Part of me wishes that Twilight had found a way to talk her out of what she was doing, that would have be interesting to see.

Scribbler just released a dub of this. :moustache:

Pipped at the post. ;)

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